old town predator pdl vs hobie outback

Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Outback

Some kayaks have reigned over others for years. Hobie and Old Town are among those brands that produce such masterpieces.

And here, we will compare two such options, Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Outback.

While Old Town has an advanced fishing machine, Hobie has a model that has been among the top kayaks for over two decades.

Let’s see how both the kayaks stand against each other and which one you should buy.

Overview – Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Outback

old town predator pdl vs hobie outback
old town predator pdl vs hobie outback

Hobie Outback is one of the best fishing kayaks with a pedal propulsion system but it wasn’t like this always. The kayak got a redesign in 2019.

From features to design and performance, this kayak has a lot to make it a fishing workhorse.

So, if you are looking for a kayak that offers stability and lets you do-it-all, this one packs quality components, is easy to handle, and is lightweight.

On the other hand, Predator PDL is an advanced fishing machine powered by a pedal propulsion system.

Similar to Outback, it also went through a facelift in 2020 and is an award-fishing boat for anglers looking for a stable fishing experience.

This one’s a great choice for anglers who need precise boat control for hands-free kayaking and enjoy fishing.

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Size and Weight

Hobie Outback has shorter dimensions in terms of length and width, and it’s even lighter than the other.

Outback measures 12’9” in length and 34 inches in width. Whereas the Predator PDL is 2 inches more in both length and width.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot of difference, it can mean a world with the right choice of features.

In terms of weight, the Old Town Predator is heavier at 117 pounds of weight than the 103-pound Outback.

Load Capacity

Both kayaks can carry a decent amount of gear with average-sized anglers. However, Hobie lags in this department by a considerable margin.

Hobie Outback offers a total load capacity of 425 pounds. And the total capacity for Predator PDL is 500 pounds.

Seating and Comfort

Predator PDL comes with an Element Seating System that offers all-day ergonomic comfort with its slide-adjustable feature.

It also features deck pads made of EVA foam that allow anglers do stand-up fishing comfortably and safely.

For Outback, Hobie uses a seat that’s adjustable to four distinct positions. Thus, you can move between high-seated and lower positions with ease.

Storage Options

Hobie offers a big hatch on the bow allowing dry storage for easy and quick reach. Another dry hatch in the seat’s front is there to keep tackle, food, and valuables.

In addition, a huge tankwell at the stern gives enough space to store a live well, cooler, or milk crate. In short, various storage compartments are available with this kayak.

Old Town also gives a big hatch at the bow for dry storage with a quick seal cover. The PDL console is its main feature that offers splash resistant dry hatch with bungees.

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Then, you have pockets to store and access gear and tackle conveniently, easily, and quickly. If you need space for crates and a cooler, the oversized Exo-Ridge tank well is available.

Overall, the kayak features a storage hatch each at the front and the center, a rear tank well, 2 dry storages, 2 bungees, and a bottle holder.

Accessories and Other Features

Overall, the Hobie Outback is loaded with features for fishermen. Its kick-up fins retract upon impact allowing anglers to explore and fish in shallow waters.

Moreover, the kayak’s rudder also features kick-up capability.

Hobie MirageDrive 180 came as a gamechanger that allowed anglers to switch to reverse mode instantly. And Outback also packs this feature for fishing in tight waters.

Moreover, the Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield lets you install numerous fish finders while protecting big transducers from impact.

And, the H-Track Deluxe rail system lets you mount cameras, rod holders, and a lot more on each side of the kayak.

Other features include 2 flush-mounted rod holders in the seat’s front in addition to 2 accessory mounting tracks and 2 more rod holders.

Similarly, Predator PDL also packs numerous features to allow comfortable kayaking and fishing.

The award-winning PDL Drive is a low-maintenance system that allows instant forward/reverse movement.

It’s also loaded with the patent-pending easy-docking system and comes with a warranty cover for 5 years.

It features a universal transducer mount with compatibility for all major fish finder brands that protect against damage to the transducer.

Mounting plates on the front and rear have inbuilt accessory tracks. A forward-facing rod holder allows landing fish and changing lures quickly.

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With a composite rudder, Old Town enabled kayakers with better maneuverability and control for Predator PDL owners.

It also offers a shallow water anchor mounting area at the stern that comes with pre-drilled holes for easy accessory mounting.

Wrap Up – Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Outback

old town predator pdl vs hobie outback
old town predator pdl vs hobie outback

If you are looking for one feature that makes these kayaks better than others is the reverse drive system.

While Hobie introduced reverse kayaking with its gamechanger MirageDrive, Old Town also caught up soon.

The latter upgraded the system with a patent-pending easy docking system.

However, in terms of stability and performance, both kayaks have been found to outrank numerous others on the market.

Shallow-water compatibility is another feature that makes these kayaks better than others.


How long is an Old Town Predator PDL?

The Old Town Predator PDL is a little above 13 feet in length which makes it seem equivalent to others in this range.

In other metrics, the kayak is 158 inches or 400cm long.

Can you stand in a Hobie Outback?

The hull design and other features make Hobie Outback stable enough to allow stand-up kayaking with comfort and safety.

This comes as a great advantage for various situations such as catching bass. While most anglers prefer seated positions to pitch for jigs, it becomes easier when standing.

What is the most stable Hobie kayak?

Hobie has been known to produce some of the most stable and comfortable kayaks, fitted with its advanced technology.

Powered by MirageDrive 180 and sail, Adventure Island is the most stable kayak from the manufacturer.