Lang Tools Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers Set Tested

In this test, I am going to reveal some of the amazing secrets about the best snap ring pliers from Lang.

If you visit your garage more often than these Lang tools are something you should learn about.  They have internal as well as external Snap ring pliers.

Fixing machines or the garage beauties can be a nightmare. Especially, if you are unaware of the right tools, and their right usages.

So if you have a home garage or like to spend your time in with your garage wheels then this article is for you. So, let’s get started!

About Product Lang Tools

Lang Tool snap ring plier set is a 12 piece set that comes in different sizes, bodies, colors, and tip diameters.

Choosing the right plier is complex.  Most people rely on the last-minute purchasing of such products.

only when there is an emergency. As a result, they buy anything expensive from the market only to get more annoyed.

Also, such products are available at a high cost. Pliers like Knipex, Snap-on, and Wiha are very expensive for regular use.

But if you are not a regular user then spending huge amounts of money can be a big waste. So, instead of going black and white, there is a grey path as well.

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Yes, I am talking about Lang tools. They are useful, affordable, long-lasting, and fulfill the purpose with complete satisfaction.

They are those traditional snap rings that are hassle-free.

Lang Tools (3495) 12-Piece Fixed Tip Combination Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers Set

  • They are swappable.
  • You can change them from being internal pliers to external clip pliers.
  • You don’t have to stuff your garage with a plier set of 24 especially when a set of 12 pieces solves the purpose.
  • Different tip


  • They are swappable.
  • You can change them from being internal pliers to external clip pliers.
  • You don’t have to stuff your garage with a plier set of 24 especially when a set of 12 pieces solves the purpose.
  • Different tip changing angles are available like 90 degrees, 45 degrees.
  • The different diameter of the tips are 0. 038″, 0. 047″, 0. 070″, 0. 090″.
  • The knurled center screw provides for an easy changing of tips and giving a hold that is secure too.
  • As the tips rivets, you don’t have to worry about setting the tip. You don’t have to buy new tip sets from the market.
  • Quick changing by switching from one side to another.
  • Locking it back down and then going back to full use is easy.
  • Grips are simple and comfy.
  • The grip conforms with the human hand.
  • There is no break-in period.
  • No removing of the thumbwheel every now and then.
  • The metal gets only a slight amount of surface rust even after many uses for years.


  • A quick change can be meticulous. Especially when the toolset is brand new.
  • The amount of pliers as compared to the number of bearings given with it is less compared to the price it offers.
  • The internal to external switching and vice versa can be a little edgy.
  • The tips are not machined enough for practical use.
  • Screwing and unscrewing is tough.


  • Lang tools are cheap and they remain rust-free for ages together.
  • The different sizes are so useful that you can use each piece as per the requirements. It fits the conditions you are working in.
  • A classy plastic blow-molded case packs the tools in a cozy manner. The tools remain safe and dent free inside.
  • Lang tools are not something exceptional but they are the best. These tools fit the budget and solve the purpose without any pain in the neck and burden on the pocket.

Before You Buy Keep these things in your mind

Before You buy this set of pliers, you have to keep the real need and use for which you want to buy this tool in mind.

The only issue is the switching of internal and external modes. It can be a little problematic but the product is the best in the market.

The lang tools are materials that are high impact and work well at low temperatures as well.

Alternatives are available

Channellock 8- Inch Snap Ring Plier

A novel invention in the world of pliers. This is one of the best tools available. There are five different tips provided which leaves you with many uses. It is a stable product. It switches in an easy manner. It has got a heavy-duty spring. The tips are interchangeable.

But the drawback is, it is too bulky for automotive or regular home use.

Irwin Convertible 6-½” Snap ring Pliers

The handle is the most comfortable one out of a whole lot of pliers available in the market. Again the tips in this model are also interchangeable.

But the product has got more drawbacks as it is not recommended for heavy-duty work. The switching over is not at all easy. It works well only when you have petty work to complete. The body is weak as compared to its competitors.

Cal Hawk Tools Pliers Set, 11 Piece

It is a  toolset that is quite diverse. The straight and 90-degree pliers are available. Not too expensive which is the best thing about it. Again a weak body structure breaks often. Working with these tools is not as smooth and comfortable.


Before buying a set of pliers you should keep certain things in mind.

The most important thing to find in a plier tool is its durability, sturdiness, and comfort levels. No one wants to struggle with the screws and get stuck.

The interchanges of internal and external modes, again and again, are cumbersome. So first you have to be clear about what exactly you are looking for and what is the use that you want to buy this set for.

Apart from being comfortable and durable, these tools remain rust-free for ages.

The best this world of pliers can offer you is the Lang Tools Ring Plier Set. The only crafty thing is its many internal and external modes.

It is the best set and fulfills all the demands at an affordable cost.

So, I hope this test has brought a lot of revelations about the Lang tools and about its competitors. So all the best with your journey with Lang!

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