Best Fishing Rod Holder for Airplane

Best Fishing Rod Holder for Airplane

Are you wondering how you travel on an airplane with a fishing rod holder?  Before you travel with a fishing rod holder, you should read this article.

The best fishing rod holder for airplane can be easily transported if you follow the guidelines we provided.


Most people feel so derailed when airport security stops them from traveling with their fishing gear.

Unbeknownst to many people, they might be traveling with their fishing gear in an improper manner.

This could happen if you have no idea how to travel with your gear.  There is a laydown rules for people who want to transport their fishing gear.

Best fishing rod holder for airplane

In the beginning, anyone can carry any fishing gear in his or her flight without difficulty. However, things have changed in the aviation industry.

Flight security measures have become stricter. This means that you have to understand what is expected of you to bring to the airport.

Baggage allowance and rules vary among airlines. You have to know what you can carry along.

How to Bring a Fishing Rod on a Plane

While traveling with your fishing gear could mean nothing much to the next person, using a flight can change everything for you.

It does not seen as easy as you think. While some airlines allow passengers to travel with their fishing rods, some companies have their rules.

In order words, you must verify whether an airline would allow you to travel with a fishing gear.

Meanwhile, you can travel with your rods provided that they fit in the overhead storage space.

Some airlines may not charge you if you have it as carry-on luggage.  The challenge is if it does not fit into your compartment.

The result is leaving it unattended during your flight.  Most people are not willing to leave their fishing gear without safety.

Hence, you can travel with your fishing rod with the support of a holder. You can travel with the fishing rod close to you during your flight.

The fishing rod holder can help you transport it during a flight and save it from theft or damage.

How Much it Costs to Bring a Fishing Rod on a Plane

Many people often ask this question. However, there is no clear-cut answer for it.  You may find an airline that would charge you nothing for your rod.

The rod must fit in the overhead compartment for this to happen. Also, some airlines may collect money from you.

This means that traveling with your fishing gear depends on your chosen airline.  You may not know the exact amount to pay for it.

There is no set industry standard for fishing gear.  You should talk to the airline before you take your fishing rod to the airport.

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However, you have to know about the carry-on policy before you travel. This would give you an idea of what to do at the airport.

You should ask if the airline allows for such gear.  If they do allow people to fly with fishing rod, how much will they ask you to pay for it?

Some people may want to request for an email transcript when they make such call or use email for such conversation.

This would help you with a written proof that can help you when you get to the airport.  When you have a proof of such conversation, airlines would not be able to jack up their price.

You should know that you need some precautionary steps to help you travel with your rod and other gear.

Do You Need a Specific Airline-Approved Fishing Rod Case?

People coming to the airport with their rod holders have two options. They can either put them in their checked luggage or bring them on board.

However, you need a tube or holder to keep them safe. You should be careful when bringing your fishing rod to the airport.

When you want to store it in an airplane, the holder should be used with care.   If you are coming with bigger rods, it means that you should add them as part of your checked luggage.

How do you transport a fishing rod on a plane?

We want to you to know that there are factors to consider when carrying your fishing rod case.  You should consider the following:

Don’t Assume

You must not assume that the airline staff will handle your fishing rod with care. When it comes to packing fishing rods, anything can go wrong.

Someone can mishandle or toss your fishing rod or even are destroyed before you pick it at the end of your flight.

Even though this may not happen, ensure that you protect your gear in advance.  This means that you have to come along with fishing rod holder for airline.

The fishing rod requires room when you pack it. This would help it from being destroyed and offer it enough space for tube or holder to keep it in place.

Whether you are the one packing the gear or the airport staff, there should be carefulness in packing it.

Use an Approved Lock

What you may not want to do is get stopped at the airport. If you don’t have an approved lock for your fishing rod, you may run into some security problems.

This means that you have to use approved locks that can help with the security of your fishing rod.

Security personnel may not want to see locks that the airport did not approve. Hence, you should ask questions before coming to the airport with your fishing gear.

Many people want to know what is required of them before coming to the airport with their fishing gear.

When it comes to lock, you should learn how the airport requires of you to handle your items.

You don’t want to be late because of a lock. You may not want to experience delay because of your fishing rod.

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Be Wary of Theft

You must not leave things to assumption when it comes to safety and security of your fishing gear.

When you travel with your fishing rods, you should go the extra mile to ensure that everything is settled.

You don’t want to lose your gear to theft. This could be heartbreaking, especially if you want to use during your vacation.

We know that baggage theft is common at the airport. It could happen accidentally even when the airport has put extra effort.

Hence, you have to make sure that your gear is safe.  We know that carrying fishing rods on board may be inconvenient, but that can be your best shot at protecting it.

Can You Take Fishing Hooks in Your Hand Luggage?

The answer to this question depends on the airport or airline used. While technically, airlines can allow you with small fishing hooks for your carry-on purposes, others may not agree to do such.

When it comes to deciding the size of rod you can carry, there are many factors to consider according to the airline involved.

As we said, you should talk to the airline first before you can come along with your fishing rod.

If you do not follow the guidelines about luggage, you may run into some trouble with an airline.

However, some airlines have inconsistent allowance costs for fishing rods. You should have information on what is expected of you before you travel.

Some airlines may allow you to bring plugs, hooks, and other items abroad; this might not be the case for others.

Unfortunately, we have seen cases where such items were confiscated. We recommend that you abide by the airline’s guidelines in their carry-on luggage.

As a result, you should not go contrary to what the airline directed you to do when it comes to the fishing rod holder.

You may not want to risk your fishing gear if you have no idea what to expect from an airline.

Some fishing rod holders have a sentimental attachment. The fear of losing such gear may cause many not to travel with their gear.

However, if you cherish your gear, you have to protect it, even it means carrying it inside.

You may be delayed or your gear destroyed if you do not follow the proper guidelines.

Can You Bring Fishing Line on a Plane?

The answer to this question is something you should consider before you fly with it. While many airlines may not see it as problem, others have their rules.

If you must bring along your fishing rod, you should check what the airport or airline is saying about such luggage.

Meanwhile, there is something you should know;  braided fishing line seems to be a no-go in carry-on luggage.

Since you know, it is important that you save yourself the stress when you get to the airport.

First, you should take your fishing line to your checked luggage to help you stay away from the drama at the airport.

Best Fishing Rod Holder for Airplane
Best Fishing Rod Holder for Airplane

This would save you time and long conversations.  Also, you don’t have to miss your flight because of such luggage.

In reality, that small gear you are carrying may be ideal as checked luggage. Hence, you do not have to worry about being charged.

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If you can obey the luggage limit at the airport, you may not have more to worry about. With a strategic plan, carrying your fishing rods and gear can be a streamlined and hassle-free process.

Also, you should consider investing in fishing gear insurance. When you have carried out this, it becomes easier to move along with your rod.

We have several insurance plans that can protect your fishing gear when you fly with it.

So, if you’re unsure about taking your gear on board, either as a carry-on or in checked luggage, consider making an investment that will protect your valuables.

Like we said, when you want to travel with your fishing gear, you should arm yourself with information.

You must follow the airport rules and regulations.  This would help you travel without hassle.

Why you can bring your fishing rod on a plane, much of your other gear should be left with your checked luggage.

With the best fishing rod holder, you can travel without worry. The holder can keep your rod safe when packed in a luggage.

What rods should you take when traveling?

The first thing you should know is that we have different types of fishing rod holders.  You should figure out the type of rod you need.

Meanwhile a fishing rod holder can help you make a smooth transition if you are traveling to many places.

The following rod systems can help you:

  • 7′ Medium Heavy, Fast (Spinning)

Use it for: shaky heads, drop-shot rigs, weightless worms, swimming grubs and more.

  • 7′ Medium Heavy, Fast (Casting)

Use it for: Spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs, stand-up jigs, anything you would cast on 12- to 20-pound line.

  • 7′ Medium or Medium Heavy, Moderate (Casting)

Use it for: Any surface lures(from crankbaits to poppers)

Are you allowed to bring fishing hooks on a plane?

This depends on the airline. Some airlines would allow you to travel with your fishing hooks, but you must adhere to its luggage allowance.

Also, before you travel, ensure that you have information about what each airline expects from you.

If you’re bringing size 0-20 hooks, you’re likely going to be okay to bring them on the plane.

If your fly has quite a bit of material on it and the hook isn’t showing as much, that’s even better.

Also, with your flies, make sure they’re placed in a box and even wrap them up if possible.

How do you travel with multiple fishing rods?

Many airlines allow for you to bring fishing poles if they fit in your carry-on bag. However, if you’re checking long 2-piece fly rods, or making an exceptionally long trip, make sure to pack everything into as few bags as possible.

The fewer the bags, the less chance you have of losing anything!

Can you carry-on a fishing rod on American Airlines?

American Airlines can allow you carry 1 rod case and 1 equipment bag or tackle box, which will count as 1 checked item.

The fishing rod must have no more than 2 rods and 1 reel for this to apply. Standard checked bag fees apply up to 50 lbs / 23 kgs and 126 in / 320 cm.