Old Town Predator vs Sportsman

Old Town Predator vs Sportsman

Old Town has been known to deliver some of the most performance-oriented fishing machines.

However, anglers do have some confusion with the launch of the Sportsman series of kayaks from the manufacturer.

And here, we will be discussing the comparison of Old Town Predator vs Sportsman to help you make a better choice.

However, the fundamental difference lies in the rebranding process since Old Town created a single line for all its products with the Sportsman series.

Old Town Predator vs Sportsman – An Overview

Old Town Predator vs Sportsman
Old Town Predator vs Sportsman

Things tend to go confusing when a company introduces a new product that’s merely a rebranding of its existing ones.

That’s what has happened with the Sportsman line of kayaks from the popular manufacturer, Old Town.

The company scaled its line of sporting boats under a new brand name – the Sportsman line. This comprises all the Ocean Malibu, Topwater, and Predator models.

So, Predator PDL is on your list of favorite kayaks, you can go with the Sportsman Big Water PDL 132.

Both are probably the same models with the difference in logo, colors, seat material, and tackle box.

Overall, both Predator PDL and Sportsman Big Water PDL 132 are among the list of fantastic fishing machines from Old Town.

About the Kayaks – Predator PDL and Sportsman PDL 132

The Old Town Sportsman PDL 132 kayak ensures comfortable fishing as you can find a spot, stay there, and fish without paddling.

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The award-winning Predator PDL is pretty much the same. It features an advanced pedal-powered mechanism. Also, the kayak got a facelift in 2020.

Both feature instant maneuverability in forward and reverse directions without losing stability.

Thus, it allows precise boat control to anglers while staying hands-free for fishing.

Next, we will cover other areas of comparison for Old Town Predator vs Sportsman including the size, weight, capacity, features, and performance.

Size, Weight, and Capacity

Both the kayaks are made equal in size. They come with a length of just above 13 feet (158 inches) and a width of 36 inches.

The vessels ensure efficient kayaking with the engineered hull design in open waters. This also gives you the stability you need for stand-on-top fishing.

However, there’s a difference in the weight of both kayaks. The Predator PDL is the heavier one and weighs 117 pounds.

Sportsman PDL 132, on the other hand, weighs lesser at 96 pounds.

But that doesn’t impact the weight each of these kayaks can carry. Both feature the same load capacity of 500 pounds.

This means the kayaks are great picks for bigger-than-average anglers or if you are planning to carry gear and items for a long-haul journey.

Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Design

Both the kayaks are made of high-density polyethylene material using rotomolded technology.

Pedal propulsion, sit-on-top design, and self-bailing make them easy-to-use kayaks. Also, they feature the low-maintenance, award-winning PDL drive.

The drive features a patented easy-docking system and comes with a warranty cover of 5 years.


Since the load capacity of both the kayaks is the same, that’s offered with similar storage features in Predator PDL and Sportsman PDL 132.

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On the stern, you will find a big tank well to store tackle crate, cooler, or bait bucket. The tank well also features a removable bungee cord for safe storage.

There’s a hatch on the bow as well that allows storing gear safely and securely with a quick seal cover.

In addition, you can secure a backup paddle on the hull’s side using a clip.

The Sportsman PDL 132 offers an advantage by including a custom tackle box.

Seating and Comfort

You will get a host of features for premium seating and comfort while kayaking on either of the boats.

The premium seating is made fully adjustable to ensure comfort for long water rides while the design offers great lumbar support.

Adjusting the seat position lets you accommodate your legs while the mesh cover ensures proper ventilation. Drainage is also provided to keep you dry.

In addition to comfort, the adjustable support track foot brace system also helps enhance paddling performance.

Other features in this segment include EVA deck pads for non-slip traction while standing. The seat and PDL drive are also removable.

Accessories and Other Features

The kayaks are made accessory-ready with built-in tracks on mounting plates at the front and rear.

You get six accessory tracks including 4 on the hull in the front and 2 on the rear side for ease of accessory mounting.

To keep your rods safe, the kayaks also come with three flush-mounted rod holders including two rear-facing and one forward-facing.

The Predator PDL is also known to have a shallow water anchor mounting area in the stern. This one comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

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Moreover, the transducer is protected from damage with a universal transducer mount. This allows installing and fitting fish finders from all major manufacturers.

The Verdict – Old Town Predator vs Sportsman

Old Town Predator vs Sportsman
Old Town Predator vs Sportsman

To conclude, it’s clear that the Predator and Sportsman line-up of kayaks from Old Town isn’t much different.

In this Old Town Predator vs Sportsman comparison, we considered the popular Predator PDL and the Sportsman Big Water PDL 132.

Both kayaks are made equal in terms of size, capacity, and features except for a few changes.

The Sportsman model is made lighter, uses a different material for the seat, adds a custom tackle box, and uses a different logo and colors.

Similarly, other models of the Predator and Sportsman line-up are also quite similar in various departments.

In short, you can choose either of the kayaks for a brilliant fishing experience. But if you want the latest in the market, go for a Sportsman kayak.


What is the difference between the old town sportsman and topwater?

The Sportsman kayaks are more of rebranded versions of other line-ups instead of an entirely new range.

The new models feature different colors, logos, and a couple of differences in features that you can refer to as upgrades.

How stable is the Old Town Sportsman 120?

The Sportsman 120 offers exceptional stability due to inbuilt EVA foam non-slip deck pads and a rounded hull.

However, this stability is for flat water conditions and the kayak could be slow and tippy when water goes choppy.

How fast is the Old Town AutoPilot?

The Old Town AutoPilot feature zooms roughly more than four miles an hour. However, the exact speed would vary with the load, hull design, water, and other conditions.