VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery Tested

If the battery that you are using is not strong enough and cannot support the load of your appliances, it can even get short-circuited and cause great danger to the people on the boat as well as can severely damage the trolling motor.

It is very important to get a strong and powerful marine battery that can function at a high power throughout the day and which is compatible with all the devices.

VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery is one such battery, which is good enough for carrying the load of a 35lb thrust trolling motor and also gives good usage throughout the day.

VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery

VMAX857 AGM Battery 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery ideal for boats and…
shocks and currents throughout the day without causing any damage to the motor.

Thus it is pretty good for regular usage.

The VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery can sufficiently power a trolling motor of 35lb thrust throughout the day.

The internal built of the battery is pretty sturdy and can withstand heavy shocks and currents throughout the day without causing any damage to the motor. Thus it is pretty good for regular usage.

Further, the absorbed glass matt used between the plates of this battery is better in absorbing current and keeps the battery safe as compared to other wet lead-acid batteries.

There is also no maintenance required for checking the electrolytes regularly that is there in other batteries, making the whole experience extremely convenient.

Thus it is a reliable battery to bank on and to connect your trolling motor to.


  • It gives sufficient charge for an entire day for the trolling motor to run. Note that the time depends on the thrust model of the trolling motor. For lower thrust variations, it gives several hours of power and still has a certain charge left in it, which is really good.
  • The battery is completely maintenance-free.
  • It does not heat up and can take high charges safely, thus protecting the boat and the motor from getting spoilt.
  • The battery also comes with a carrier, which makes it convenient to carry.


  • It discharges quickly if high thrust variation is used on high power.
  • The build of the battery is not very strong and sturdy.
  • The screws and the bolts used are not of great quality and do not fit well.
  • The battery is not waterproof.

Features and Benefits

Main Features

  • This battery has a 20 hour capacity of 35 amperes each hour.
  • The reserve capacity is 75 minutes with a discharge capacity of 25AH.
  • You get cold cranking amperes (CCA) of 300.
  • You get marine cranking amperes (MCA) of 390.

Built and Design

The internal build and protection are pretty good in terms of usage as one can see that the battery has absorbed glass matt, which absorbs shock and prevents spillage.

It provides much more protection to the trolling motor and the battery as compared to other wet lead-acid batteries.

That being said, the built is not the best in the market and has certain points that need to improve.

All marine batteries should be completely waterproof for ensuring complete safety, which is not seen in the present case.

Second, the nuts and the bolts, given for attaching the batteries, are not the best quality and do not fit exactly.


This battery gives a pretty good and a powerful performance according to the thrust variant used for the trolling motor.

One can use their trolling motor at top speed for several hours at a time, and this marine battery will continue to give it sufficient power for that time duration and may have charge left even after that.

Thus overall, the performance of this battery is pretty steady and is good enough for your trolling motors.

Other Features

It has several key features that make it stand out from the other marine batteries and would make it a good buy. As stated above, it has a great discharge time and can conserve charge in a brilliant manner for later use.

Further, the maintenance-free operation of this battery is the most convenient feature as one does not need to check the gravity of the electrolytes and thus save a sufficient amount of time and effort doing that.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery

There are certain important things to consider before purchasing a battery:

  • It should be suitable for the needs of the user.
  • One needs to check the amount of power the battery provides, and the power being  sufficient for the appliances he is buying it for.
  • How many appliances can it power at one time?
  • The time it will take to get discharged and chargeback and its compatibility with the user.


It is better to know about all the other alternatives of a marine battery available in the market to make an informed purchase.

1. The Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

This battery provides more or less the same facilities as the VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery, but does not use the AGM technology or the maintenance proof technology in it and thus misses out on those few extra convenience points that it could have gotten if these were included in it.

2. Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035)

It is cheaper in its price, but the overall built quality and features of the VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery is better.

The interstate battery is not as powerful in usage and is a wet acid battery, thus making it comparatively more susceptible to excess current and internal spillage and can cause damage to the trolling motors.

3. Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

This battery has a lot of amazing features in it and is quite powerful but is also on the expensive side.

Thus if you are a person who uses their batteries occasionally, this won’t be a feasible option.


The bottom line is that the VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery provides great safety and protection to its users at a pretty competitive price.

This battery is a good blend of high performance coupled with convenience, thus making it a good investment.

Considering the main features that we have already discussed, it is the best you can get for its price in the market.

You, as a user, can rest assured of the best performance even in extreme temperatures.

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