Is a Hobie Kayak Worth It?

Is a Hobie Kayak Worth It?

Since 1996, Hobie has produced different kinds of fishing kayaks as well as the Mirage drive which is their pedal system 1997. They are produced in the USA and most of their models that are over 10 years old can still be seen in different waters today.

Is a Hobie Kayak Worth It?
Is a Hobie Kayak Worth It?

Is a Hobie kayak worth it? Ever since 1997, there have been a lot of enhancements and upgrades to the mirage drive, the propulsion system, and also the signature of many kayaks by Hobies.

The importance of the mirage drive in these kayaks cannot be overemphasized as it ensures that the kayakers can move their kayaks even in shallow waters. It also enables the kayak to pass different objects which may be submerged in the water.

With the latest Pro Angler models, kayaks can move in reverse directions and also sideways. There is a model which protects the drive by its ability to kick up once an object is targeted at it

Why are Hobie kayaks so good?

Kayaking exists in several forms ranging from simple recreational canal kayaking to whitewater rapid riding and so on. Different models of kayaks have features that can either make them affordable or more expensive than others. The Hobie kayak is quite expensive but it is a great kayak made with very high quality material. This adds to their price, and durability and makes it a better kayak than the cheaper models.

Below is an overview of some of the features that make the Hobie kayak a better option than other cheaper kayaks:

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Unique Hobie design

The Hobie kayak is renowned for its high quality which they have done a great job in maintaining over the years.

Many Hobie kayaks include the technology obtained from surfing into their designs and this allows the kayaks to have more stability in water and withstand adverse conditions.

A new Kick-up fin technology also provides the Hobies kayaks with fins attached. Moreso, there are attached rudders which offer the kayak better tracking and also give the paddler more control of the kayak. Even its sail kits and pedals allow for hands-free propulsion.

As there are over 20 different models of Hobies kayaks, these kayaks are designed specifically for specialized activities like the provision of a room for catch and holders for rods and nets, easy storage, and large space in their fishing kayaks.

Moreso, it has been proven that the Hobies kayaks have one of the best features as well as technology in the kayaking world.

They Have Sail Kits And Other Well-Thought-Out Accessories

Thanks to the sail kits in Hobies kayaks, theee kayak move through the wind perfectly and the paddler does not have to paddle for a long period of time during windy conditions.

Also, the sail kits allow the boat to move smoothly during adverse weather conditions. Asides the sail kit, Hobies kayaks have other accessories which generally improve the paddler’s experience in the kayak. Some of these accessories include:

  • comfortable seats,
  • pumps,
  • twist and seal hatches,
  • bottle openers,
  • paddles for inflatable series, and so on

Although these accessories increase the cost of these kayaks, they are totally worth the money.

Basic material costs

The Hobie kayak is made using high quality linear polyethylene which is a unique and light type of plastic that does not wear out easily.

The construction material of this kayak contributes to its price. However, in terms of performance, this material can withstand serious abuse without wearing it out.

Plastic may be quite cheap to produce and buy but there are more affordable materials such as marine plywood which is lighter than plastic. Many home-built boats make use of this marine plywood due to its low cost.

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Compared to the linear polyethylene plastic, the plywood is not as durable and it cannot withstand the kind of pressure or abuse without wearing out. This is a big downside for kayakers who use their kayaks on whitewater and rapids where there are common cases where rocks knock on the body of the kayak.

With the linear polyethylene plastic, the kayaker can easily use his kayaks in any kind of area.

How To Choose The Right Hobie Kayak For You

There are over 20 different models of Hobies kayaks to pick from and while it may sound difficult to know which one is best for you, there are a couple of factors to consider first before choosing a kayak. These factors can help you narrow down your options and make sure you choose the best one that caters to all your kayaking needs. Below are some of the things to consider:

Purpose of the kayak:

While Hobies kayaks can be used for any kind of adventure or trip on the water, it is still important to choose your kayak based on what you need it for. As there are different reasons why people use kayaks, several models have been designed to suit these activities.

For family outings, a spacious kayak that has enough weight capacity for at least four people is perfect.

Kayakers that are more enthusiastic about fishing may opt for a kayak that has more hatches and an additional tackle with features such as mounts for fishfinders and rod holders.

Weight and size of the kayaker:

While choosing a kayak, it is important to put your size and weight into consideration as this will help you decide which kayak is best and well suited for you.

As such, bigger paddlers will require a bigger kayak as this will give them enough room and space. Tall kayakers should also opt for kayaks that have large cockpits and enough legroom as well.

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Shape of kayak that best compliments the kayaker’s preferred activities

There are several shapes of Hobie kayaks which cater to different needs of the kayaker.

For kayakers who move through shallow waters and may experience sharp turns every now and then, short and compact boats are ideal. However, long and slender boats are usually recommended for paddlers who need to cover long distances with their kayaks.


Is a Hobie kayak worth it?

Despite the fact that Hobies are expensive, they are worth the investment. Some of the benefits of the Hobie kayak include:

  • This kayak maintains its resale value
  • It has a great propulsion system which is perfect for open water fishing

How far can you go in a Hobie?

With a Hobie, anglers can cover a distance of 7-8 miles easily although the ease at which this occurs is largely dependent on:

Is Hobie kayak good exercise?

Kayaking is a good and fun way to work out and exercise. A few hours of paddling can provide the following benefits:

  • Strengthened abs
  • Good mental and physical health
  • Muscle buildup
  • Normal heart rate performance
  • Increased endurance

By renting a boat and all the essential gear needed, anyone can kayak for as long as they want. People who get more enthusiastic and interested in kayaking can then decide to buy their own kayak and necessary gear.


With over 20 years of hull design, one amazing feature of kayaks by Hobies is the stability of their models today. These kayaks have both primary and secondary stability which simply means that they do not roll over easily and can be used as a platform for fishing while standing.