6 Best Lightweight Kayaks – My Personal Test

Best Lightweight Kayaks

The best lightweight kayaks come differently for paddlers, but help in suiting the specific lifestyle and needs.

Are you looking for kayaks that can work durable without challenges?

Searching for the best lightweight kayaks has been made easy with this article’s list of lightweight kayaks. Whatever your fishing preferences, the lightweight kayak has become something to enjoy.


Best Lightweight Kayaks

Comparison table of Top lightweight kayaks

Kayak Type Material Dimensions Maximum Capacity Weight
Oru Foldable Kayak Sit-in UV-resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 33 x 12 x 29 in. (folded) 400 lbs. 34 lbs.
Intex Challenger K1 Sit-in 30-Gauge Vinyl 108 x 30 x 13 in. 220 Ibs. 25 lbs.
ADVANCED ELEMENTS Advanced Frame Sport Sit-in PVC-Coated Polyester with Aluminum Ribs 125 x 30 x 10 in. 250 lbs. 26 lbs.
Sevylor Quikpak K1 Sit-on-top 21-Gauge PVC with Tarpaulin Bottom 103 x 36 x 30 in. 400 lbs. 18 lbs.
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in UV-Stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 120 x 30 x 13 in. 250 lbs. 40 lbs.
Sevylor Coleman Colorado Sit-in 18-Gauge PVC with  Tarpaulin Bottom 120 x 36 x 19 in. 470 lbs. 41 lbs.


Types of best lightweight kayaks

Here is a list of some of the best lightweight kayaks on the market:

Oru Foldable Kayak

Oru Foldable Kayak comes affordable, portable, and high-quality. It measures 34 pounds that weigh half of a traditional kayak, offering great stability and ample storage.

You do not have to worry about suffering from abrasions because they can handle up to 20,000 folds. It can last for years despite consistent folding.

The kayak is made from polypropylene, which makes it durable with UV protection and resistant to puncture and abrasion.

Both intermediate and advanced kayakers would love this product because of its maneuverability feature.

Most average size anglers would love the design of the kayak. It comes with a decent cockpit that allows you to enter and leave.

The kayak features a well-constructed seat that withstands scrapes and bumps. It features a 300-pound weight capacity.

You can store essential fishing gear and your personal gadgets like cameras, wallets, and phones.  It comes with a convenient handle and carrying case.

Best Lightweight Kayaks


Oru Foldable Kayak comes with an excellent design.

The kayak is among the best lightweight kayaks, which is resistant to puncture and abrasion.

It features UV-protected.

It is easy to assembly.

It comes with ample storage.

It has a carrying case.

It does not require a roof rack.


The kayak is inconvenient for large bodies.

It comes expensive.

The Oru Foldable kayak comes with a 1-year limited warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and durable.


Intex Challenger K1

The Intex Challenger K1 is among the best lightweight kayaks you can find that are affordable. The kayak comes with robust construction and a rigid body.

The body is made from 30-gauge vinyl and weighs only 25 pounds. The I-beam floor enhances stability and its overall design can handle rough turns.

However, the kayak is not great in terms of storage.  The available space is enough to help you store your fishing tools. It has a cargo net in front of the seat.

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Its overall weight capacity does not exceed 220 pounds. The padded seat guarantees comfort and backache-free support. It has an adjustable seat with an inflatable backrest.

The kayak’s cockpit is wide enough to handle large bodies.  It features an inflatable product with a high-pressure pump.

The setup of the kayak can get into any water in few minutes. It offers a warranty of the first 90 days from the day of purchase.


The kayak has a sturdy construction.

It offers UV-resistant.

It comes with a cargo net to keep your tools safe.

It has a pump and a paddle.


The paddle is of poor quality.

It offers a 90-day warranty only.

The Intex Challenger K1 features as a great lightweight kayak with a good pump.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame

The Advanced Elements is listed among the best lightweight kayaks that is a user-friendly kayak. It features a compact design and easy to inflate or deflate.

It comes with four inflation chambers that facilitate the process of entering the water.  It comes with an extra rib-frame and offers stability.

The kayak has a sturdy outline with a rigid hull. It boosts maneuverability. It has advanced tracking and turning.

It weighs 250 pounds and offers a recreational option for anglers looking for convenient kayaks that are easy to use.

It lacks a spray cover. It is listed as one of the options suitable for “universal water condition.”


It comes as a compact design for easy storage.

It enhances tracking and turning.

It supportive seats for powerful strokes.

It offers excellent performance.


It does not come with a spray cover.

The cockpit is a little too confined for some anglers

The Advanced Elements does not require a roof rack to transport it.

SevylorQuikpak K1

When it comes to best lightweight kayaks with the best storage capacity, you can think of SevylorQuikpak K1.

The SevylorQuikpak K1 weighs 18 pounds and features a PVC body with a tarpaulin bottom. That ensures that the kayak is resistant to puncture.

The kayak is able to handle rough rocks and features multiple air chambers for safety. It works great in calm water, but not on high turbulences or bad environmental conditions.

It features a sit-on-top seat that can handle the largest bodies. It has an adjustable seat that allows you to sit comfortably.

It features adjustable footrests and supports weights at 400 pounds. It has a decent space arrangement that allows you to bring many gears.

It comes with double lock valves to facilitate the processes of inflation and deflation.


It offers a sturdy bottom that prevents puncture.

It has ample storage.

It comes with multiple air chambers.

The kayak has a double lock valve system that facilitates inflation and deflation.

It comes with a high-pressure pump.

The product is affordable.


The kayak is not great for strong water currents.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Talking about the best hardshell kayaks, you can consider Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 with a decent construction.

The kayak is created from UV-resistant polyethylene for strength and durability.  The adjustable seat allows you to rest comfortable.

The footpeg comes with multiple positions to maximize your comfort. It has a carrying handle and measures 10 feet.

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Both big and small cars can rack it for transportation.  If offers a decent overall performance at a reasonable speed. Its hull is wide with a spacious cockpit.  It offers a maximum capacity of 250 lbs


The kayak can be easily stored.

It is fast.

The kayak can be car-racked by any car.

It features high stability.

The Sun Dolphin is among the best lightweight kayaks with adjustable footrests and seats.


The kayak lacks a rod holder and an accessory carrier.

The seat is not padded.

The storage compartment is hard to reach.

Best Lightweight Kayaks

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

The Coleman Colorado is among the best lightweight kayaks.  It features a PVC body with a dense tarpaulin base.

The kayak can withstand sharp rocks and has robust. Its performance is great with coastline conditions that it was NMMA-certified for fishing.

It features adjustable Berkley Quick Set fishing rod holders for hands-free fishing. The kayak is designed with enough roomy space. It has a 1-year limited warranty.


It comes with excellent construction.

The kayak is among the best lightweight kayaks with ample storage.

It features Berkley Quick Set fishing rod holders.

It has high stability.

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


It has no inflation pump.

The kayak is not great for ocean fishing.


What to Look for Before Buying a Kayak 

The best lightweight kayaks come in two types, which include the sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

The sit-on-top kayaks provide users with a comfort seating arrangement and a larger space in terms of storage. Flooding is minimal and it comes self-bailing.

It allows you to track and stroke with ease and offers more space for accessories and attachments.

Sit-In Kayaks

Sit-in kayaks come more secure compared to the sit-on-top kayaks. It suits challenging water bodies ad does not self-bail.  That means it is prone to flooding.

The seat is restricted to the area of the cockpit, and adjustment is not great, especially for tall people.


Typically, kayak hulls come from composite materials or polyethylene plastic. Some of the materials include fiberglass and carbon fiber.

It can be made from hard-wearing plastics like Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS). However, the carbon fiber and fiberglass kayaks are stiffer and offers better performance.

The plastic kayaks are heavier, but lack responsiveness and stiffness and less prone to damage from hitting rocks or being dropped.

Most of the hardshell kayaks come from UV-protected polyethylene. These kayaks are created from rugged plastic that is resistant to scrapes and bumps.

Contrarily, you should know that the inflatable kayaks are much portable and lighter.  You can find other options too.

The Kevlar and fiberglass kayaks come with an ultra-lightweight design. However, these types of kayaks are very expensive.

Size and Dimensions

When it comes to the best lightweight kayaks, you should consider the size and dimensions.  If you miss any of these, you may not enjoy your kayaking.

You have to consider your body size before settling for a kayak.  To enjoy kayaking in a comfortable manner, you must get the right size and dimension of a kayak for yourself.

The inflatable kayaks are the most lightweight kayaks you can use. The sit-on-top come handy for those who want something light and easy to pack.

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Best Lightweight Kayaks

The performance of a kayak is vital when picking your kayak. For those who want speedy kayaks, they should go for long kayaks with narrow keels.

You can use these speedy kayaks for your touring and excursion. For the short kayaks, they come with a V-shaped hull for superior maneuverability.

The shorter kayaks are suitable for whitewater and tip easily because of the higher acceleration. You should consider the wide kayaks for stability.

The wide kayaks are great for hunting and fishing. For those who want maximum stability, they should consider the flat or catamaran-style hull.

However, you have to compromise for a slower speed as a trade-off.

Weight Capacity

You need to put into consideration the weight capacity of the best lightweight kayaks. The more weight capacity a kayak can hold the better for the user.

However, when it comes to lightweight kayaks, you do not want to overload the kayak. You want to travel light as much as you want when it comes to these kayaks.

You should stick to the average weight capacity if you want to enjoy your kayaking for your long-distance trekking and touring.

If you want to fish, you should consider making use of kayaks with larger storage space.


The price of a kayak is important. You cannot buy a kayak if your budget does not meet the cost.  Most of the lightweight kayaks are inflatable units that are more affordable than the hardshell ones.

Those who are starting with kayaking, should not consider making use of this type of kayak.

For professional kayakers, they can make use of lightweight options that can cost you more than $1000.

Hull Shape

Best lightweight kayaks come with different hull designs. Some come with a V-shaped hull, which allows them to cut through the turbulent water.

The flatwater kayaks come with rounded hulls that are less suited to cutting through waves and more appropriate for kayaking through calm rivers, coastal flat waters, and lakes.

Folding Kayaks

You can consider the folding kayaks that are made of inflatable outer skin or  the origami kayak. These two designs do not have a particular benefit over the other.

Puncture Resistance

You should consider puncture resistance when buying your best lightweight kayaks.  Consider the kayaks with triple-layered outer skin for maximum puncture resistance.


Before you buy a kayak, you should not compromise comfort for any feature.  When you stay comfortable, it allows you spend more time on the waters.

Adjustability is what you should search for in your kayak.


You cannot ignore the storage facility in your kayak. You need space for your gear and personal belongings. In addition, this should not affect your comfort.