Best Oil for Shimano Reels

Best Oil for Shimano Reels

With the number of oils on the market, it might be challenging to pick the right product.

Cleaning and fixing the fishing reel will enable it last longer, however, greasing and oiling will enable smooth operation. For this to occur there’s a need to use the appropriate products.

Do you know the best oil for Shimano reels?

Best Oil for Shimano Reels
Best Oil for Shimano Reels

Can I use WD40 on fishing reel?


Most anglers have questions as to whether WD40 could be used on fishing reels, the reply remains No, however, there are few exemptions to this order.

Moreover few individuals will say that it is very okay, but that is a huge error. Make sure to use reel appropriate products for cleaning and lubricating.

Although it might not be only the reel that could be damaged. But all used on it could end up on the line, and get moved to various sides of the fishing tool.

Various materials get different reactions if they come in touch with some chemicals.

Though WD40 possesses a few awesome applications, and definitely, all individuals possess one, that shouldn’t mean that it suddenly turns everything out awesomely.

Now, we will quickly discuss all needed to be known about WD40, how to make use of it, and issues that could happen, if used on a fishing reel.

WD40 happens to be a spray that has various chemicals that has different applications. These involve degreasing, removing rust, protecting metals from corrosion, cleaning, and lubricating.

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And of course, degreasing and lubricating in a single product seems a bit out of normal, have it in mind that WD40 has the capacity to do many things.

Most individuals make use of it to clean tools, could be used as a lubricant when an object seems stuck or has to be opened, there are individuals who use it on bicycles, then that might not be a good idea.

It could be used to erase paint on floors! Normally, there are a lot of scenarios where the product could be really helpful.

As seen, the product does a lot of amazing things. Speaking for myself, I definitely go along with one of them in my vehicle, but that does not guarantee that I would use them on costly reels.

However, publicized as the most incredible multi purpose degreaser and lubricant, it definitely has a certain flaw that is big, although it is printed on the product. It quickly gets dirt and dust which it leaves trapped.

And due to the double properties possessed, it could certainly dissolve existing oil and grease that has been used for lubrication on different parts.

For what purpose can you use WD40 on fishing reels?


We advise you to make use of cleaning and lubricating products that are safe for reels. We are aware they are a bit expensive, but when possessing high-end reels, it’s worth it.

WD40 does not have much use on fishing reels, and it should be used once when annual repairs are carried out.

Definitely, it is known that reels have to be cleaned and lubricated always, then annually it should be wholly dismantled, cleaned on all parts, erase old grease and oil, erase corrosion if present, then the reel should be set up again after it has been lubricated.

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WD40 could be used to erase corrosion or to dismantle the reel when something gets stuck. However, apart from this, one shouldn’t use it.

Endeavor to erase any WD40 residue on the reel parts when done with cleaning. Do not use it to get the reel lubricated.

Can I use WD40 on my fishing reel, line or guides?

All that is made used of on the reel will definitely over a period of time move to the line, then it gets contact with the rod and line guides.

Few anglers might use WD40 directly on the line, to get them greased.  Different materials are used for the manufacturing of line and rod, and an individual might not have the knowledge of if there will be a negative reaction to WD40. If one gets lucky, nothing might occur, certainly, that does not make it reliable.

Firstly, it’s not proper to put WD40 in fishing waters, it is definitely toxic for that surroundings.

And then, an overdue exposure of lines to chemicals on it, could and might create damage.

The purpose for anglers using it is due to its amazing ability of water displacement and it ensures the lines and the inner rings of line guides stay away from corrosion.

For that reason, WD40 is amazing, but then apart from this, it could cause more damage than good.

If it comes to monolines, they are the ones that can handle WD40 nicely, although that does not warrant one trying it out.

There are amazing lines and lure conditioners in the market and these could be used as other options in replacement of WD40.

If it gets to the rods, endeavor to not try it. It originates from petroleum and could have bad reactions to carbon and other materials.

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Few anglers use it in the cleaning of their rods; it is just like with the reel. Make use of it when an object is stuck, then endeavor to erase all of it once done.

Don’t forget WD40 attracts dust and dirt. Anything that gets into the tool will definitely get “glued” on the WD coating and if this occurs on the locomotive parts, these particles will make an effect of abrasion, wear and tear.

What oil is best for fishing reels?


Now with the knowledge of when and not to use WD40 on fishing reels, it is now the period to handle out a few other similar options or choices.

As we already know of how grease goes on gears and oil goes on the remaining reel parts.

One can get some products that are made just for reels. There are definitely reel cleaners and corrosion erasers that are appropriately safe to use, and then these products will not make any harm.

How do I grease a Shimano reel?

Anglers that possess very affordable reels could play with anything they want, then an angler that has a $500 reel, making use of WD40 can never be found.

If one does not want to purchase exclusive reel products, then there is an option that seems very safe, that is any high-quality gun oil.

Although, any type of high-quality grade light machine oil could be used. There are people who would use sewing machine oils for their reels, and that seems nice ideally.