Old Town Predator vs Topwater

Old Town Predator vs Topwater

Pedal-powered fishing brought many advantages for kayakers. And Old Town serves that need with its range of fishing machines.

For instance, the PDL variants from the manufacturer are loaded with features that ensure high performance and stability.

So, when you are looking for one such option, comparing Old Town Predator vs Topwater is an obvious thought.

From size to design and features, both kayaks share some differences and similarities. Here, we will discuss them to help you find the best option.

Overview – Old Town Predator vs Topwater

Old Town Predator vs Topwater
Old Town Predator vs Topwater

In this comparison, we will cover the PDL variants of both kayaks. Those will be Old Town Predator PDL and Topwater 106 PDL that stand against each other.

The Predator PDL is a pedal-powered kayak that received a facelift in 2020. It offers a good speed to let you reach the spot faster.

The stability, in addition, lets you stay on the spot and do fishing with ease. For precise control, it offers stability, maneuverability, and instant forward/reverse.

In addition to hands-free fishing, it also lets you enjoy shallow water docking with the removable pedal drive.

The other one, Old Town Topwater is also a pedal-powered fishing vessel that enables a hands-free and comfortable performance.

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If you want a compact and lightweight kayak suitable for big anglers, this is a great pick. With a DoubleU Hull, it offers a wonderful performance without losing stability.

Similar to Predator PDL, it also has a removable pedal drive that makes shallow water docking easy with the tip-up ability.

Size and Weight

The Predator PDL is a bigger kayak with a little over 13 feet in length and 36 inches wide. The shorter one, Topwater PDL is 10.5 inches long and 36 inches wide.

Thus, Predator PDL will likely offer better tracking while the Topwater PDL will have better maneuverability.

Similar to length, the weight of the former is more. Predator PDL weighs 117 pounds while the topwater PDL weighs 95 pounds.

In other words, carrying Topwater PDL will be much easier.


In terms of load capacity, both kayaks allow you to carry a good amount of gear and things but one is better than the other.

Predator PDL can hold up to 500 pounds of weight while the capacity for Topwater PDL is 450 pounds.

Thus, you can choose the right capacity depending on how much weight you need to carry.

Seating and Comfort

Both pedal-powered kayaks come with the Element Seating System. It’s made slide-adjustable to provide ergonomic comfort to the kayakers.

However, the Topwater PDL adds breathability to the seat with the upgraded ElementAir seating.

For comfort, both boats come with EVA foam deck pads that allow easy traction and ensure safety during stand-up fishing.

Award-winning PDL Drive

Old Water uses the award-winning PDL Drive system in its kayaks. It’s a low-maintenance system that offers instant forward/reverse action.

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In addition, the system also ensures easy docking. Considered best in its class, the system comes with a warranty for 5 years from the manufacturer.

Comparing the Storage

As already stated, Predator PDL is a bigger kayak with 500 pounds capacity while the Topwater PDL lags behind merely by 50 pounds.

The Predator PDL comes with a big watertight hatch at the bow that comes with a sealed cover for protecting the contents.

In addition, it comes with a dry hatch on the PDL console that features splash resistance and bungees.

For conveniently keeping the gear, you get storage pockets that also enable easy and quick access to the gear and tackle.

The Old Town Topwater also packs some good storage features besides the lower capacity. It features an oversized stern tank and a good hull capacity.

In short, Topwater 106 PDL is one of the roomiest fishing kayaks available on the market. It provides easy access to contents with thoughtfully-placed tackle and rod storage onboard.

Accessories and Other Features

In this section of the Old Town Predator vs Topwater comparison, we will discuss the hull design, rod holders, accessory mounts, and other features.

The Topwater 106 PDL features an ultra-stable hull design for unmatched stability and great handling.

However, the compact size and lower weight make it easy to transport. And it keeps your rods safe and easily accessible with a 2-position rod holder.

Besides, the kayak supports fish finders from most manufacturers because of the Revolutionary Universal transducer mounting system.

The Predator PDL also comes with the universal transducer mount that keeps it safe from damage alongside supporting numerous fish finders.

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Further, mounting plates on the front and back come with integrated accessory tracks. With a forward-facing rod holder, it allows you to land fish and change lures quickly.

A composite rudder offers great maneuverability and control while the carry handles allow easy transportation.

The Predator PDL packs a pontoon-style hull that keeps quiet while on the ride. This quietness lets anglers sneak on the fish with ease.

The Verdict – Old Town Predator vs Topwater

Old Town Predator vs Topwater
Old Town Predator vs Topwater

To conclude the Old Town Predator vs Topwater comparison, we can state that the Predator is a bigger and heavier kayak with higher capacity.

This makes the lighter Topwater 106 PDL easy to carry and transport. Besides, the kayak also comes with an upgraded ElementAir seating system for breathability.

In terms of performance, both rank good for stability and maneuverability.

However, the Topwater PDL ensures ultra-stability due to its hull design. On the other hand, the Predator PDL’s pontoon hull design enables a silent attack on the fish.

Thus, depending on the comparison, you can choose the right fishing kayak for your needs and preferences.


What is the difference between Old Town Sportsman and topwater?

Old Town Sportsman is a new line-up from the manufacturer that comes as a re-branding for existing kayaks.

Thus, the Sportsman kayaks are majorly different in terms of colors and the logo. However, the new line-up also adds a tackle box and a new seat material.

Does Old Town make good kayaks?

Old town kayaks are great products with reasonable price tags. Recreational kayaks are durable, affordable, and stable.

The motorized and pedal drive Old Town kayaks use cutting-edge methods to navigate the waters. The kayaks use triple or single-layer polyethylene.

How much does an old town topwater 106 weight?

The Old Town Topwater weighs 75 pounds (34.02 Kg).

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