Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery Tested

You don’t need the perfect, state-of-the-art boat, kayak, or engine if you are a boating and fishing enthusiast.

However, the whole fishing and boating gear enhances the whole experience.

Now, if you have a trolling engine, you need to combine it with a nice and sturdy battery to keep the engine running smoothly, without stopping, for the whole day.

Further, if the battery is insufficiently powerful and unable to handle the load, it might get spoilt and cause great danger to the boaters, and the trolling motor would be seriously harmed.

Thus to ensure maximum safety and optimize my fishing and boating experience, I looked for batteries online that are powerful enough to take care of my fishing and boating needs and can power my trolling motor throughout the day without the fear of it getting damaged or damaging the trolling motor.

I came across the Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery, which I found to be perfect for my utility and use. This battery is extremely compatible and sturdy and provides a good amount of charge for my entire day of boating experience.

Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery


OPTIMA Batteries OPT8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery
of the best marine batteries in the market to fulfill all your boating and fishing needs and gives sufficient power to last throughout the day.


The Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery is one of the best marine batteries in the market to fulfill all your boating and fishing needs and gives sufficient power to last throughout the day.

The battery is extremely compatible with many boats and can be mounted onto any angle – on the boat – near the motor, thus making it extremely simple to connect to the trolling motor and other devices.

The battery is a 12-volt marine deep cycle battery, which is optimum to use while using a trolling motor of 40 lb thrust variant and above, as it gives sufficient power to the motor to run smoothly.

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Further, the built of the battery is extremely durable, and it can take shocks and turbulent waters as well as can last longer due to the reserve capacity that it has.

Thus overall, it is a pretty simple yet high utility marine battery and fulfills all your battery needs.


  • This battery is really powerful and gives the optimum starting power even in bad weather.
  • It is really compatible as it is mountable in virtually any position on the boat, thus adding to the convenience of the user.
  • It has an extra reserve power of 120 minutes for constant performance without stopping.
  • The built is strong and sturdy and is much more durable to vibration during bad weather or turbulent waters, thus making it extremely safe for the family.


  • The bluetop battery should be used only for RV and boating purposes, thus limiting its usage.
  • The battery does not contain absorbed glass matt (AGM) covering, which keeps the battery safer internally.
  • It is more expensive as compared to some of its competitors in the market.

Features and Benefits



The overall performance of the Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery is one of the best in the market and caters to all your boating and fishing needs as well as camping needs as it can also be used in an RV (recreational vehicle).

The battery is a 12-volt battery that gives sufficient power to the trolling motor to run through an entire day of fishing and boating with the charge lasting up to several hours.

The motor works amazingly, even in terrible weather and turbulent waters, as the battery provides sufficient power to the motor to do so. The battery also has a reserve charge of 120 minutes, which comes into great use while one is on a long boating or camping trip with their friends and family.

Built and Design


The built and design of this battery has been made for optimum utilization of the battery and its use for powering trolling motors while fishing or in RVs. The blue top Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery is specifically made for the purpose of use in RVs or for powering trolling motors.

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The built is quite sturdy and durable and can absorb vibrations about 15 times better than other batteries, thus making it extremely safe and sturdy to use.

Further, it is designed in a manner to maximize the convenience of the users as it can be mounted in any manner and in any place so that its use can be optimized.

The battery also uses a spiral winded lead plate to facilitate better flow and also to accord sufficient protection to the users of the battery.

This is much more expensive than the other methods and is more effective too. Thus the durability of this battery is one of the best in the market and should definitely be considered over other batteries.

Other Features


This battery is spill-proof and maintenance-free, and the user does not need to check the gravity of the electrolytes in the particular battery.

Further, it also charges three times faster and retains more charge than other batteries in the market, thus giving optimum usage to its users. It can also take much more vibrations and shocks and is pretty durable in usage.

Things to Consider When Buying a Battery


One needs to consider certain things before purchasing any product in the market and buy only if it suits his/her specifications.

Thus before purchasing the battery, one needs to check

  • If the power that the said battery provides is sufficient for the appliances, he/she is buying it for.
  • How many appliances can it power?
  • The time it takes to get discharged and chargeback.
  • Its compatibility with the user.



There are several alternative marine batteries in the market which get the job done in an efficient manner and which need to be looked at to make an informed choice before making this investment.

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In my opinion, the Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery is one of the best batteries available considering its features and the price, but there are similar such batteries in the market to look at.

1. Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035)


It is on the cheaper side when compared to Optima. It provides good usage but not the same services and the built quality of the Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

The interstate battery is not as powerful in its usage and is a wet acid battery, so it might not provide the same level of safety from excess current and internal spillage. If you want a cheaper alternative, then you can go for Interstate.

2. VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Marine Deep Cycle Battery


Even though it is accorded with the AGM feature built-in, it is extremely expensive and is not worth spending that amount on any battery for many people, no matter what features it provides.

As compared to the Optima, the features that VMAX provides are quite similar, but Optima comes for a much lower price.

3. Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery


This one is packed with a lot of good features, but then again is extremely costly, and it is not worth purchasing a battery that costs so much as it is only used once in a while.

So, if you are looking for something that is decently priced, then you might have to go with Optima.

My Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Optima Batteries D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery is the optimum battery for usage considering factors like the built quality and durability, its performance and power, additional features it is packed with.

Its price as compared to its competitors in the market makes it an attractive buy as well.

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