Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV

Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV

The best fishing rod holder for SUV may look easier to transport. However, good care should be taken when transporting them.

This is to avoid getting them damaged. The fishing rod holder can prevent this from happening.

Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV
Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV

If you love fishing, you should learn how to move around with. Meanwhile, an SUV can ensure that you don’t have a problem with transporting your gear.

If you have a small vehicle or sedan, you may not have enough space to stand them up or drop them down.

However, if you have an SUV, you will have enough space if it should be a truck.

Fishing rods are costly. They are long, sharp, and fragile. They cannot carry much weight on top.

If you want to transport your fishing rods home safely, listen to the following advice. We will tell you how to pack and transport them without them being damaged.

Use a vehicle with an inbuilt rod holder. Your rod will be protected. The rod will be separated from doors, tailboard, and toolboxes.

Your valued and expensive rod will not be close to anything that will spoil it. Rod holders are an often-overlooked yet invaluable tool that can increase fishing success and enjoyment when out in the boat.

When used in conjunction with trolling applications, these units are a necessary tool for precision placement of rods, baits, and lures, allowing the angler a completely hands-free approach

Best fishing rod holder for SUV

Type Of Rod Holders

Many vehicles are mounted with any of two kinds of rod holders. One is the enclosed case. The second is an open rack, which uses a strap or clamp to secure the rods.

Enclosed Cases

Your rods are most protected in these cases. The inside is usually padded. Each rod has Its own compartment. The odd side of enclosed cases is that it is costly.

It is costlier than open racks. It is meant for people who are ready to spend more to keep their rods protected.

Open Racks

There are many kinds of these racks. They come in various designs. They protect rods from damages without cost, unlike hard cases.

The weakness of an open rack is that it exposes your rod to weather, it is however subject to where it is mounted on the vehicle.

The rods are not separated from each other. They can hit each other while being transported.

Below, in our picks, you will see that open racks can be mounted in many places in your vehicle. They are many types. You can mount some inside your vehicle.

Mounting System

Most of our picks make use of universal mounts. You can see this  below.

However, if you have a roof rack already, you will be looking for a particular mount of your choice.

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You can use almost all universal mounts to mount racks from brands like Yakima or Thule.

Go for a rod holder that will fit your rack system if, your rack is designed to use a special kind of accessory mount. Examples are, C-channel, T- channel and more.

Marty Williams advised people wanting to buy rod holders to, first of all, find out the rack system they have already.

He is the owner of trailer, cago and rack system dealer, “Let’s Go Aero”. There are much chances, truck and Sports Utility Vehicle owners already have mounting systems inbuilt on their vehicles.

The roof bar system on a Sports Utility Vehicle is the best place to mount a rod holder.

A full overhead ladder rack or a clamp/channel mount is the ideal place in a pick-up van to mount a rod holder.

Fishing rod holder for inside SUV

There are two categories of trucks, says Williams. The first is domestic trucks and the other is Import truck types.

Domestic trucks do not have an inbuilt truck bed mounting system. Import trucks have an inbuilt rail system.

The system is fit for mounting all kinds of rack/mounting accessories. A roof rack system can fit into a truck with a topper. It will fit the way it does a Sports Utility Vehicle.

How To Pack Fishing Rods

Count yourself a fortune if have a fishing rod carrying case. They are most suitable for the transportation of fishing rods.

You can buy them for  $20 to $50 online or at retail shops if you do not have them yet. What do you do if you are yet to have good fishing rod carrying case?

Go for DIY packing route. Good enough, packing fishing rods is not difficult. All you need is to have a good supplier.

You need the following;

Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV
Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV

Packing Tapes

Get the length of your fishing rod by measuring it. Add some inches for allowance. This measurement will help you get the right size of tube or pipe for your rod.

Use the length of the longest rod if the rods are many. If the tube or pipe is longer than required, cut it to size.

You will need scissors, to cut cardboard tubes. For a plastic pipe, you will need a saw.

How do you store a fishing rod on an SUV?


Haven gotten your supplies ready, below are the steps you should follow to pack your rods to avoid damages.

Step one

Take your rod out of the reel. The space in the pipe or tube will not be enough to contain the rod in the reel. It is not difficult to do.

Just follow the instruction on removing spinning reels. Do this carefully so that you do not damage the reel or the rod.

After removing the reel, put it into an air-filled plastic  padding. Close it up. Where the rods are many, label the padding as you remove them from their reels.

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This will help you know which reel that belongs to which rod.

Step two

Get your rods arranged. It may be possible for you to pack two or more rods into one tube or pipe.

Group them according to their lengths, if the need be. Use a layer of air-filled plastic wrap to wrap each rod.

If you want to put more than one rod in a container, secure them with a packing tape.

Step three

Get your rods protected in tubes or pipes. Softly put the rod, which you have wrapped into the tube or pipe.

Fill up every gap in the container, from the top and below. Use air-filled plastic padding or packing paper to do this.

This will keep the rods from shifting side to side while on transit. Get the container caped, if you have the caps.

Cover the ends of the container with crumpled packaging paper, if you do not have their caps. This becomes a barrier between the layer packing tape and the end of the tube.

You may not need to go through these steps if, you buy a reusable fishing rod carrying case.

It is always handy whenever you want to travel. It is also handy when you want to carry your fishing rod in a car.

You can use it many times. Avoid these packing steps and get a very strong and long-lasting case. This is recommended for those who always travel or intend to travel with their rods.

We very much love to fish. We always travel in our car. This is the reason we like to keep our fishing aids and poles in our car always.

However, the problem is the length of the fishing rod. Our fishing rods are as long as the car sometimes.

There is a need for a car that is lengthy enough to carry them. They occupy from the back seat to the centre console.

This issue requires a solution. Fortunately, they are available. We will teach you the fishing rod holder tricks today.

When you think about tying your fishing gears, think bungee cords. They are fishers’ friends.

What size are rod holders?

Common sizes are 1 5/8 and 1 7/8-inch (inside diameters) and 2 or 2 1/4-inches (outside diameter).

Before making any purchasing decision be sure the inside diameter isn’t too narrow.

A slick-butt trolling rod may fit perfectly, but a spinning rod with a thick cork or foam butt may not fit at all.

How do you transport a fishing rod on an SUV?

Presently, your fishing rods are safely packed. Let us go to another step. Two methods you can transport fishing rods in a car are as follows.

Inside the car or with the rack on the roof, some cars come with roof racks specifically designed for fishing rods.

However, your present roof rack can also serve you the same purpose. You are free to choose any of the ways.

The space you have inside your car is a factor to consider before you choose. Whether or not the container will fit in is another factor.

Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV
Best Fishing Rod Holder for SUV

If your choice is packing the rods in the car, pack in other things first. Check the space that is left.

Where you do not intend to take a passenger, collapse the passenger front seat. Pack the fishing rod containers in, by their length, stretching from the front to the back windshields.

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If your choice is to use the roof rack, load them by their lengths on top of the car. Do not let them hang by the side of the car.

Tie them with bungee cords, for safety. Do this on either ends. Make sure the rods will not be shifting about while on transit.

The above techniques are perfect for moving vehicles. You can still use them whenever you intend to take your fishing rod along during a travel.

Your fishing rods can be safely packed and transported by a professional transportation company.

This will give you enough chance to make other arrangements for your journey. There are good transportation companies in your locality. Look for them to handle your packing. We advise you get quotes from three separate transportation companies. Choose from among them.

If transporting your fishing rod is your top interest, tell it them in your first call. This way you will discover how good they are in transportation of fishing tools.

How To Select The Right Fishing Rod Holder For You.

You may be in need of the right method to select the best fishing rod. You need to put some factors into consideration before you buy any.

Chief of the factors you put into consideration before you choose the rod holder or carry-system is clear.

Consider the kind of rod or reel you are transporting.  Some rod holders are not good for spinning reels and fly fishing reels.

Lengths of some are not the same. Take time to consider the combos you go fishing with.

What kind of road and traffic do you expect to drive through. This should not worry you if, it is inside town roads or properly maintained roads.

This is for those who intend to drive on the highway. Who will drive on speed. Those intending to drive on bumpy roads need to worry about this too.

You need to buy a rod holding system that will give your rod maximum security.

Do you intend to carry the rod inside the vehicle? Do you want to carry it outside the vehicle?

Carrying the rod outside the car creates space inside the vehicle. It makes it easy for you to arrange other things inside the car.

However, it is not the best alternative. Think of theft. Think of weather conditions. Think of the road condition. Think of the make and model of your car.

Before you choose to carry your fishing rod inside or outside of your car, consider these factors.

When it comes to the best fishing rod holder for SUV, you should find the right rod holder for your vehicle.

As we stated, we have different types of fishing rod holders you can select for your preference. Finally, this article would help you travel with your fishing rod seamlessly.