What is the Difference Between AC and DC Pump?

What is the Difference Between AC and DC Pump?

Many homeowners often confuse AC and DC pumps, especially those who have no idea about pumps and motors.

If we might ask, what is the difference between AC and DC pump? In this article, we will help you with the pros and cons of each of these pumps, including their differences.

What is the Difference Between AC and DC Pump?
What is the Difference Between AC and DC Pump?

What is the difference between AC and DC pump?

A DC water pump is a pumping machine that is powered by either a DC power supply, solar DC power supply or a battery. It is a small water pump that is constructed using a brushless DC motor or a mini electric brushed DC motor measuring 12v, 24v, 5v, 6v, 9v, 3V or 48v.

The DC water pump is able to move or transport liquid or pressurize the liquid. Once the DC water pump is in use, the commutator and the coil rotate continuously.

The magnetic steel and the carbon brushes do not rotate but the brushes and the commutator rotating with the motor change the direction of the alternating current of the coil.

What Is An AC Pump (And DC Pump)?

The two pumps offer you the same function by improving the flow rate in the water supply or system.

However, their difference is in their operation. While AC pumps rely on AC motors, DC pumps use DC motors or a brushless DC motor.

Is An Ac Pump Or Dc Pump Better?

When it comes to pumps, many homes use water heaters that function as DC pump. You should know that AC pumps are much noisier, but they have more water pressure than DC pumps.

DC pumps are more energy-efficient and have a quiet operation. However,  the DC pumps are harder to maintain and repair.

Their many advantages are due to their lack of contact (i.e. brushless) between the moving (and critical) components of the motor:

Since there is no contact, DC pumps have no friction. Therefore parts won’t wear out as fast or generate as much heat or noise.

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To summarize:

Difference AC Pump DC Pump
Power Water pressure is significantly increased Water pressure is moderately increased
Efficiency Uses more electricity than DC pumps Uses less electricity than AC pumps
Noise Level Noisy when in use Relatively quiet when in use
Cost Cheaper than DC pumps Pricier than AC pumps

Classification of the DC pump:

The DC water pump can be classified into three namely;

Brush DC water pump:


  • It is very affordable


  • The carbon brushes wear out with time as the motor continuously rotated with the carbon brushes
  • With the wear gap in the carbon brushes, the sound increases as soon as the water pump gets to a particular point
  • The carbon brushes will lose their ability to change direction after continuous operation of hundreds of hours

Brushless motor DC water pump:

Components of the brushless motor DC water pump

The motor-type brushless DC pump is composed of a

  • brushless DC motor and
  • an impeller that connects to the shaft of the motor


  • It is relatively affordable
  • It has very high efficiency
  • The brushless DC motor has been standardized and mass-produced by specialized manufacturers


  • The stator and the rotor of the water pump have a gap in between which may permit the entrance of water into the motor after a long time of use. As a result, the motor can easily burn out.

Brushless DC magnetic drive isolated water pump

Advantages of DC water pump

While the AC water pump has some advantages and is quite affordable, the DC water pump has gained more popularity over the years as a result of its amazing and enhanced features which the AC water pump lacks.

For people who just need a water pump temporarily, the AC water pump is recommended but for long term use, the DC water pump is very ideal. Some of the advantages of the DC water pump include:


The DC water pump can come in handy especially when your application has some certain safety requirements. Some of these applications may include:

  • Desktop crafts
  • Indoor fountains
  • Aquarium tank


Flexible for Installation

The DC water pump machine can make use of an already existing power source on your device so you do not have to worry about using the electrical grid.

As such, this allows the installation process of this water pump to be very flexible. The pump can also be installed at any location where the equipment manufacturer would like to fit in their machine.


High-efficiency & Energy Saving

DC pumps have higher efficiency than AC pumps and fbis makes them more expensive. On average, if the pumps are used for four hours and above every day, the DC water pump is able to last for about two pumps in a year in terms of the system’s energy usage.

Long Lifespan

Using pure copper coils and a much more advanced motor technology, the DC water pump offers amazing durability.

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In contrast, the AC pump is more affordable which offers it more market advantage due to its copper clad aluminium coils.

What is an AC DC pump?

AC Water pump

DC water pump

  • DC water pumps are much easier to operate and control
  • They are very portable and can be operated directly from a battery
  • They have a shorter working lifespan than the AC water pump
  • They have lower speed and burst of power
  • DC water pumps are more energy efficient



When eating the performance of a DC powered pump, some of the specializations to put into consideration include:

  • pressure,
  • horsepower,
  • operating temperature
  • flow rate,
  • pump head



Distinguishing the different types of DC powered pumps can be done based on the following features:

  • run-dry capability,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • adjustable speed



When should you choose BLDC PUMP?

A BLDC PUMP is simply defined as an advanced type of DC water pump which has more advanced features than the normal DC pump. Some of the advantages of the BLDC pump include:

Less noise:

One disadvantage of the AC water pump is the noise that comes from it. As a result of the old motor technology, the noise worsens with respect to the increase in usage time.

Environments or areas where noise is not tolerated will require the use of pumps that do not generate a lot of noise such as the BLDC pump which makes use of a Sine Wave Silent Technology to control the noise.

Super Durability and Reliability for Continuous Running:

The BLDC pump, unlike the AC pump is able to offer continuous running and operation for a long time. Also, it is very durable and can do work that the AC pump cannot.

How many amps does a 12V water pump use?

A 12V water pump uses 5 Amps or about 60 watts. However, the water pump operated for only a few minutes at most.  Amperage and voltage should work in sync if you want a good result. If you use the wrong amperage for a voltage, it might not operate well.

Which pump is more efficient, AC or DC?

In terms of efficiency, AC pumps are less efficient than the DC pumps which are 30% more efficient. Thanks to their secondary magnetic field which are generated from permanent magnets, DC pumps are able to give more water output. On the other hand, the secondary magnetic field in AC pumps are generated from copper windings.

How strong is a 12V water pump?

The 12V water pumps like most pumps will can produce about 60 to 75 pounds per square inch (PSI) on average.

What size water pump do I need for RV?

For larger motor homes, pumps that can provide 5.3 or more gallons per minute  are ideal while pumps that provide 3.5 gallons per minute are suitable for trailers or campers.

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Note that Gallons of water per minute (GPM) is equal to the pressure per square inch (psi).

What is a submersible DC pump?

Simply put, submersible pumps are machines which are submerged into liquids. Submersible DC pumps make use of direct current electricity as its source of power. Other common sources of power for submersible DC pumps include:

  • batteries,
  • generator,
  • solar modules

How much power does a 12V pump use?

The 12V pump uses a pressure switch with a tap that switches it off when closed. Although the operating time of the 12V pump is quite short, it draws about 5 amps.

A 12V DC powered pump is a machine, which makes use of direct current from either a motor, battery, or solar power in order to move different fluids and liquids in several ways.

Motorized pumps usually work on 6, 12, 24, or 32 volts of DC power. Once exposed to the sun, photovoltaic panels, which have solar cells, are used by Solar-powered DC pumps to produce direct current.

How does a DC pump work?

The working principle of the DC pump is quite simple. The DC motor is placed in a sealed case which is attached to the impeller.

Through a gear drive, the motor is powered. The DC motor has a rotor that coils around it at the center.

This rotor spins once the motor is powered after a series of pushes. The impeller is driven and the pump is powered as this rotor spins continuously.

What are the best 12V DC water pumps?

Some of the best 12 volt water pumps include:

  • LYUMO DC 12V Pressure Booster Pump,
  • Automatic Circul OTVIAP Deep Well Pump,
  • 1/2 Inch 12V Submersible Deep LAFGUR 12V DC
  • Ultra-Quiet Brushless Motor Submersible water pump
  • Greensen Agricultural Irrigation Pump,

What is the GPM of a 12 volt water pump?

The GPM of a 12 volt water pump is about 2,580. Thanks to their ability to fit perfectly in very tight spaces and also their ability nervy efficiency, 12 volt water pumps are undeniably ideal for RVs  and boats.

Do you have to run a 12V DC pump dry?

Never attempt to run a 12V DC pump. Before starting one, you must ensure that it has been completely submerged in liquid.

Reducers or valves should be placed on the discharge side in the case where flow control is required. In addition, do not use the reducer or valve to restrict the inlet of a pump. Allow maximum flow.

So When Do You Need An AC or DC Pump?

Everything depends on you when it comes to using either AC or DC pump. For instance, people who want water pressure, can use AC pump because it serve them better than a DC pump.

Also, AC pumps are  preferable for their  rain showerheads. Meanwhile, if you want a more energy-efficient pump with less noise, a DC pump should work best for you.

DC pumps are commonly preferred because of their quieter operation. Also they are more efficient electricity usage.

In addition, DC pumps have a higher asking price and maintenance cost in comparison to AC pumps. The decision to pick either of the two pumps depends on you.

What Is a Water Pump?

We can define a water pump as a device that allows a water system to move water at a higher pressure from one point to another.

Water pumps are fitted when a water supply’s pressure is very low to get to its specified location at an acceptable rate.

Should You Get A Water Pump For Your House?

People who want an easy way to improve their water supply can get a water pump for their  water supply.

However, aside from this reason,  there are things that may cause your water pressure to be extremely low.

They include the following:

  • Water supplier issues
  • Pipe leaks
  • Faulty fixtures
  • The main valve/meter isn’t fully open
  • Clogged/corroded pipes

You have to check some of these issues before you make your decision. Furthermore, you can hire a plumber to decide the right choice for you.

Each of these pumps has its specific functions. However, if you have no idea how they work, you should consult your plumber for support.