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Honest Review of Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System

Last Updated on January 4th, 2021

One does not need to take their car or any other vehicle to a garage when there is a small scratch on it, or the paint has come off. These garages do an expensive paint job and charge a lot of money for it. One can just use the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System to paint their automobile parts at home.

This is extremely easy and cost-efficient as one just has to fill the spray with the powdered paint and use it at the required part of the automobile. This clearly frees people from the hassles and the expensive process of taking your car to the garage for a paint job, which can be done at a much cheaper rate at home.

Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System 

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The Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System is a great device for people who want to powder-coat certain parts of their vehicles or are car hobbyists who want to design their car by powder coating its parts. 

The powder coating device comes with a powder coating gun for an easy and even coat, a footswitch, the main power source, an inline filter to give a clear untainted coat, and two powder cups to complete the entire set up. This, coupled with a 10-30 PSI air pressure and powered with 120 volts of power, can make it work seamlessly for all the powder coating purposes. 

This device also comes with certain other parts with it, such as the:

  • High voltage gun power lead
  • Disposable moisture separator
  • Remote activation switch
  • Power cord
  • A clamp

You also get a few spare and additional parts as well:

  • Tip O-ring
  • Fuse
  • Sealing gasket
  • Two tip sizes


  • Easy to set up and use, makes powder coating easy
  • This device is portable and hence makes it easy to carry and paint those parts which are less accessible
  • Available at a very reasonable price as compared to its competitors 


  • The pipe gets hard to clean when one switches the colors. 
  • The spray gets stuck at times and stops, which means the outlet needs a cleanup or some jerks to start working
  • It good for small parts of the vehicle and not bigger parts

Features and Benefits

1. Built and Design

The built and design of the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System is well suited according to the functioning of the device. The device is yellow in color, provided with two powder cups. The spray gun, the connector cord, and the power source is made from pretty sturdy substances.

The grip of the spray gun is pretty comfortable, and one can color coat their vehicles with ease. The nozzle of the spray gives a very even and a nice coat to the parts you are powder coating. At times the device clogs up and needs a few jerks or clean up to start powder coating again.

2. Usage

The Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System is great for powder coating smaller parts of your vehicle such as the engine and the rims, and for car hobbyists that like designing their cars. One can use any powdered paint for this device, and it will give the same result.

3. Compatibility

This device is pretty simple to use as one just needs to connect the power source to a good circuit of 120 volts and maintain the required air pressure of 30 PSI, and the device is good to go. This gives a pretty even coat, which does clog up sometimes, but it is manageable after a few thuds or a cleanup. The cups and the pipe definitely need a clean up after you switch colors to have an untainted coat. Overall it is a pretty standard portable powder coating device that is pretty compatible and comfortable in usage.

4. Cost

The cost of the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System is pretty decent and affordable as compared to some of its competitors in the market. Here we are getting a pretty sturdy and good quality power source, a spray gun, two powder holder cups along with several other parts.

Things to Consider 

There are certain aspects one needs to consider before purchasing the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System, which is stated below.

  • One needs to make sure of the purpose for which they are purchasing this portable powder coating device. This device is made primarily to powder paint smaller parts of vehicles and not an entire vehicle.
  • Which kind of powder paint is compatible with this device.
  • What power and air pressure does this device operate on
  • The price of this device as compared to its competitors


There are several other portable powder coating devices that are available in the market which need to be checked out, and its features need to be discussed before an informed choice is made. This device is going to be purchased by a person to fulfill their coating needs or by a car hobbyist for designing his/her vehicle. Thus it is important all the products are checked out before the final decision is made.

1. Paint Zoom Pro Electric Spray Gun Kit

This painting device, as compared to the Chicago Powder Coating System, is primarily made for coating or painting large surfaces, such as walls and gates. This product is bigger in size, has three cup holders, has a longer connecting pipe, and is more powerful in usage. 

One factor to consider in this device is that it is much more expensive than the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System, and that’s why the additional features can be justified.

2. Paint Sprayer, Prostormer 1000ml/min HVLP Electric Paint Spray Gun

This device is a much smaller and less expensive spray painting device as compared to the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System. This device comes with 4 detachable or replaceable nozzles, 2 powder cups, and a flow control knob, which can be adjusted to adjust the flow. 

It is to be noted that the power of the motor is not very strong and can heat up very easily if used for a long time. Thus it should not be used for powder coating large surfaces or objects.

3. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer has a reversible spray tip, which allows the tip to reverse when clogged. This device is also used for heavy paint jobs on large surfaces and is much more expensive than the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Chicago Electric Power Tools Portable Powder Coating System is a great product for those people that want to powder coat their automobiles or certain parts of their automobiles for fixing, protecting, or designing it. This device is great for those users that want a powder coating device for small coating needs or for automobile hobbyists who like styling different parts of this device.

Since it is quite portable, it can be used at different angles and optimum for their usage. Further, one does not even need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on this device as it is available at a pretty affordable price as compared to its competitors.

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