Are Old Town Kayaks Good

Are Old Town kayaks good

Many old-school tricks and things are still better than modern-day solutions. But are old town kayaks good?

The brand “Old Town” has been trusted for quality kayaks since 1898. And a good kayak enables you to explore better adventures on the water during your camping.

Kayaking lets you relax and unwind your mind. And you can spend quality time with your family and friends on a weekend outing.

Old town brings various quality products that you can utilize for different outdoor activities. For instance, Topwater 106 PDL and Vapour Recreational kayaks can provide great fun when you go fishing.

History of the Old Town Company

Since its inception, creating innovative and quality boat products has been the goal of Old Town company.

The company gained traction in the late 1800s for its first durable and low-maintenance canoe that used wood and canvas. The popularity of canoeing in the 1900s as an outdoor activity persuaded Old Town to create more designs and colors.

To date, the company resorts to manual manufacturing to ensure quality and customized watercraft products. The company has continually evolved over the years including its name as well:

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Now, let’s explore other recreational kayaks from Old Town and see if they are good enough.

Some Good Old Town Kayaks

Are Old Town kayaks good
Are Old Town kayaks good

10 Vapour Recreational Kayak

This kayak from Old town is good for a single user. You can use it for adventure paddling on quiet waters like a lake, river water, and ponds.

It is prepared from single-layer polyethylene which increases its durability and also gives great stability in water. The kayak comes with knee and thigh pads for better control. Plus, you can fit comfortably on this kayak when paddling.

Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

It’s good for a comfortable adventure and fishing. Maneuvering the kayak is easy and it provides docking assistance that enhances the fishing performance.

The kayak is loaded with several features including an oversized stern tank to store the gears. You can also adjust the kayak’s air seat.

Its deck is filled with EVA foam pads that provide your feet traction and great comfort when you stand.
Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Kayak

Are Old Town kayaks good for spending a good time on the waters? Absolutely yes. Have a look at this one.
It packs a thigh pad and contoured poly seats that come with an easy-grip for an all-day comfortable experience on the water.

Some features of the kayak include a deck bungee, glove box for little things, click seal hatch, cup holder, and paddle.

Castine 145 Touring Kayak

Now, here’s a kayak specially designed to lodge big-sized paddlers. Its low-profile backrest and cockpit allow you to comfortably place your legs.

The kayak also contains a cross lock and bow. It has removable day storage, a stern fast seal hatch, and a carry handle.

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Loon 106 Recreational Kayak

If you need an Old Town kayak good for efficient and advanced use, here’s the one.

It features a deck with a sharp keel line and a triple-layer polyethylene hull. However, if you need more space, you can easily remove its deck for storage or personalization.

The kayak also packs important features you will require. They include bow and stern for bungee and carry handles, click seal hatch with paddle clip, drain plug, and bulkhead.

Loon 126 Angler Fishing Kayak

This one’s advanced watercraft equipment from Old Town. It is good for fishing with its triple-layer polyethylene and sharp keel line characteristics.

The kayak features a cockpit and comfortable seat which comes with a simple grip for thigh pads. Also, the support track for foot braces ensures better stability while riding this kayak.

Heron 11Xt Recreational Kayak

Do you need a good kayak for beginners? Old Town has one for you too.

Heron 11Xt is an affordable option. It combines the features you will need for a comfortable and relaxing experience in kayaking.

It allows more comfort with seats that you can adjust. Plus, thigh pads with easy-grip are also there to enhance your kayaking experience.

Other features of the kayak include a cup holder, carrying handle, built-in rod holder, and click seal hatch for storage.

Sportsman PDL 106 Pedal Fishing Kayak

Another kayak from Old Town that’s good for fishing. This one offers a stable and quiet pedal experience.

It features the design of a pontoon-style hull. This feature lets you easily reverse and move forward for a hands-free fishing experience as well as good navigation.

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The kayak is equipped with features like a holder for the rod, pads for the floor, accessory tracks, and a custom tackle box. It also features a good seating space that lets you stretch your legs and sit comfortably.

Dirigo 120 Recreational Kayak

This Old Town kayak is good for experts as well as beginner paddlers.

The Dirigo 120 offers a spacious cockpit. It also includes a click seal hatch with glovebox hatch and bulkhead to store items like car keys and phones.

You can easily paddle the kayak while maintaining a stable balance. Safety line perimeter and paddle keeper are other features of the kayak.

Contoured poly is used for the seat. In addition, it has easily greppable thigh pads for comfortable kayaking. Plus, you get extra leverage and control with the foot brace system and a stable and efficient ride with the 3-layer polyethylene.

So, Are Old Town Kayaks Good?

Undoubtedly, Old Town makes some strong kayaks. The latest ones are produced using a material known as LT9000.

Are Old Town kayaks good
Are Old Town kayaks good

The high-grade plastic is a blend of polyethylene with 3 times layering for extra durability. The plastic is very thick and lightweight which allows you to easily transport the kayak with a vehicle.

How Much Does an Old Town Predator Weigh?

Every Old Town kayak is made different, even the Predator series. And its weight depends on the outfitting and length.

All kayaks are prepared with polyethylene. Some of them are single layers and others contain triple layers with heavy-duty construction.

Polyethylene with triple-layer enhances resistance to wear as well as durability. But variations in length and outfitting determine the weight of a kayak.

Generally, polyethylene kayaks have average weights. You can expect the value to be between 50 to 90 pounds. However, fully outfitted fishing kayaks that have an electric motor or pedal drives could weigh above 90 pounds.

With this much information in hand, we hope your question “are old town kayaks good?” is answered. Happy Kayaking.

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