Old Town Predator MX vs 13

Old Town Predator MX vs 13

Stability is the prime feature an angler looks for when searching for a new kayak. And, Old Town has some amazing products that serve this department well.

If you are looking for a blend of stability and performance, check out the Predator series from the manufacturer.

Here, we will compare Old Town Predator MX vs 13, two high-performing kayaks with great stability.

Let’s begin with the basics and start exploring how both kayaks stand against each other.

Old Town Predator MX vs 13 – An Overview

Old Town Predator MX vs 13
Old Town Predator MX vs 13

Old Town Predator MX is a high-performance kayak, made to suit the needs of sportsmen. Made for anglers and hunters, it offers the desired pace and stability.

On the other hand, Old Town Predator 13 is a fishing kayak for serious anglers that packs lots of features. However, it’s a bit heavier than regular ones.

The Predator 13 allows a “low-to-water” kayaking experience due to its hull shape results in better tracking without losing stability.

Size and weight

Predator 13 comes with a length of 13 feet 2 inches and a width of 33.5 inches. While the length supports great speed and tracking, the width ensures stability.

Weighing 86 pounds, the kayak is a bit heavier than others in the same range. Moreover, since it sits low on water, it may be a downside for heavier users.

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Predator MX is made with a length of 12 feet, hence a foot shorter than Predator 13. However, this is an average size of a sit-on-top fishing kayak.

Weighing 82 pounds, it is also not a lightweight boat either. However, the added fishing features justify the weight in terms of functionality.


Old Town Predator 13 offers an ample carrying capacity which will easily fit in a lot including an angler, sonar, various fishing tackle, equipment, and more.

Overall, the kayak can hold 425 pounds. But loading it to the full capacity can cause water to come inside the kayak via the scupper hole.

On the other hand, Predator MX comes with an overall capacity of 400 lbs. Although less than Predator 13, it’s still good for long days on the water.

It comes with a big rear tank for storage over the deck along with a dry hatch in the front for gear storage.


In terms of performance, both kayaks stand strong against each other by offering good tracking and stability.

Predator 13 offers stability that a fishing kayak should have. It offers a comfortable ride and allows carrying decent gear with average-sized anglers.

However, the bigger body does slow it down but the entire design ensures the kayak stays stable in the water.

Moreover, the tri-hull design enables cutting via the water efficiently while offering great tracking in calm situations.

The other one, Old Town Predator MX is also crafted with a special tri-hull design. Thus, the kayak also offers great stability to offer peace of mind to the anglers.

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In addition, the exo-ridge deck features slip resistance that makes it a good option for anglers for casting lines while standing.

Also, the Support Track Foot Brace System enables a good while allowing better maneuverability.

Thus, you can navigate rocky areas and small waterways using this kayak. With a round, flat hull, it offers stability in flat waters and can also handle moving waters.

Seating and Comfort

The Predator MX features the Element Seating System. It’s a fully removable seat that you can also use as a beach chair.

Moreover, this seat also gives you a good vantage point over the kayak enabling you to keep your eyes on the target and identify the perfect place to cast the line.

The other one, Predator 13 also packs a comfortable seat that features the same Element Seating System.

The adjustable seat also helps anglers to sit above the deck or lower down for additional thrust.


The Predator 13 comes with six removable mounting plates. This lets you customize your experience as you can choose the desired gear and where you want to mount it.

So, you don’t need to drill holes in the kayak and can switch between accessories using these interchangeable mounting plates.

Predator MX, on the other hand, has a side-mount paddle storage system and molded paddle rest. This frees you from the worries of managing all the gear on the water.

Moreover, you can manage all the gear in the right order using rod retainer bungees and rod tip holders.

Predator 13 also comes with a molded paddle rest and slide-mount paddle storage for easy and fast paddle storage at the fishing spot.

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In addition, Predator 13 also gets a transducer-ready scupper system that allows easy installation of depth or fish finders.

It also comes with 2 holders behind the seat, installed in particular positions for trolling.


In Predator 13, you get a big bow hatch where you can store a huge amount of gear while making it stay out of the water.

There’s a mod pod in the center console that allows storing decent gear. It also features a cover with areas to install paddle holders, gear, and a fish finder display.

Predator MX has a dual tackle holder and enough storage to give anglers a good time on the water.

The stern area has a big tank for placing crates, gears, and coolers. It also has a bungee to strap and secure all the gear.

The Verdict – Old Town Predator MX vs 13

Old Town Predator MX vs 13
Old Town Predator MX vs 13

Overall, the Old Town Predator MX vs 13 comparison states that both kayaks offer good performance and stability.

While you can pick any, choose the right size. The shorter one will give better maneuverability while the bigger one offers better tracking.


How wide is a Old Town Predator MX?

The Old Town Predator MX is 34 inches (86.4 cm) long.

Who manufactures Old Town kayaks?

The Old Town Canoe Company manufactures these kayaks.

It is a part of the Paddlesports division of Johnson Outdoor Inc that includes other brands like Necky Kayak and Ocean kayak.

How wide is the Old Town Predator 13?

Old Town Predator 13 is 33.5 inches (85.1cm) wide.

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