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Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery Review

Last Updated on July 15th, 2021

I need to power my electric scooter with a strong and sturdy battery so that it does not stop midway and can be used throughout the day without charging. Charging again and again becomes a real task after a point, and thus I searched for powerful and better quality batteries online for my needs.

Batteries are one of the most important tools to power our electronic devices outside as well as inside. Thus to power our mobility devices such as small electric scooters, wheelchairs, and other such utility devices, we need a strong battery that will provide sufficient power to these essential devices all day long without stopping or getting fused due to excess power outage.

Let’s talk about this AGM Deep Cycle Battery that I found…

Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035) Sealed Lead Acid SLA AGM Rechargeable...
  • Interstate Batteries Deep-Cycle mobility product, our DCM0035 Replacement battery fits many products: Our Compatibility Guide is located under Product Guides & Documents. Also Fits: Jazzy Chairs,...
  • Rechargeable, Maintenance-free and spill proof because of the AGM & VRLA (valve regulated) technology that eliminates spills and overpressure.
  • Professional-grade quality product developed specifically for wheelchairs and scooters. Long life for deep discharge usage: the best performer for heavy demand mobility / wheelchairs. 12volt 35 ah...
  • 12volt 35 ah sealed lead acid battery. Dimensions: 7.68 inches (L) x 5.16 inches (W) x 6.42 inches (H) Terminal: INSERT W/BOLT REPLACES FLAG TY
  • Quality product - our rigorous testing 7 point quality protocol - ensures we exceed industry standards and back our products with an unmatched 1 year no-hassle warranty. The DCM0035 is designed for...


The Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a sealed lead acid battery that is extremely sturdy and strong and is spill-proof and shockproof as it is protected with a sealed absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology, which protects it from excess current and all those internal spills and damages. This makes the battery safe, sturdy, and reliable to use. 

This battery is a 12 volt 35 AH powered battery, which is made with industry leading standard material and also comes with a warranty of one year. It is a sturdy and trustworthy choice for all the people who are looking to pair their mobility devices such as electric scooters and wheelchairs with a strong, safe, and trustworthy battery.


  • This battery is a sealed lead acid battery which is also spill-proof and shockproof.
  • It is protected by the absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology.
  • This battery is a 12v 35 AH battery and provides a lot of power for your mobility devices to go throughout the day.
  • It is made from top-notch materials and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, thus giving reassurance.
  • The battery is pretty affordable when compared to its competitors.


  • Even though the body of the battery is of a great build, the carry strap is not very sturdy and can come off.
  • This battery is not a marine boat battery and can not be used with a trolling motor, as stated in its description.
  • The company could have done a better job with the information and usage provided with the battery.

Features and Benefits

Spill-Proof and Shockproof

The overall use and performance of the battery is pretty good. The battery is made up of lead-acid and is coated with AGM to make it spill-proof and shockproof. This means that the battery can supply a large amount of current and charge without getting spoilt or spilling into the battery, which can be hazardous to the battery as well as the device it is connected to. Thus ensures maximum safety for use. 

Long Discharge Function

Further, this battery is extremely convenient as one does not have to take up the hassle of maintaining the said battery and the gravity of the electrolytes inside, as the AGM cover takes full care of the same and thus, one just needs to connect it to the device and enjoy the experience. Thus the long discharge function and its amazing power supply make it the perfect battery to pair along with your mobility devices such as your scooter and wheelchair.

Design and Build

The battery is pretty sturdy from its design and built as the company uses a 7 point quality protocol, which ensures that they exceed industry standards and back their batteries with an unmatched one-year no-hassle warranty. 

Further, the product is shock and spill-proof due to the AGM cover according to further protection to your battery and your device. The battery box is also extremely sturdy, but its carrier is not of the best material and can break off. 

Charging Other Electrical Appliances

It can also be used for charging other electrical applications outside as well as inside the house, such as home security systems, push mowers, electric mowers, Murray riding lawn mowers, burglar alarms, and much more.

Things to Consider When Buying a Battery

After long research, I came across the Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery, which seemed optimum for my needs. This is perfect for all my mobility device needs and provides sufficient power to get these devices running throughout the day, without stopping or facing any issues.

There are certain things one needs to consider before purchasing a deep cycle battery, such as: 

  • which devices the particular battery is compatible with,
  • how much power can it supply,
  • and the amount of time it takes the battery to charge and discharge after its usage.


The Interstate AGM Deep Cycle Battery is one of the best batteries in the market according to its price range and its usage and is cheaper than most of its competitors, which is one of its biggest advantage, because when people go to purchase a battery, they prefer a cheaper one with good features as compared to a really expensive one.

Even though that’s the case, it is pertinent to know the other alternatives that are available in the market to make an informed decision about purchasing a battery.

1. VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery

This has the AGM feature built-in to provide additional safety, but it is still extremely expensive and is not worth spending that amount for many people on just one battery, no matter what features it provides. 

The features that it provides are quite similar to the Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery, but the latter comes for a much lower price and has a variety of other usages.

2. Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery 

This one is packed with amazing features, but then again is extremely costly, and many people don’t find value in purchasing a battery that costs so much as it is only used once in a while. It is also worth mentioning that none of the other batteries have a battery carrier to carry it, which makes it convenient to carry it around.

3. Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

This battery provides more or less the same facilities as the Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery, but does not use the AGM technology or the maintenance proof technology in it and thus misses out on those few extra brownie points that it could have gotten if those features were added.


The Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery is one of the most optimum usage batteries for all the uses considering factors like the built quality and durability, its performance and power, additional features that it includes, and its price as compared to its competitors in the market, which makes it the best option for you to purchase and I recommend you to do the same.

The Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery based on what we have seen is a great battery to pair your electronic or mobility devices with as it is safe and trustworthy and comes at an extremely competitive price.

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