How Do You Store a Hobie Kayak Outside?

How Do You Store a Hobie Kayak Outside?

So, you might be wondering how do you store a Hobie kayak outside? Maybe, you just bought a Hobie kayak, but don’t know how to store it.  You are not the only person thinking along this line.

When you don’t have enough room to store your precious kayak indoors, you have to consider the outdoor. However, you may have to worry about the safety of the body of your kayak.

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I am here to give you the best solution to store your Hobie kayak outside. For many people, the outdoor could be their best choice until winter or harsh weather comes. Since you don’t want to store your Hobie kayak in the rain or wet environment; you may have to check the best places to store it.

So, where should you keep your kayak? Let’s dive in and learn more!

Here are some of the places you can store your kayak:

  • Under a deck
  • Under a roof or eaves
  • On a covered porch
  • With a kayak cover
  • Under a tarp and off the floor

How do you Store a Hobie Kayak Outside?

You should learn to protect your Hobie kayak from the harsh weather conditions outside.  There are things you can consider if you have to drop your kayak outdoor. I will take you through some of them.

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Some other ways you can store your Hobie kayak, especially during winter include:

How do you store a Hobie kayak outside?

Okay, now you know the best way to store your kayak. I will go a little forward to help you store a Hobie kayak.

Clean Your Kayak First

You need to clean the kayak before you can store it to avoid the problem of damage.  If you fail to clean before storing, rodents, dirt, or termites could make it their homes.

You should know that if some leftover stays long in your kayak, they can attract wild animals. As a result, everything should be cleaned after every use.

You can use a little elbow grease to clean your kayak if it has more dirt on it, especially the stubborn dirt.

People who want to store their kayaks for extended periods should use soapy water in cleaning their kayaks. The process will ensure that your kayak stays in great condition for a long time.

Use A Proper Storage Rack

While I have highlighted some of the methods of storing your kayak, I am not going to say much about them again.

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The most important reason why you have to keep your kayak off the ground is to prevent mud animals from entering it or damaging it.

Positioning Your Kayak For Storage

You have to store your kayak with its hull facing up the most time. With this method, you can stop your kayak from experiencing hull damage.

Unfortunately, you can only store some kayaks on their sides.  You may have to flip them around monthly to ensure that they don’t get damaged.

Spread The Weight Evenly

If you must store your kayak on a mount, you have to evenly distribute its weight. The reason for this is simple. Hulls could get deform if you don’t ensure that they have their weights evenly distributed.

You should store your kayak evenly on the sides and ensure that the kayak is padded on any pressure point.

Strap Your Kayak Down

The first thing you should do is make sure that the kayak is tied down when storing outside.  For instance, the kayak would not be blown away during windy conditions.

Make Sure It’s Covered

Your kayak would be content with the weather when you store it outside.  Therefore, you should cover the kayak if you are leaving it outside.

You could achieve this by using a kayak cover or a tarp to ensure that it is safe from harsh weather.

Things To Avoid When Storing Your Kayak Outside

I would teach you what to avoid when you want to store kayaks outside.  You can keep your kayak in safe condition with the following tips:

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Avoid Leaving Your Kayak on the Ground

I can tell you that kayaks don’t come cheap, so I wonder if you will allow your kayak to suffer damage.  As a result, you have to ensure that you don’t leave your kayak on the ground during storage.

Freezing, thawing, and mud/wet ground can damage your kayak if it stays on the ground.

Avoid Letting Wildlife In

You should not allow rodents and other pests to have access to your kayak.  You should know where to keep your kayak if you want it to stay intact for months.

You may have to cover the cockpit to ensure that no animal can get inside.

Don’t Leave The Kayak Unlocked

Finally, you have to safeguard your kayak by locking it. Since a kayak does not come cheap, you should ensure that it is safely locked.


Can Hobie Kayaks be stored outside?

You should keep your kayak off the ground and use a cover to keep the sun off.

How do I store my Hobie passport?

Store it upside down so it can rest on two crossbars. Padded crossbars will reduce scratches and if must store it right side up, use cradles.

How do you store a Hobie Outback?

If you want to store your Hobie Outback on the ground, use some old tires foam padding whilst it’s upside down.