Old Town Predator vs Bigwater

Old Town Predator vs Bigwater

I had to wait for six months before I could get my hands on Old Town Predator. I have used Old Town Bigwater for a year before I made a switch. As a result, I had an opportunity of comparing Old Town Predator vs Bigwater.

Old Town Predator vs Bigwater
Old Town Predator vs Bigwater

When I heard that Old Town was bringing the Predator PDL to the market with better features, I wanted to know how it would feel on the water.  If you have always tried any of the boats, this article would help you make a decision.

Anglers who want super-fast kayaks with excellent performance would love to use any of these kayaks. Below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these kayaks.

Old Town Predator: A Guide

In 2016, we welcome Predator PDL from Old Town kayak lines and it has become an instant hit.  The reliability and speed of the kayak have made it popular among tournament anglers.

The kayak is easy to rig accessory plates, while its electronics-friendly makes it ideal for most waters. The Old Town’s Predator is one of the toughest kayaks with a powerful drive system.

The model’s mechanics come maintenance-free and sealed. In addition, the Predator PDL was the 2017 Pedal Kayak Olympics shootout winner.  I have used this kayak for two days of hard paddling and tough testing and it didn’t disappoint.

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However, at 21 pounds, you should consider it a heavy drive and it might be awkward for you to carry. When you drop it on the water, the weight ensures that stability is improved.

The model has 500 pounds capacity and does not suffer when you use it for your water activities.

What the Old Town Predator Does Best

The Old Town Predator PDL can handle almost all the things anglers want to achieve with a kayak.  Its hybrid hull offers you stability and great rough-water performance.  The model’s pedal system offers you complete kayaking without limitations.

What the Old Town Predator PDL Does Worst

If you are looking for an an-around kayak, you may not want to use the Predator PDL. Its weight and size restrict it from most activities. Even the most advanced pedal kayaks may not work best for your river fishing.

The PDL needs a pick-u truck or kayak trailer to haul it to your destination.  Also, it requires a heavy-duty cart to move it.

Does the Old Town Predator PDL Deliver?

Since the Old Town Predator joins the market, it has proven that it can deliver what it promises its customers. It completes with a great pedal system that helps you paddle with ease.

I can tell you that the Old Town Predator PDL has become one of the most efficient and reliable systems.  Whether you want a weekend club meet-up or a tournament trail, you can use this mode.

If you want a solid kayak with reliability and unmatched performance, then consider the Predator 13.

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BigWater: A Guide

I have always loved the way the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 was designed. It comes with some similarities to the Predators series. However, the model offers more features that stand the kayak out with its upgrade.

You can use it for your fishing adventures because it provides great performance and stability on the water.  If you want a very comfortable kayak, BigWater impresses you with its highly adjustable seat.

You can flip it back to have spacious room for standing.  The model has become a great choice for professional anglers in need of the most complex kayak features.

BigWater Size and Weight

The BigWater I 13’2” (400 cm), and 34” (86 cm) wide, making it a very stable kayak. Although, it comes as a heavy product with a hull weight of 86 lbs (39 kg), it has little effect on portability or performance on the water.

BigWater Capacity and Performance

The full capacity is 425 lbs (192.8 kg) and its usable capacity is 339 lbs (153.8 kg). As a result, this can be a challenge if you are a heavy paddler.  Meanwhile, average-sized paddlers would find this kayak great.

The BigWater 132 provides anglers with excellent stability when compared to other models. Thanks to its wide design that offers stability, but its width offers more drag on the water.

As a result, it suffers a decreased speed. Meanwhile, the tracking and agility of BigWater make it easier for people to appreciate the kayak. The tri-hull design cut through the water and helps the kayak stay on course without getting windblown.

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I find the model to be suitable for my fishing activities. However, the speed may not impress you.

Honest Review: Old Town Predator vs Bigwater


The first thing I can tell you about the BigWater PDL 132 is that this model is a hell of a boat.  The BigWater is comfortable, maneuverable, efficient, and super fast and provides excellent fishability.

You have spacious space to stand and store your gadgets and has no durability issues, making it one of the best pedal kayaks. I cannot say that I don’t like the Old Town Predator PDL. While it has great features, I still prefer the BigWater models.

However, my choice should not influence how you feel about the two kayaks. While I may like some features on Old Town Predator, you might want to stick to BigWater because of its design and features.


How much does an Old Town Predator PDL weight?

The Old Town Predator PDL weighs 117 lb ( 53.1 kg).

When did Old Town start using Royalex?

Old Town started using Royalex in 1972. Royalex is a composite ABS sheet from the former Uniroyal Plastics Co.

How long is an old town predator PDL?

It has a length of 48 in or 121.9 cm.

What material are Old Town kayaks made of?

Old Town kayak was initially produced with wood and canvas. In 1966, the company started using fiberglass and won Old Town the Grand Prize of the Society of Plastic Industries Reinforced Plastic Division.

Who Makes Old Town kayak?

Johnson Outdoors makes the Old Town kayaks you find on the market. The brand has maintained its excellence in creating great lines.