A Complete Guide to Make a Fishing Rod Holder

how to make a fishing rod holder

Modern fishing rods are constructed from delicate and fragile materials such as graphite, iridium, and fiberglass.

In addition to being lightweight, they retain all excellent characteristics of an old-fashioned bamboo fishing rod.

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder – Intro

It can be annoying to see your fishing rod incur physical damages due to neglect or ill-maintenance. This is where a rod holder or a rod rack can come handy.

You can install it in your garage or place it in the back of a truck.

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How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder Using PVC Pipes: Step-By-Step Instructions

The following method may suit someone who is looking for an economical way to make a rod holder.

A PVC pipe rod holder is a piece of versatile fishing equipment that can go with a boat, car, or truck. This DIY rod holder can even be stationed in your garage or storage closet.

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To construct a PVC pipe rod holder, you will need the following equipment:

  • PVC pipe (12-inch long and 3-inch diameter)
  • Hot gun
  • Beer bottle
  • Marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill machine
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Follow the steps given below:

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder  Step 1:

If you are not good at cutting, it is suggested that you have the PVC pipe cut (12-inch long) by the worker at the hardware store.

Place a measuring scale along the pipe’s length and make a mark three inches from each side.

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder Step 2:

The stamps indicate the point where a hole is to be made. Take a drill machine and make small holes on one side of the pipe. You should have a total of two holes.

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder Step 3:

Mark one opening of the pipe as the top side and other at the base. Begin heating the top side of the tube with a hot gun.

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After about ten seconds, insert a beer bottle in the hole to make it an inch wider. Take the bottle off and let the pipe cool off.

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder Step 4:

Now the PVC pipe fishing rod holder is ready to be screwed in wherever you want. The rod can be screwed into a kayak or a truck via the two holes you made earlier.

How to Make a PVC Fishing Rod Rack: Step-By-Step Instructions

A PVC rod rack forms a series of rods connected linearly. The holders are similar in size and shape as the PVC pipe rod holder I discuss in the previous section. A rack lets you load 5-6 fishing rods all in one place. You can place this rack in the back of a truck or your garage.

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You will need the following equipment to construct a PC fishing rod rack:

  • Pipe cutter
  • PVC pipe (1 unit, 30-inch long and 1/2 -inch wide)
  • PVC pipe (8 units, 10-inch long and 1/2 -inch wide)
  • PVC tee joints (6 units)
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker

Step 1:

Place a measuring tape on top of the 30-inch long PVC pipe and draw dots five-inch apart. You should have four dots on the pipe.

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Step 2:

With a pipe cutter, cut the 30-inch PVC pipe in six identical pieces. A pipe cutter is readily available in a hardware store. If you have a low budget, you can always cut the pipe with a hacksaw.

Step 3:

Place six PVC tee joints next to each other on a flat surface. Next, bridge all tee joints together with a 5-inch PVC pipe in between each of them.

Step 4:

Next, take a 10-inch PVC pipe and insert it into the upper tee joint. Insert the other five 10-inch pipes in the remaining tee joints. Make sure they are tightly fit into the socket.

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Step 5:

Lastly, connect an additional pipe at both ends of the frame, which will act as a platform for the rack. Now, the rod rack is ready to accommodate a total of six rods of varying sizes.

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder – Summary

Pre-made rod holders and rod racks are not that expensive. It can be tempting to skip the hard work and go for the ready-to-use ones.

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But there are several benefits of building your rod holder or rod rack. Firstly, the raw materials are cheap. Secondly, you get to customize them according to the space in the back of the truck.

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