Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120

wilderness systems tarpon 100 vs 120

There is no doubt that Wilderness Systems have some of the best kayaks in store for anglers.

But it becomes a challenge to decide on one from the good products. And here, we are talking about the clash that arises when comparing Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120.

While both are great deals, you might be confused about which one to pick for your kayaking needs.

Well! Here’s a quick guide to picking the best one with a thoughtful comparison of the kayaks in terms of size, comfort, use, and more.

The Overview – Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120

The Tarpon 120 offers maximum stability as it comes in a wider size. This kayak is an ideal solution if you are planning to kayak with more essentials and pets.

wilderness systems tarpon 100 vs 120
wilderness systems tarpon 100 vs 120

Its versatility and readiness for adventures it offers let anglers get the best experience in the waters.

Comparatively, the Tarpon 100 doesn’t fall behind in the kayaking world. It offers all the standard features an angler would look for.

Plus, it doesn’t put much pressure on the pockets, making it an ideal solution for all types of kayakers.

Review of the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

Here’s what you should know about the Tarpon 120 kayak from Wilderness Systems.

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Perfect size

WST (Wilderness system tarpon) 120 is bigger as compared to other models of tarpon kayaks. The design is based on the thought of letting kayakers get everything they love to enjoy.

It’s a sit-on-top kayak that is touted to be revitalized and refined on the lines of features older Tarpon kayaks were known for.

However, what attracts the most kayakers to it is the maximum weight it can carry. Tarpon 120 has a capacity of 350 pounds (159 kg).

So, even if you are above average weight or planning to carry more gear and items, the kayak has got you covered.

Sturdy and comfortable

The sit-on-top kayak comes with an ergonomic 3D foam which offers maximum airflow and additional comfort to stay stable on the water.

For seating, this kayak is equipped with the Phase 3 Airpro. With three points of adjustment, it ensures proper comfort for all types of kayakers.

On the rear and front, you get ample storage options including a hatch. You can use it to store kayaking accessories as well as fishing essentials.

With this kayak, you get a skid plate for protection and simply replace it when required.

Another feature for stability is the paddle holders. Available on the side trail, they let you easily park the kayak without losing stability on the water.

Well Built Kayak

The type of material and construction used is the basis of a well-built kayak. And this Tarpon 120 has no penury.

It uses Plush Honeycomb with fabric venting. And this makes a significant feature that most kayakers roll their eyes over.

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Moreover, the kayak is available in four beautiful colors including galaxy, mango, fossil tan, and breeze blue. Ride the Tarpon 120 and be the highlighter.


Among others, versatility is one of the major benefits of this kayak. It offers much more than just carrying heavy weights on the water.

It is also an ideal kayak for sidetracking while you do filming, wild, or nature photography, etc.

If you are an adventure lover and looking for a kayak not just for fishing, this one is for you. This kayak will deliver great experiences with comfort and ease.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Kayak

Better Maneuverability

Tarpon 100 is famous for its maneuverability. In addition, it offers enough storage for essentials and comes in an ideal size.

Loading and unloading the kayak is quite simple. Plus, you can also launch the kayak with flexibility and comfort. The paddle holders and adjustable seats add more to the benefits.

Moreover, if you are carrying essentials and want them to stay dry, the watertight compartment will do the job for you. Thus, you can safely carry items like fishing lures, mobile phones, and others.

The kayak also features adjustable footpads and seats. Thus, you can ride the kayak with the best adjustment that offers you comfort and ease.

It features the Slide Trax on the top that allows for easy and fast position changing.

Ideal featuring kayak

It comes with all the essential features that a fishing kayaker needs. Its 10’ size with 325 lbs capacity makes it an ideal kayak for various purposes.

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Most anglers find the kayak quite impressive as it doesn’t offer any point of disappointment when fishing. And if you are an intermediate or novice kayaker, this kayak is the best choice.

In short, the flexible padding and comfortable seating make it the most amusing and comfortable kayak.

Recreational kayak

Tarpon 100 is touted as the best for kayakers, anglers, and surfing on bays, lakes, and ponds.

wilderness systems tarpon 100 vs 120
wilderness systems tarpon 100 vs 120

People use it for kayaking adventures and recreational purposes. The big tank well plus the flexible footrest in the kayak ensure great sitting comfort.

It also packs the Orbix hatch and self-bailing scupper holes to deliver brilliant kayaking and handling experience.

Even in wavy and windy environments, the kayak stays stable and offers flexibility in maneuverability.


Now, that’s a notable as well as a unique feature of this kayak. Most anglers are attracted to buy this boat for its price.

Tarpon 100 is budget-friendly and is recommended for offering an amazing value. The kayak is prepared with a wonderful maintenance performance.

Final Verdict – Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120

Here’re the concluding notes of the battle of Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 vs 120. Both offer high-quality features with a wonderful kayaking experience.

But there’s a difference that can help you make a choice. Tarpon 100 is a budget-friendly option for kayakers who don’t want to spend a lot.

Tarpon 120, on the contrary, combines refined kayaking features with the undoubted brand value.

So, based on what you need, making a choice can get a bit easier here.


How much does a Wilderness Tarpon weigh?

All the Wilderness Tarpon kayaks have different weights but all are lightweight options.

For instance, Tarpon 100 and Tarpon 105 weigh 55 pounds each. Tarpon 120 weighs 63 pounds while the 140 weighs 68 pounds.

Does wilderness system make perception kayaks?

No. Wilderness Systems doesn’t make Perception kayaks. Instead, both brands are owned by the same parent company, Confluence Watersports that been acquired by J.H. Whitney Capital Partners.

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