7 Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

The best kayak cockpit covers can help you take care of your cockpit area. When it comes to keeping your items in a kayak, you should consider the type of storage to use.

When moving your kayak with personal items, the best kayak cockpit covers come to play an important role in saving your items from being destroyed.

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

The cockpit covers are great accessories that can help you transport and store your kayak. These covers offer your items safe and easy of convenience.

With the best kayak cockpit covers, you can store things your items until you are ready to take the next trip.  The cockpit cover helps kayak with reduced resistance and gas mileage.

Most first-time buyers often find it difficult to make a choice among the numerous best kayak cockpit covers on the market.

Top kayak cockpit covers

Cover Size Material
Explore Land Universal Kayak Cockpit Drape

No products found.

Large and regular Waterproof coated 600D marine-grade fabric
Seals Kayak Cockpit Drape Cover

Universal and universal plus Stretchy 1 mm neoprene
Docooler UV50+ Cockpit Cover

X-small, small, medium, large, X-large Durable and breathable 100% oxford cloth
NRS Super Stretch Cockpit Cover

1.2 to 7.0 deck Tear-resistant cargo
Seals Cockpit Seal Cover

44 to 104 inches Durable coated nylon packcloth
Harmony Gear Cockpit Cover

32/18 to 97/26 Urethane coated 210 denier nylon
Seals Tandem Cockpit Cover

No products found.

T80, T100, T200, T400 Medium-weighted coated nylon


The 7 Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

We have made it easier for you with our seven best cockpit covers.

Explore Land Universal Kayak Cockpit Drape – Best Overall

The Explore Land cockpit cover is among the best kayak cockpit covers that have great storage purposes. The storage facility makes people called it a drape.

It has two sizes, the regular cover that measures 44 x 28 inches and a large one measuring 60 x 29 inches. The cover can fit on many cockpits.

It is ideal on sit-in kayaks that have either protruding rims or not. The cover can work on sit-on-top kayaks and the foam footpads of SUPs (Stand-up paddle board).

No products found.

You can secure the cover with adjustable bungee cords, which can tighten the cover as snug as possible.  It has hooks that can attach to the deck lines.

The cover comes with a 3-year warranty.


The installation is easy.

It has a highly durable material.

The standard sizes can suit plenty of kayaks.


It has only two sizes available.

This cockpit cover is great for storage and transportation purposes.

 Seals Kayak Cockpit Drape Cover – Runner-up

Seals Kayak Cockpit Drape Cover is among the best kayak cockpit covers that you can get.  It is an innovative cockpit drape.

The cover is created from a coated nylon packcloth that is UV-resistant and lightweight with convenience and portability.

It has a tether hook seen at its front for anchoring to withstand wind.  You can make use of the bungee cords to help in tightening the cover around the hull.

This model has three sizes, 44 inches, 45 to 60 inches, and the third fit up to 104 inches.

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers


You can easily set it up.

It can fit different kayaks.


The cover is not suitable for transportation.

The cockpit is durable and is easily adjustable.  It is innovative and offers protection for your covered items.

Docooler UV50+ Cockpit Cover – Budget Choice

Docooler UV50+ Cockpit Cover is a budget-friendly and durable cover that comes in five sizes.  The colors come in either grey or black.

This product is made of 100% oxford cloth, and it is not waterproof. However, it is water-repellent, making it great for indoor storage.

It offers UV50+ blocking protection and ensures that you store and transport safely. It is breathable and durable.

Its seams are sealed and come with double stitching. The shock cord offers you adjustment room when you use the clip.


It has guaranteed protection against UV rays.

It comes at an affordable price.

It has a durable and breathable material.


The cover is not completely waterproof.

The straps are a little flimsy.

NRS Super Stretch Cockpit Cover – Best Stretching Cover

When it comes to the best kayak cockpit covers, you can make use of the NRS Super Stretch Cockpit Cover.  It is flexible and very stretchy.

The cover is made from stretchy neoprene and can suit different cockpit sizes.  You can get the “Universal” or “Universal Plus” sizes.

The cockpit cover material is 1mm thick and resists abrasion. It offers protection for a long time.  With an adjustable shock cord band, you can tighten the cover on your cockpit.

The cover is water-resistant to ensure that the cockpit is dry. However, the cover is not completely waterproof.


It has high-quality materials.

It stretches to match the size of the cockpit.


Its fit can be a little too tight.

It is not completely waterproof.

Seals Cockpit Seal Cover – Most Versatile Sizing

Seals Cockpit Seal Cover is a traditional cover that can wrap around the cockpit.  The cover is made of a tear-resistant cargo material, which provides amazing UV protection.

The cover is available in 15 sizes, ranging between 1.2 deck and up to 7.0 deck. It features rim grip technology that tightly sits in the cockpit.

You can use adjustable bungee cords that can help you loosen or tighten the grip. It has a hull strap security feature, and double stitching for security and ultimate protection.


It has highly durable materials.


It has a system of sizes that is a little baffling.

Fixing it on the cockpit can be a little tough.

Harmony Gear Cockpit Cover – Best for Breathability

The Harmony Gear is among the best kayak cockpit covers, which have 210 denier nylon coated with urethane construction.

It offers reliable durability and sealed seams with double stitching. It has adjustable shock cords for the rims.

The cover is water-resistant and breathable.


The cockpit cover is lightweight and durable.


The installment is not easy.

It does not suit transportation on top of a car.

The Harmony Gear cockpit cover does not leave a cockpit to smell after a long period of storing your items. It is lightweight and breathable.

Seals Tandem Cockpit Cover – Best for Tandem Kayaks

Seals Tandem Cockpit Cover is an innovative tandem cover for your cockpit.  It is one of the affordable best kayak cockpit covers.

The cover is made of coated nylon of medium-weight that makes the product to be breathable. It has rim grip technology for tightening.

It features adjustable hull straps, adjustable bungee cords, and a front tether hook. With the cover’s size, it requires extra tightening.


The product is durable yet breathable.

The cockpit cover is affordable.

It has plenty of tightening techniques.

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers


The cover is not aesthetically beautiful.

No products found.

The product is the only tandem cockpit cover on this list.  It is strong, durable, breathable, and lightweight.

How to pick the best kayak cockpit covers?

Are you thinking of buying any of the best kayak cockpit covers on the market?  With the number of these covers on the market, you can think of what sets these covers apart.

We have listed some of the things to consider when you want to buy a cockpit cover for your kayak.

Cover Material

The cover material is as important as the cover.  You should think of what the cover can offer you aside protecting your items.

The material must be durable, tear resistant, and abrasion resistant. You have to go for materials that are UV rays protected.

This can protect it against the sun when transporting it.  Waterproof feature is important to consider. Water should not enter the cockpit when you use them.

Consider water repellent and waterproof materials to help your items stay protected against weather. This can extend its lifespan.

The nylon covers are great for beauty and performance. They are strong and aesthetically appealing to the eyes.

If you want something affordable, you should consider the neoprene and polyester. You should know that the nylon cover can come off during high-speed drives.

This means they are not the best when you want to move your kayak on top of a vehicle going on a long-distance.

Degree of Waterproofing

Using a kayak is in the water and not on the ground. You should have a cockpit cover that can stand the test of time on the water.

This cover should be waterproof and seal water out when you store the kayak outside.  We can still refer back to the nylon cover.

Sealing against External Factors

The nylon offers you a great choice when it comes to performance, looks, and waterproof features. However, neoprene can do better for you against dirt.

The neoprene cover offers surefire support against dirt and does not come off easily.

Available Sizes

What is the size of the kayak cockpit cover you want to buy?  Kayak cockpit covers do not have a standard sizing.

The cockpit depends on the brand and style. You have to get the measurement of your kayak, cockpit, and cover before you buy one.

A perfect fit may not be important, but it should not be too big or small to fit your kayak to avoid letting in creatures like ants and rodents into your kayak.

Cords or Clips

You have to decide if you want cords or clips to help in securing your cockpit cover in place. Most of the covers have built-in spaces for cords to take care of your cockpit.

Clips come faster and are easier to use on a cover.

Kayak Cockpit Covers FAQ

Should You Opt for Covers or Spray Skirts?

Many users ask this question because they want to save some money when they buy a cover.  People who are going on warm waters and temperatures may not need much protection.

Any material thickness can support you when you cover the kayak. If you want to enter cold water, lower temperature, or rapid current, you may want to use something better.

The spray skirt can serve you when you are in such an environment because it can protect against water and the cold.

The spray skirts have four parts: a grab loop, a tunnel, a deck, and a rand.  This product can be made of nylon or neoprene, but they are thicker.

They offer users better protection. You should bear in mind that nylon covers are easier to release or attach compared to neoprene.

Neoprene provides you with complete sealing that prevents water from entering your kayak.

How To Properly Install a Cockpit Cover?

You can easily install a cockpit cover with help or you can do it on your own. What you need to do is to read the manual.

You should slide an end of the cover over the edge of the kayak, little by little.  The next thing to do is to adjust the cover to cover the opening on the kayak.

Finally, ensure that the cover is secured over the rim of the cockpit.

How To Measure a Cockpit Rim?

There are things to consider when trying to measure the cockpit rim. They include the circumference, the width, and the length of the rim.

The length of the cockpit is measured from one edge to another by the kayak’s length. The width is measured from side to side around the seat tower.

The circumference should be measured when you mark a spot on the rim and wrap the tape measure around until you get to the point.

You can make use of a string or rope if you do not have a tape to measure. You can measure the rim with any tool.

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers

Top Kayak Cockpit Covers Final Thoughts

With our top cockpit covers, you can decide on the product you want. You can consider the factors we have also listed to help you make your choice.

The Explore Land cockpit cover can be your ideal cover if you want something that is durable. This product is easy to install and can fit plenty of kayaks.

The Seals drape is another excellent choice if you want something that can cover around the rims tightly  and still offer enough protection.

However, the Seals drape is not a great choice for transportation if you are using a car for the movement. Finally, we can talk about the affordable cockpit cover.

The Docooler offers UV protection, durability, breathability, and affordability. It is very affordable.

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