Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4

Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4

Many paddlers desire kayaks that offer them comfort and relaxation with amazing features. With the number of kayaks and boats on the market, we often compare different kayak models.

In this article, we are comparing Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4. Before you quickly make your choice, here are what you should know about these kayaks.

Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4
Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4

Dagger Axis 10.5 Pros & Cons


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • It has adjustable skeg which makes the boat track well
  • A lot of storage facilities, big for a boat of its size.


  • Heavier than other boats of its size.
  • Its thigh braces are sold separately sometimes.

Dagger Axis 10.5 Size, weight, & capacity

Axis 10.5 kayak has approximately all of its 10 ft 6 inches (320cm) length in contact with water. It does not only have outstanding tracking capabilities.

It also has the maneuverability required for making tight turns. With a width of  28.5 inches, Axis 10.5 is comparatively wide for a sit in kayak. However, this is the reason it is a perfectly stable and accessible recreational boat.

The weight of heavy duty kayaks is a bit big. With 50 pound weight (23kg), Axis 10.5 is not really too heavy to carry.

However, you are not to carry it for a long-distance like from the car to the water all alone.

The maximum capacity of Axis 10.5 is 300 pounds  (136kg). It has enough space for most paddlers who are going out together for a day, at the same time. If you have the need for a boat with more capacity for overnight journey or you have the need for additional comfort, go for Axis 12.

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Dagger Axis 10.5 Features

Although Axis 10.5 can be said to be a recreational kayak, Dagger company has embraced its versatile nature. It has also given it some matching features.

First, if you want to spend the whole day out there on the water, you have to be comfortable. Having this in mind, Dagger has it equipped with its Con Tour CFS-R seating and backrest system.

They also equipped it with padded Con Tour thigh braces. Adjustable slide lock XL footpegs are used in the completion of the outfitting.

This keeps you upright and allows you to paddle the boat around on the water. At the back side of the kayak is a big watertight hatch. The hatch is sealed with a domed cover and a bulkhead.

You can store your kits in it. At the back of the paddler, you will see a deck bungee, it serves as extra storage. At the front deck, there is a mesh pocket. It is secured with a bungee.

Close to the paddler you will  see a paddle pack bungee. It enables you to go hand free on the water. You will not have the fear of losing your paddle.

There is an adjustable step system at the back of the Axis. This system is controlled from the paddling position. The purpose of this system is to help the kayak track. It is also useful for beginners or when the condition is difficult on water.

Axis 10.5 Performance

The kayak can track well without the skeg because of its length and profile. It has enough rocker profile that it can comfortably paddle through choppy conditions. The V-shaped bow helps to retain good contact with the water and you will steadily be on your line.

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Are you a recreational kayak user? Do you desire to explore your local waterways? Do you want to go for an overnight expedition? Axis 10.5 has all you require. The kayak performs excellently well in so many conditions.

It has good storage facilities as well. It has a comfortable and versatile outfit. Anyone who has river ambitions stands to gain from its after-market thigh braces.


Katana10.4 Paddling Performance:

There are no problems in this area. The Katana paddles very well. You will find it familiar if you have paddled a Dagger Mamba. First, you will notice how stable it is, mostly when it is loaded to capacity.

If we have to go for a practice role, you will find it very difficult to totally turn it upside down.  The boat rolls easily and wonderfully too, even when it was loaded with 160-pound weight of the load and all the gears.

The seat of Katana is comfortable. Joyfully and with a smiling face your chine will be beaming with smiles. These features make the Katana highly confident and inspiring, most especially in large water.

On the flat water, you will be happy to have the drop-skeg. The drop-skeg keeps the boat on a straight track. You will have the time to enjoy every place you pass through and not only the place you are going to.

If the skeg is up, the bow would want to wander with little correction. You will discover that this is true in wastewater. At a high current of 40,000 cms we had a beautiful high flow experiment.  We left the skeg down even in the rapid current.

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The skeg would have helped to keep the boat in a straight line in the high current.  The skeg will help you sail through waves. You should leave the skeg down, at the lowest part even in lower water and salt river, even if the current is more technical. In a shallow technical current totally retract the skeg. The Katana will pivot slowly.

Dagger Axis 10.5 vs Katana 10.4

We have to make a decision on the kayak to pick as our favorite. Axis 10.5 is a multipurpose kayak. It can perform many kinds of things for different kinds of users.  It is a stable kayak because of its width. It is the best for beginners. Its steg helps to keep it on a straight line.

We had an adventure with Katana 10.4 some days ago.  We ended up punching holes and laterals in big water. We would have drowned if it were been in lightweight boats.

However, Katana 10.4 got us safe. You need to get used to such a boat before paddling it.  However, Katana’s predictability makes it possible that anyone with a little paddling experience can easily understand it. We prefer the Axis 10.5 because of its numerous features.