What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler?

What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler

Explore different types of water and catch any fish. That’s probably what every angler dreams of.

And Hobie has some wonderful options like Pro Angler and Outback up its sleeve to entice kayakers. Since both are loaded with features, making a choice becomes difficult.

That’s what makes anglers keep asking, “what is the difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler?”

Here, we will have a look at both the kayaks from the reputed manufacturer.

Keep reading to know what makes them similar and different so that you can make an informed choice.

Overview – What is the Difference Between a Hobie Kayak and Pro Angler?

What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler
What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler

So you want a kayak that can go anywhere but can’t decide between Hobie’s top two contenders. Let’s take a quick look at what each is meant for.

Hobie Outback is a reliable and comfortable vessel that makes fishing more fun and easier with its all-around feature list. In short, Hobie refers to it as a do-it-all fishing kayak.

The other one, Pro Angler is no way behind. It combines a small-sized vessel with human-powered convenience.

This one is a fully-featured, full-size pedal kayak that you can even use for tournaments and fishing challenges.

Size and Capacity

The Outback is a 12 feet 9 inches kayak with a width of 34 inches. The vessel weighs 85 pounds (103 pounds with pedals).

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On the other hand, the Pro Angler is shorter at 12 feet in length but wider at 36 inches. Comparatively, this one is also heavier with a total weight of 128.5 pounds with pedals.

In terms of capacity, both the kayaks can carry a lot of weight. The Outback is capable of carrying 425 pounds in total while the Pro Angler’s capacity is 600 pounds.

Considering the length and capacity, both kayaks can carry a good amount of gear even with heavy kayakers.

If you ask what is the difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler? The dimensions make a major difference.

Storage and Space

Both the kayak offer plenty of storage space for kayakers willing to go on an all-day or overnight trip.

On the bow, you will find a large hatch that you can use to keep fish, iced down drinks, and more. The stern features a cargo area for a tank well to store a live well, cooler, and milk crate.

The Outback comes with dry storage in the seat’s front to keep food, valuables, and tackle. In the Pro Angler, you get brass inserts that allow having an option drift chute, anchor, or anchor trolley kit.

Outback features a big hatch that hides a storage area below the deck. You get a plastic tub in the hatch that you can remove to access more storage with the hatch opening to the hull.

Thus, with this much storage, both kayaks let you store a lot for a wonderful fishing experience.


For a comfortable ride, Hobie kayaks come with the vintage CTW seat.

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The seat features a 4-way adjustment and mesh padding that ensures sturdy support and a perfect fit. Thus, you can enjoy all-day fishing without any discomfort.

When compared to other frame seats, the CTW is an inch and a half wider so even full-size anglers can enjoy comfort.

MirageDrive 180 Pedal System

MirageDrive is a powerful, reliable, and advanced pedal system that features instant zero drafts.

The MirageDrive 180 improves on shallow-water performance with Kick Up Rudder and Kick Up TurboFins. On hitting an obstruction, the rudder or flippers fold away.

What makes it popular is that the MirageDrive allows kayaks to go forward and reverse. Thus, kayakers can even explore narrow reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.

Other Features

Another feature that Hobie has added to the kayaks is the H-Rail accessory system.

This innovative system comprises a short metal tube that runs down on the cockpit’s each side. You can use matching mounting bases from Hobie with this system.

H-Rail comes with unlimited options for accessory positioning and is stronger than a regular gear track. It holds the electronics mount or rod holder base without letting it spin or slip.

Integrated into the accessory station and gear track, the H-Rails also come with cut-outs for a small tackle box, a bait knife, and other tools.

You can use this system to fit in paddle holders, camera mounts, rod holders, or anything you would need.

Another that Hobie offers in these kayaks is the Guardian Retractable Sonar Shield. It allows you to install and uninstall a favorite fish finder quickly and easily.

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The side-scan transducer works well when it gets a clear view of the boat’s either side. But the transducer below the keel can hit an obstruction underwater or when dragged.

However, when kayaking in shallow waters, the angler can pull the cord and retract the transducer with the sonar shield.

Performance and Stability

In terms of stability, the Pro Angler can be relatively better.

What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler
What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler

The wide frame and hull design lets achieve superb stability even in rough conditions. And the design combined with MirageDrive 180 helps achieve a comfortable speed.

Moreover, it offers excellent agility and tracking allowing anglers to quickly make tight turns.

On the contrary, the Outback also offers rock-solid stability with a broad, wide hull. However, a softly rounded chine absorbs waves.

While the Outback gets its tracking and speed affected due to the wider hull, adding the pedal drive helps improve the limitations.

Adding the rudder system and kick-up fins helps improve stability, maneuverability, and performance.

Wrap Up – What is the Difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler?

Comparatively, the Pro Angler is more robust than the Outback but the latter still holds tight.

You can take any of these kayaks to any sea condition but the Pro Angler is more seaworthy as well.

Does this article answer what is the difference between a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler?


Can you stand in a Hobie Outback?

Yes, Hobie Outback is a stand-up kayak. Also, it’s quite stable for anglers to stand on top for fishing.

How fast is Hobie Mirage Outback?

Hobie Outback can reach up to the speed of 7-8 mph.

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