Different Types of Boats

Different Types of Boats That You Need To Know

There are several types of boats and ships, all of them are used for a different occasion and has different characteristics that help us differentiate them.

Some of them are more used than others, and everything depends on the activity you will realize.

In this piece, we will talk about the distinct types of boats you need to know.

The most common boats known by people are dinghy boats, fishing boats, cabin cruiser boats, and motor yacht boats.

Different Types Of Boats Infographic

Fishing Boats

These are one of the most common boats used by people who like to do fishing or skiing activities or the ones who live near the coast.

One of its advantages is that it can be used in fresh and saltwater providing stability and strength during the complete movement.

An interesting characteristic is that it counts with removable elevated tow bars. They are usually 16-24 feet in length.fresh

Fishing Boats

Bass Boat

Bass Boat

They are commonly used just for freshwater fishing activity.

They are likely to be used in rivers and inland lakes as well.

It has been designed for a simple commodity with slim profiles.

The typical structures are built of aluminum and a length that can go between 16 and 18 feet.

It also has necessary accessories such as live wells and electric motors.


These types of boats are known for the calm sailing you feel when you are in.

All of them have air conditioners, power generators and a galley, enclosed head and bunk beds as well.

They are adapted for salty water because they have secure shaft drive mechanism which makes them good enough for that kind of water.

They have from 21-45 in longitude and tend to have the cabin in the arc of the ship.


This is another common type of vessel they are known to as sailboats, or simply inflatable.  

It's smaller than the ones we mentioned before. Generally, they are made of rubber that act as a seat and comprises of cross thwarts that work as oars.

It usually has between 7-12 feet in length. One of its advantages is that it has low cost and it’s an incredible option for those who are new in the activity.

Here is how to operate a Dinghy boat properly:

deck boat

Deck Boat

It has a V-shaped which provides more performance in order to make the passengers feel comfortable.

 It is commonly used for swimming and water sports with family and friends. It has a longitude between 25-35 feet.

Catamaran Boats

It can be used for many activities such as cruising abilities and fishing.

It is a multi-hulled watercraft with two parallel hulls of the same size.

Its can go from a small boat like sailing vessels to a large ship like naval ones.

Catamaran Boats


These ships are known for being of the most elegant types. It offers many facilities such as excellent dining rooms, entertainment, kitchen and bedrooms providing you with sleeping accommodation.

Besides, it offers many recreational activities which you share with your loved ones, like; water sport as well as cruising.

 It’s the best fashion and luxury boat you can find. It usually is between 25 -150 feet in longitude.

Pilothouse Boat

They are powered by stern drives or inboards.

Although they are built to ride rougher seas while keeping helmsman high, many people are used to being in this kind of boats for the good facilities they have.

Pilothouse boats are often 20-35 feet in length.

It’s usually used to ferry helmsman or marine pilots from ports to ships that need to be piloted.

Pilothouse Boat

Cuddy Cabin Boats

This type of vessel is commonly used for fishing and water sports as well. It's one the most used for being an easy method of sailing; it counts with a closed cabin which provides the navigator safety and a relaxed position in the boat.

They are usually about 22-30 of longitude. It’s a great way to spend time with the family on these.

Trawler Boats

It’s bigger than the above, so it has more comfortable zones to be there.

One of the favorable things of this type of boat is that it has the existence of a displacement shell which allows trawlers to handle the water waver without using excessive fuel.

Runabout Boats 

These ships are known for being a small powerboat, having a longitude between 14-24 feet.

The way to operate them is controlling it by a flywheel and by some controls that are situated right behind the windscreen.

In these boats, they do not require a cabin space because these are typically used to practice water sports.

Ski Boats

Ski Boats

As its name says, it's a boat to do ski activities; they are commonly used in those touristic places.

One of the disadvantages is that Ski boats need a powerful extension of increasing speed to move but instead of it, it’s often used for having facilities to do sports on water.

Banana Boats

This type of vessels is only used for recreational activities. It's frequently seen in tourist places such as the beach, lakes or even rivers.

 It consists of an inflatable banana form in which many people get in to have a funny experience.

Life Boats

They are used to being near the coast and in ships.

Basically, its function is to provide safety and security to people who have an emergency situation.

These lifeboats have to be well equipped, at least with water, dry food and first aid box supplies.

Life Boats
pontoon boat

Pontoon Boat

It has a length between 15-30 feet. They are often used in lakes or rivers.

 They tend to have three aluminum flue to support wide stage. These are very strong in order to dispose reliability to the passengers.

We've also reviewed some best anchor rope for pontoon boat. Read this review if you ever plan to buy one.

Personal Watercraft

These ones are commonly used for personal activities. It consists of a power drive unit which makes them increase the speed. It's built for one or two people. However, there are others than can be larger.

They are cheaper to buy and also, offer the person an incredible experience, discovering the sea on its own.

Here is a personal watercraft review video:

Bay Boat

They have a different design which allows people to use it in shallow waters.

Bay boat has a longitude between 18-24 feet, that means it has an average size. Besides, it contains a fibreglass for using in salty water.

This one has more freeboard than the others which is an advantage for people who like to experience in sea water.

Convertible Fishing Boat

Convertible Fishing Boat

They have huge compartment such as cuisine, bunk beds as well as big bathrooms.

They also have a fishing deck so that if you want to get in for fishing activities, you will have a space for it.

These convertible boats have up to 30-foot length, which is better for recreational activities.

It’s an incredible option if you want to get relaxed but at the same time have a lovely experience.

Dual Console

As its name says, it has double dashboards and windscreen with a space in the middle so that you can walk in there.

Besides, there has an area where you can sit to fishing or just to get relaxed. It has a longitude between 16-30 feet.

Jet Boat

These ones have single or multiple spaces which need to be driven instead of a propulsion system. They are very maneuverable so that it’s a huge advantage for wave water.

Jet boats have a longitude of about 14–24 feet; so that it can be used for water sports and getting into shallow waters.

Watch Jet Boat Start-up and Take off:

Sedan Bridge Boat

It has a length between 35-65 feet. One of its advantages is that it provides real accommodations zones.

Besides, it has a great visibility for the navigator to make them feel like a big vessel bridge.

Sedan Bridge Boat

Bowrider Boats

This type has a unique design in order to provide spacious seating provision. Moreover, it contains a swim platform for water activities.

Game Boats

These ships are constructed for the game fish activity and are powered by a petrol engine system.

Although they are not very common, they are still in use.

Different Types of Boats FAQ

Q1. Can I use any of them for fishing activities?

No. Each boat has a different function, so if you just want to fish you have to choose the correct boat to do it.

Q2. If I want to travel to another country by boats, which ones are the best option?

I would recommend you a cruiser or houseboat, because it provides you better comfortable zones than the others.

And also, you can practice any recreational water activities with the people you are traveling with.

Q3. Are these types of boats dangerous?

Each type has a different structure, and it offers you different spaces where you can stay.

They are not dangerous if you carry medical supplies, lifesaver and have caution if you are going to fish or do ski activities.

Q4. How can I inflate the banana boat?

They have special machines. Those people who live or work with those boats have the proper equipment to do it.

Q5. What about the wakeboard?

They are similar to ski boats; the difference is how they are powered. These ones need an engine system and a huge wake to move.

Q6. Are there schools to teach how to manage a boat?

In some countries, they are. It depends on where you live in.

But you can research on the internet to see if there are any available. Most of them are near the coast.

Q7. Is fishing activity a profession?

Some people do it as a profession, but there are others that just realize it as a hobby.

Q8. What do I do if I get trapped in the middle of the sea?

If you are alone or in a small boat, there are always lifesavers near the cost who can help you out.

Q9. What way to power the boat is better?

I would say propulsion system because it’s better for boats that tend to run in the water.

Different Types of Boats Final Words

There are a lot of types of ships, some of them are more used than others, and all of them has different functions, so it is important to know which one to choose depending on the activity you want to realize.

The most commonly used are the ones to do fishing activities and water sports.

Tourists who are used to traveling around the world prefer to get in houseboats for the facilities these boats offer.

So, depending on the type you choose, you will have a great experience.

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