Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador

Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador

The Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador has always been an argument.

Many people want to know the difference between the two kayaks. The Perception Pescador Pro is a 12-foot kayak that has good reliability and is a champion in both professional and recreational fishing.

Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador
Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador

This kayak is purchased fitted with two back-friendly seats and has a limited weight-bearing of 375 pounds.

It can also preserve the kayaker’s luggage, this could be possible due to its rear open area and its lesser front compartment.

The fishing kayaks have a weight of about 64 pounds, which makes it less difficult to get mobile

. To aid this, it is also purchased with a skid plate to enable the kayaker to pull it, and four casted-in handles at its front, rear and sides.

Do these components alone enable it to become the best kayak for 2021? We don’t think so.

Hang around to know more about other things the pro 12 kayak has as its features.

Why we like Perception Pescador pro 12


Constructed for more professional use, the Perception Pescador Pro is a sit-on-top kayak that is purchased with many features that will certainly make one excited when fishing.


It is tough and has durable hull cozy seats


It is costly.

The Pescador pro 12 is popular for being excellent at navigating lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and calm coastal waters.

Although it might not be the most brilliant choice for heading to ocean surf, it is purchased with a sum of three fishing rod holders and will only carry one adult, unlike the BKC TK219 which carries three.

The kayak enables a less complex tracking because of its V-shaped hull, which allows maneuvering it during a trip less easy.

The Pro 12 has the mass camo color and it is the most popular one to find, and for our suggestion, this color has the best look.

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The sun dolphin excursion 10 kayak can’t meet up to that due to the fact that it is only purchased in colors that are solid.

Besides, the Pescador kayak comes with gear hacks that could be used to fix additional accessories such as a fish finder, and also a paddle holder that enables one to release his/her hands when it is time to fish.

Individuals that own these kayaks can freely adjust the foot brace to suit them better and make objects as big as a tackle box get suitable in the rear open storage store.


Fishing kayaks such as pro 12 are definitely going to have a bigger weight amount than the recreational type.

This enables or makes maneuvering way easier, due to the lower center of the cavity.

The kayak is special because of its amazing build quality due to the fact that it is made with durable polyethylene.

Few kayaks would match up with the Pescador pro 12 and stand high above it.

In search of serious fishing kayak that could go on long periods, the wilderness systems tarpon 120 kayak might be what is needed.

Here’s the fact, will it suit every other paddling style? Can it carry all the individual’s gear during a trip that includes overnight?

While searching over all the basic components of this 12 foot kayak and look out for its pros and cons, to aid in deciding if it would be a nice option for an individual next fishing adventure.

Wilderness System Tarpon 120 vs Perception Pescador

Before you buy a tarpon kayak


Selecting a fishing kayak could be a bit out of normal from selecting a recreational yak, as one needs to consider the additional gear needed and the type of fish that is about to be caught.

The tarpon 120 is a 12 foot long sit-on-top fishing kayak with just one seat.

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This kayak provides so much storage space, then it will be a great option if one intends to pack up gears for a lengthy fishing trip or maybe an overnight trip.

With that said, its weight capacity is not above 350 pounds, so when on the heavy side, the kayak should not be fully loaded with gears.

A fishing kayak could offer an individual the extra profits of its components fashioned to make the fishing trip a lot easier, as in preinstalled gear trucks and rod holders.

In search of a kayak that could be carried out for recreational paddling on weekends, certainly tarpon 120 cannot be used for that, a recreational kayak would offer better quality.

The tarpon 120 is fashioned to maneuver various kinds of water, this might provide a nice option, when intending to fish in different locations. It could be paddled in ocean surf (if the kayaker is a skilled paddler) or calm lakes and rivers.

The features of the tarpon 120 fishing kayak

The tarpon 120 is a 12 foot sit-on-top fishing kayak fashioned to be cozy and it’s simple to control when there are long trips on water.

It also produced to help the kayaker to carry along all gears needed on the fishing adventure.

This kayak is amongst the well known in the tarpon series due to its handy components and less complexity to make use of.


If an individual decides to go for a fishing adventure, this kayaker has be aware that more gears are needed while fishing than when simply paddling. Then the tarpon 120 has a lot of space for the fishing gear.

And also the big storage well at the back, it has the protection of bungee cords, with two sealed hatches.

The bigger one is at the bow, plus the smaller one just in front of the seat. However, these hatches are not fully watertight, they aid in keeping out water.

One should endeavor to keep the gears in dry bags, before putting them in for storage.

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Geared for fishing

Even though it has a lot of space for storing gears, the tarpon 120 is nice for fishing adventures, when it comes to rigging.

It has four gear track by its side, two hanging in front of the seat and two behind, easing stress when it comes to adding the fishing accessories, as in rod holders or electronics. This erases the purpose of drilling holes.


If an individual intends to stay on water for a long period, a nice cozy seat is important. The seat in the tarpon 120 is a phase 3 AirPro seat, this seat rises a bit above the deck, that will aid one stay dry when paddling.

The seat that is lifted will also offer better visibility, which is very essential when fishing and it will aid in making better cast because the kayaker is seated on the deck of the kayak directly.


The tarpon 120 is fashioned to have both primary and secondary stability, this makes it stable in varying conditions from flat water to choppy.

Looking at the kayak’s hull design, one would find out that it is structured to be effective when it comes to speed and maneuverability.

An exceptional thing about this tarpon 120 is that it is purchased for a rudder to get joined to it, though one might need to purchase the rudder separately.

The structure of the hull provides good tracking, it could be nice if one has the choice of joining a rudder when he/she feels like adding it.