old town predator pdl vs hobie pro angler

Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler

As fishing lovers, we need a kayak that enables carrying a good load and ensures the desired performance and stability.

And, thinking about the best kayaks for this purpose, Old Town and Hobie are some of the best brands that strike the mind.

So here, we will go through a comparison of Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler to know which one is better.

We will evaluate both kayaks in terms of size, weight, capacity, features, and performance. But we will start with the basics first.

Overview of Kayaks – Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler

old town predator pdl vs hobie pro angler
old town predator pdl vs hobie pro angler

The Predator PDL is an advanced fishing machine powered by pedals. The award-winning kayak ensures you find a spot, reach there fast, and catch fish without losing stability.

Besides, it also offers instant forward/reverse function, great maneuverability, and precise control. So, you can go hands-free and enjoy fishing.

The removable pedal drive and tip-up function enable the boat to perform well during shallow water docking as well.

On the other hand, the Hobie Pro Angler is a kayak that combines appealing features with impressive performance.

Every part of this boat, from bow to stern, caters to the needs of fishermen. That’s why this one is counted among the world’s top fishing kayaks.

For the comparison of Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler, we are considering the Pro Angler 12.

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Size and Weight

The Predator PDL measures just over 13 feet in length. However, the Pro Angler 12 measures 12 feet.

And if you want a bigger kayak, you can go for the Pro Angler 14. But in terms of width, both kayaks are equal at 36 inches.

Predator is heavy than regular kayaks in its range and weighs 117 pounds. However, the Pro Angler is heavier at 128.5 pounds of weight.

Thus, carrying any of the kayaks is not a good deal for a single kayaker. So, you should get someone to help you with lifting, loading, and unloading.


Besides performance and stability, most kayakers look for boats with plenty of load capacity. And you need more storage for a long haul or an overnight trip.

And both Predator PDL and Hobie Pro Angler serve the purpose very well with a whopping 500 pounds of capacity.

Seating and Comfort

We prefer a kayak that packs a comfortable and adjustable seat along with other features to ensure comfort during the ride.

Old Town makes that possible by using the Element Seating System that’s slide-adjustable. Also, the seat is made to deliver all-day ergonomic comfort.

In addition, it also features EVA foam deck pads. These pads let you stand on the deck comfortably for safe stand-up fishing.

Hobie Pro Angler features one of the most comfortable and versatile seats, the Vantage ST seat. It ensures comfort and support with breathable mesh padding and arm bars.

In addition, the chair offers lumbar support with BOA setback technology. Plus, you can also remove the seat and use it as a campfire seat.

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Deck pads and reinforced standing platforms ensure the stability that serious anglers need. Thus, you can enjoy the safety and comfort of stand-up fishing.

Storage Options

Hobie Pro Angler offers a cargo area at the stern that’s ready to store livewell. It also includes an 8-inch twist-and-seal hatch.

On the bow, you get an option to install a drift chute, anchor, or anchor trolley kit with brass inserts positioned specifically.

A big hatch at the bow offers great space to store fish, iced-down drinks, and a lot more.

Forward-Reverse Movement

Hobie has the popular MirageDrive 180 that enables it to go forward and backward. Thus, it allows anglers to go through narrow water bodies with ease.

The kick-up ability and fins of the MirageDrive 180 retract on encounter with a solid object to avoid any damage.

While reverse kayaking was introduced by Hobie for the first time, Old Town also included instant forward and reverse in its Predator PDL kayak.

For this, Old Town has used the PDL Drive equipped with a patent-pending docking system. It’s a low-maintenance system that comes with a 5-year warranty cover.

Other Features

Compatibility with shallow-water anchor, skid plate, and transducer mount are some more features of the Predator PDL.

In addition, the kayak comes with 1 paddle holder, 3-rod holders, 2 plates for gear mounts, and 4 gear tracks as well as a rudder.

The Pro Angler comes with a retractable rudder that also features kick-up technology, allowing the kayak to go in shallow waters.

A retractable transducer shield enables you to install the desired fish finder. Plus, you can install electronics on each side using wire plugs connected through scupper holes.

Hobie offers a stable mounting surface for accessories with the H-Rail system. It can be used for paddle holders, camera mounts, rod holders, and other options.

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Hull Design and Performance

Due to a wide frame and hull design, the Pro Angler offers super stability in rough conditions as well. Moreover, it also helps achieve a comfortable cruising speed.

Excellent agility, tracking, and maneuverability are what make this kayak better for serious anglers.

Old Town Predator PDL also scores well in terms of performance and stability due to a tri-hull design.

Verdict – Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler

old town predator pdl vs hobie pro angler
old town predator pdl vs hobie pro angler

Both the kayaks are known for a good scores in terms of stability, performance, and maneuverability.

While Hobie Pro Angler is known for its super stability, Predator PDL offers precise boat control.

So, if you want a kayak for hands-free tracking to enjoy fishing, go for the Old Town.

This comparison of Old Town Predator PDL vs Hobie Pro Angler provides insights into the features and performance of both kayaks.


What is the difference between a Hobie Outback and pro angler?

In terms of dimensions, the Outback has lesser width and is lighter than the Pro Angler. With a length of 12’9”, it’s longer than PA 12 but shorter than PA 14.

Moreover, the Outback scores better in terms of speed while the Pro Angler scores higher for stability and comfort.

How fast is a Hobie Pro Angler?

The Pro Angler can go up to 5 miles per hour or even a bit higher depending on the model of the kayak.

What is the most stable Hobie kayak?

Mirage Adventure Island is the fastest and the most stable kayak from Hobie. It’s powered by MirageDrive 180 and sail.