Are Wilderness Systems Kayaks Good?

Are Wilderness Systems kayaks good

Since 1985, Wilderness Systems has worked tirelessly to provide peddlers with a variety of choices and options to choose from to meet their different kayaking needs.

If you are wondering are Wilderness Systems Kayaks goo. The answer is the kayaks are simply the best.

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If you ever need to leave your home, relax in the fresh air, and enjoy nature in water, then Wilderness System Kayaks can help you achieve that.

There are so many amazing features of the Wilderness System Kayaks including their great performance, ultimate outfitting and very impressive quality.

This has earned them several awards. In the paddling world, the Wilderness System Kayaks leave a mark.

They can be used by amateurs and professionals alike and they are quite easy to navigate and not so difficult to learn how to use.

Since 1986, Wilderness Systems has worked continuously to provide customers with the perfect kayak.

Its products range from kayaks used for recreational day tours or quiet rides to stronger kayaks for tougher rivers and other types in between.

Moreso, their technologies have been continually innovated just like the Phase 3 AirPro seat technology and well-engineered stern design, which make their kayaks very comfortable and safe for users.

Every year, Wilderness System launches different technologies in order to improve the quality of its kayaks.

With this, their technology improves and offers the market the best experience in kayaking while providing safety and comfort for everyone.

Wilderness System has proven to be one of the most proven and trusted brands for a kayak as their excellent performance has gained them several awards.

Types of Wilderness Systems Kayaks

1.    Sit-on-top

Unlike the sit-inside kayaks, the air-on-top kayaks do not have a closed cockpit and thus, access in and out of this kayak is very easy.

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Moreso, persons using this kayak have more flexibility and freedom of movement.

The downside of this kayak is that paddlers can get wet easily as the whole body is exposed.

Paddlers can also get affected during very hot and sunny days except they would like to get a tan or bath in the sun.

The sit-on-top kayak can be used with other kayaks except for the sit-inside kayak.

2.    Sit-inside

The sit-inside kayak is extremely perfect for different weather condition. This is because your body remains protected and sheltered inside the kayak no matter the weather.

The sit-inside kayak is usually paired with other types of kayak except the Sit-on-top.

Features of the sit-inside kayak include a closed cockpit, which allows your legs to remain hidden under the covers of the kayak.

When using this kayak,  a spray skirt is  usually worn to prevent the person from getting wet from his/her waist down.

However, the sit-inside kayak may limit the size of paddlers that can fit inside and it also decreases flexibility.

3.    Fishing Kayaks

With a great kayaking performance for long distances, fishing kayaks have large storage to keep fishing gears and other tools and equipment one may need during a long stay in the lake.

A disadvantage of this kayak is that it has issues in speed compared to other kayaks.

4.    Expedition Kayaks

When it comes to speed and stability, expedition kayaks tick the boxes. They have long bodies which are able to accumulate needed speed and also have balance and stability.

Expedition kayaks can be used for both recreational and day touring. Although it may take some time for beginners to get used to it, this kind of kayak is not difficult to use or navigate.

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An added advantage of this kayak is its large storage and amazing sealant properties.

5.    Pedal Kayaks

Pedal kayaks have a brilliant design and peddlers can conveniently move while holding their rod and other items in their hand.

With its large storage space, peddlers can keep tools, gear or other important things needed.

Pedal kayaks are propelled by impulse and are usually powered using the legs. For hand steering, these kayaks have a pilot rudder.

In addition, for fishing and activities which may need stability, pedal kayaks are also well designed and engineered.

6.    Whitewater

The modern whitewater kayakshave been designed to possess much smaller bodies than other types of kayaks.

This allows sensitive maneuverability and response. Whitewater kayaks can also withstand tough rivers or waves on open water thanks to their sturdy build.

Moreso, it is a relatively unforgiving kayak with poor tracking, but it can also be used for flatwater.

In comparison, the modern whitewater kayaks have larger cockpits than the old school kayaks although the old school kayaks are a bit longer and more forgiving

  1. Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are made for leisure purposes. As such, it is shorter than other types, lightweight and easier to steer and navigate.

However, since it is made only for leisure and relaxation activities, it has very poor tracking.

Regardless, this kayak has a very large cockpit that can fit different body types.

  1. Touring Kayaks

Although touring kayaks are more expensive than other types of kayaks, they accumulate more speed and are better when it comes to tracking thanks to their long and narrower bodies.

Touring kayaks also have a smaller cockpit but thigh braces so that the paddler can balance himself upright.

Are Wilderness Systems kayaks good?

As a well-known and renowned brand which has been available in the market since 1986.

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The Wilderness Systems is an excellent brand that provides not only great performance products but also durable and quality kayaks.

The Wilderness Systems have been featured in different magazines and awarded several times for their amazing and elegant designs.

Also, they are also praised for the different choices and options they offer peddlers in kayaking.

Furthermore, their innovative technology employed in kayaks cannot be left out.

A good example is the Phase 3 AirPro technology which improves comfort for all activities involved in kayaking.

Wilderness Systems continually release new products or add new technology in their kayak line to meet up the kayaking needs of users.


  1. Wilderness Systems kayaks has a sturdy and durable build
  2. They are very easy to steer and navigate
  3. Most of the products under this brand kayaks possess a rudder which provides stability for the kayak and also helps in steering.


  1. The  Wilderness Systems kayak is quite expensive.
Are Wilderness Systems kayaks good
Wilderness Systems kayaks

Who owns Wilderness Systems kayak?

J.H. Whitney Capital Partners acquired wilderness Systems.

Are perception and Wilderness Systems the same company?

Confluence Outdoor is the result of the blending of Adventure Technology® paddles, Wilderness Systems®, Perception®, Dagger®, and Wave Sport® kayaks, Mad River Canoe®, Bomber Gear and Harmony® accessories.

What are Wilderness Systems kayaks made of?

The “roto” kayaks are made of high-density linear polyethylene.

Where are Wilderness Systems kayaks made?

The kayaks are made in the USA.

Where is the serial number on a Wilderness Systems kayak?

At the right (starboard) side on the back (stern) of the boat on the outside of the hull