How to increase weight capacity of kayak

How to increase weight capacity of kayak

Do you know how to increase the weight capacity of kayak? Every kayak has a weight capacity limit.

The weight capacity of kayak ensures that you do not pack excess load on the kayak. If you load a kayak so much load, it could swamp.

How to increase weight capacity of kayak

The weight capacity of kayak is important for people going on a long trip. They should know the kayak’s capacity and the weight they are carrying.

How to improve the weight capacity of kayak

It is likely the first thing we are about to say will sound strange to you, however one method you can use to make your kayak heavier is, to change the place you paddle it.

This method will only help you to reduce the effect of excess weight on your kayak and not to increase the real actual size of the boat.

Come to think of it, if you are paddling on a water that has much wave current, a lot of water will be splashing into your cockpit.

Although the load on the boat may be less than what the boat should carry. If the load is bigger, more water will be splashing into the boat.

As the quantity of water in the boat increases, the boat will start sinking gradually into the water.

You will be faced with the task of getting water out of the boat, thereby not being able to paddle the boat any longer. This is dangerous.

It should be common knowledge that loading much weight on your kayak can only be safe in water without wave current.

Furthermore, put into consideration that, ordinarily, saltwater is lighter than ordinary water.

Therefore, non-wave currents, near land water areas are the best places for your overloaded kayak.

Skill To increase weight capacity of kayak

Application of the best paddling method will reduce the quantity of water that enters the boat.

It will as well make each of your paddle strokes  produce better result and, you will not run out of energy fast.


Reservation of strength is always necessary when you are paddling an overloaded kayak.

This is the only way you will have strength, good enough to paddle that overloaded boat home safely.


Change The Kayak Design

Another way of increasing the weight of your kayak is, to change the original design of the boat.

If you want to do this, you have to pay more attention to the outside body areas.

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Every kayak was designed for a particular need. The outside body tells you what need it is made for.

Those of them designed for fishing, for example, are designed in line with the local boat (pontoon) or tunnel bodies.

This is because their body type can stand still on the water as you stand on it to fish.

Likewise, those of them used for leisure, have their bodies built to be very narrow, deep, and V-shaped.

These ones are not as still in the water as the ones for fishing. The reason is, they are designed to travel long distances and with speed too.

Though some brave users try to reconstruct the whole body of their kayak, from the way it was originally built.

Iit is better to buy a brand new kayak, which was built originally with a heavy body weight.

Reconstructing the body of your kayak will seriously affect its quality.  You can alternatively attach airbags to each of the partitions of the boat.

The airbags will make the boat become lighter on water, which will as well make it possible for the boat to carry more loads and travel long distances.

In place of oxygen, some kayak users choose to fill their airbags with helium. This gas will make their boat to be lighter on water.

How to increase weight capacity of kayak

Go For New Gadgets

Some kinds of gadgets can increase the weight capacity of kayak. We advise you buy new gadgets like NRS Infinity Float Bags.

Kayak stabilizers are designed to aid you to maintain the stability of your kayak on the water. This is necessary when your kayak is loaded with more weight.

The essence of these two gadgets is, they are designed to make your kayak buoyant on water.

It is however worthy of note that, many kayaks are built with all kinds of people in mind.

Therefore, in our concluding part, we are going to name some outstanding kayaks that are difficult to be overloaded with weight.

Let us still look at the weight capacity of kayak.

It is not possible that  the most poorly made and least priced kayak drown immediately you overload.

If for instance, you are using a sit-inside-kayak, overloaded with weight, water may enter the boat and many even sink it

Things You Need For a Kayak Trip.

In as much as the difficulty is less when compared to sit-on-top kayak,  because of the water outlet holes, overloading the boat with excess weight.

The weight capacity of kayak

You should understand that it is not in your best interest to load your kayak to the exact recommended weight capacity.

Buildings of kayak, really do not like it, for you to load the boat with a weight close to its recommended capacity.

We advise that, by your own imagination, let your body weight and the total weight of all the things you load into the boat be about seventy percent of the recommended weight capacity.

The difference of thirty percent, between the total weight you loaded in the kayak and the recommended weight capacity, will help you to easily keep the boat on water always.

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How Do I Known The Weight Of My Tools?

The difficult aspect of ensuring that you keep to the below seventy percent rule is, knowing the total weight of all the tools you are loading on-board.

You should keep in mind that to add more tools with time.

How to increase weight capacity of kayak

Instead of weighing each tool separately and adding up there total weight, you need to look for a better way of doing it.


It is very necessary that every kayak user,  among all his tools, must have one kayaking bag, which must be dry.

It is still good if you have more than one bag, you may have the need to use one or two water-resistant bags to park your tools.

After this, go for the commonly used hanging scales, used to weigh hunted animals, to weigh the bag or bags, packed with tools, before you take them for the journey.

Best Kayak For Bigger People.

Here, we will talk about that kayak that weighs at least five hundred pounds. We will also discuss needs most of them can meet, maybe you can find one that may meet your need.

Brooklyn Kayak Company PK13 Angler Solo.

BKC PK13 is a fishing kayak. It has a 13” pedal drive. It is installed with a rudder and can reverse at any point. It comes with a paddle.

Its seat is framed with aluminum and has back support. It is built to be used by one person. It is yellow in color.

It has three water-resistant storage systems, three inbuilt fishing rod holders, and storage space at the back, where you have extra space to pack more tools.

The gross weight of Brooklyn Kayak Company PK13, Angler Solo Kayak is 550 pounds. The net weight of the kayak  is 80 pounds.

Its length is 13 feet and its weight is 33.25 inches.

It comes with so many necessary gadgets, such as, pedal drive that enables it to reverse instantly, a rudder that helps you to easily navigate.

With the pedal, your hands are free to fish from the boat.

2-Driftsun Rover 220.

Driftsun Rover 220 is an  air filled kayak. Its weight capacity is big. It is estimated to be able to carry a total weight of 600 pounds.

It is built to accommodate two paddlers, their tools, a little kid, or another passenger.

The beautiful thing about this air filled kayak is that its seats can be easily adjusted or dismantled.

In a situation you are alone in the boat, you can rearrange everything in the cockpit to suit one person.

The air filled boat is fitted with a high-pressure resistance floor, which can resist about 6 pounds of pressure.

This is the reason the body is stronger and more efficient,

When compared to other air filled kayaks.


Brooklyn Kayak Company TK122U Tandem

This is the last kayak, in this class of the weight capacity of kayak..

Brooklyn kayak company TK122U is built for two paddlers and has a weight capacity of about 770 pounds. It measures about 12 feet 8 inches in length and 34 inches in width.

Its weight is bigger than that of others by about 74 pounds. You should think of arranging for a kayak carrying machine, if you may want to buy it.

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It is fitted with nice seats, framed with aluminum, folded with mesh for your perfect relaxation and heat reduction in hot seasons.

It is also fitted with, two aluminium made kayak paddles, which are adjustable, as well as inbuilt fishing rod holders, which are four in number.

Fitted in its cockpit are, double, water-resistant storage facilities, as well as another storage facility at the back, guided with elastic ropes.  #


 Brooklyn Kayak Company TK181 Tandem.

Brooklyn Kayak Company Tk 181 Tandem is built for fishing purposes. It is designed for two paddlers.

It weighs about 595 pounds and, has double water-resistant storage facilities, before each of the two paddler’s seats.


The boat is 12 feet 8 inches in length and 34 inches in width.

It weighs 68 pounds.  In addition to the two seats, in the cockpit, there is a third one, in the middle of the boat, designed for a young child or a passenger.

5- Brooklyn Kayak Company RA220 Solo.

Brooklyn Kayak Company RA220 Solo has a gross weight of 550 pounds and a net weight of 68 pounds. It is 11 feet and 6 inches in length and 34 inches in width.


A close observation will show you that, highest-rated kayaks for rich men and women are built for fishing.

This kayak is one of them. It has a big storage facility where fishing tools and other things are packed.


It has a rubber system, fixed on its body, which you can operate with pedals from inside the cockpit.

With this, keeping the boat on the right track becomes stress free, as you can do this with your feet from inside the cockpit, rather than doing so with your paddles.

FAQ: Weight Capacity of Kayak

Should I put foam in my kayak?

The idea of adding form to a kayak will not give it more buoyancy. However, if the kayak sinks, the  foam will help it float closer to the waterline

What keeps a kayak from sinking?

You can bring along a spray skirt. In addition,  a tight nylon or neoprene cockpit cover that you wear around your waist keep you from sinking.

Are Heavier kayaks more stable?

Wider kayaks are more stable than narrow ones, but the wider a kayak, the more work it takes to paddle it  at any speed.

Will a kayak sink without scupper plugs?

You won’t sink without kayak scupper plugs. If the kayak plugs are not in the holes, water that enters the kayak will drain out.

Do kayaks flip easily?

NO! The kayak is not designed to flip.

Should my kayak have holes in the bottom?

Holes in the bottom of the kayak release water from the kayak. The holes at the bottom won’t leave you sunk.

Most kayaks will have about four scupper holes as this is thought to be the safest amount


Are kayaks supposed to have water in them?

It is  normal for some water to get into the cockpit of a sit-in kayak.

Why do sit-on-top kayaks have holes?

Scupper holes give structural integrity to the kayak. They operate as a drain hole when you get water in your boat.

Which is safer sit in or sit on kayak?

Stability depends on other design factors such as hull design and size.

How do you increase buoyancy in a kayak?

You can add airbags in the bulkhead compartments of the kayak. Airbags act as additional flotation to help your kayak handle heavier loads.