What is a 12V DC pump?

What is a 12V DC pump?

Many people often don’t know what it means to have a direct current pump.  With the number of these products in homes and offices, what does DC pump mean?

DC powered pumps use direct current from a motor, battery, or solar power to move fluid in a variety of ways.

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Motorized pumps typically operate on 6, 12, 24, or 32 volts of DC power. Solar-powered DC pumps use photovoltaic (PV) panels with solar cells that produce direct current when exposed to sunlight. DC powered pump from Gorman-Rupp Industries

Likewise, what is a 12V DC pump? In this article, we will talk more about this pump.

DC vs. AC

It can be challenging to differentiate AC from DC if you have no idea what the two do. The main advantage of DC (direct current) pumps over AC (alternating current) pumps is that they can operate directly from a battery, making them more convenient and portable.

They are easier to operate and control since AC systems typically require a controller to manage speed. DC pumps also tend to be more efficient.

However, AC pumps usually are designed for higher speeds and larger bursts of power. They also have a longer working lifespan than DC pumps.

Pros and cons of DC pumps

 What is a 12V DC pump?

DC pumps come in many different design types, each with its own method of operation, advantages, and preferred applications.


As with most pumps, the primary specifications to consider when discerning DC-powered pump performance are flow rate, pump head, pressure, horsepower, and operating temperature.


DC powered pumps can also be distinguished based on the features they provide, such as adjustable speed, run-dry capability, and corrosion resistance.

What is dc water pump?


DC water pump is a machine that transports liquid or pressurizes liquid. When the water pump is working, the coil and commutator rotate, but the magnetic steel and carbon brushes do not rotate.

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The commutator and brushes that rotate with the motor change the alternating current direction of the coil.

DC Pump Classification

  1. Brush DC water pump
  2. Brushless DC magnetic drive isolated water pump
  3. Brushless motor DC water pump

Working principle:

  1. Working principle of brushed DC water pump:


  • As long as the motor rotates the carbon brushes, they will wear out. When the water pump runs to a certain level, the carbon brush wear gap will increase and the sound will increase.
  • After hundreds of hours of continuous operation, the carbon brushes will not be able to change direction.


  • Low price.
  1. The working principle of brushless motor DC water pump:

The motor-type brushless DC pump is composed of a brushless DC motor and an impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected to the impeller.


There is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. After a long time of use, the water will penetrate into the motor and the motor will easily burn out.


The brushless DC motor has been standardized and mass-produced by specialized manufacturers, with relatively low cost and high efficiency

What is the function of DC water pump?

Are you still hesitant to choose an AC or DC water pump for your system? If you want to ask my opinion, absolutely we will vote for the DC water pump.

DC water pump has become more and more popular over these years due to its unique advantages.

Maybe in some cases, AC pumps are a smart choice if you are only in temporary use. But for most of the time, AC pumps have many fatal flaws. we will tell you the benefits of the DC water pump from the following four aspects.


If your application has safety requirements, the DC water pump has a unique advantage. Such as indoor fountains, desktop crafts, even the aquarium tank, and many types of devices. We will never hope to be hurt by electric shock.

Flexible for Installation

You don’t have to use the electrical grid as the power supply for the DC water pump. It could use the existing power source on your device.

This makes the pump installation very flexible, and the equipment manufacturer can install the pump wherever they want to fit in their machine.


High-efficiency & Energy Saving

It is a fact that DC pumps are more expensive than AC pumps. But it also much more efficient.

If we focus on the system’s energy usage, when we use the pump for more than 4 hours a day, the DC water pump can save you about one or two pumps a year.

Long Lifespan

The AC water pump often uses copper-clad aluminum coils to achieve a competitive advantage at a low price. The DC water pump typically uses pure copper coils and more advanced motor technology to guarantee a long lifespan.

When you should choose BLDC PUMP?

BLDC PUMP is one type of advanced DC water pump. It has made breakthroughs based on the advantages of DC water pump, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

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Super Durability & Reliability for Continuous Running

Some types of equipment are significant to us, such as the hard disk, CPU of a computer, the automotive engine, the battery for the electric car, and so on.

They are the critical components of a system. We want them to have absolute reliability and durability.

The AC water pump cannot do this work, BLDC PUMP is your best choice then due to its super durability & reliability for continuous running

Quiet Operation

The noise of the AC water pump has been criticized. And the sound will increase as the usage time increases due to its old motor technology.

If you plan to use the pump in an environment that requires absolute quiet, noise is an essential factor you need to consider.

BLDC PUMP has excellent advantages in this area due to its unique Sine Wave Silent Technology. You can find other products on the market.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a DC water pump?

DC water pump refers to a small water pump built by a 12v, 24v, 5v, 6v, 9v, 3V or 48v mini electric brushed DC motor or brushless DC motor. It is powered by a dc power supply, solar dc power supply, or battery operated.

How do I prime my 12V RV water pump?

  • Fill up your fresh water tank.
  • Turn on the cold water in your RV and make sure the faucets are completely open.
  • Switch on the water pump near your RV water tank.
  • This should prime the pump by pushing water up from the tank through your faucet. Let the water flow a while, then turn the faucets off.
  • Your pump will be fully primed when the water pump only turns on when a faucet is actually open.

How many amps does a 12V water pump use?

A water pump when used when running will pull about 5 Amps at 12 volts or about 60 watts. The good news is that the water pump usually only runs for a few minutes at most.

Which pump is more efficient AC or DC?

BLDC pump works efficiently than normal AC motor and gives more water output. Consequently, AC motors are less efficient than DC motors.

In fact, the DC motor is 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field being generated from the permanent magnets rather than copper windings.

How strong is a 12V water pump?

Most pumps will be in the “safe” range of 60 to 75 pounds per square inch (PSI).

What size water pump do I need for RV?

Trailers or campers may use pumps that produce 3.5 gallons of water per minute. Larger motorhomes may use pumps that provide 5.3 or greater gallons per minute. Gallons of water per minute equate to pressure per square inch, or psi.

What is submersible DC pump?

Submersible pumps are the pumping machines that are designed to submerge into liquids.

The DC submersible pump refers to the submersible pumps that use the direct current electricity as the power source.

The most common power sources for the DC submersible pumps are solar modules, batteries, or generators.

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How much power does a 12V pump use?

It operates on a pressure switch that turns it off when the tap is closed. These pumps draw about 5 Amps, and the time they run is usually pretty short, given we have to carry our water with us when we free-camp.

If you are asking, what is a 12v DC pump?  The answer is simple. DC powered pumps use direct current from motor, battery, or solar power to move fluid in a variety of ways.

Motorized pumps typically operate on 6, 12, 24, or 32 volts of DC power. Solar-powered DC pumps use photovoltaic (PV) panels with solar cells that produce direct current when exposed to sunlight.

How does a DC pump work?

The DC motor is contained in a sealed case attached to the impeller and powers it through a simple gear drive.

In the center of the motor is a rotor with coils around it. Through a series of pushes, the rotor continues to spin, driving the impeller and powering the pump.

What are the best 12V DC water pumps?

  • LYUMO DC 12V Pressure Booster Pump
  • Automatic Circular OTVIAP Deep Well Pump
  • 1/2 Inch 12V Submersible
  • Deep LAFGUR 12V DC Ultra-Quiet
  • Brushless Motor Submersible Greensen Agricultural Irrigation Pump

What is the GPM of a 12 volt water pump?

12 volt water pumps transfer water fast with GPM up to 2,580. These 12 volt water pumps are perfect for boats, RVs, and more due to their energy efficiency and ability to fit in tight spaces.

Do you have to run a 12V DC pump dry?

Do not run dry. 12V DC pumps must be fully submerged in liquid to run. Note: If flow control is needed, place valves or reducers on the discharge side; never restrict the inlet of a pump with a valve or reducer.

How does a 12V water pump work?

Most RV water pump works off on a 12V battery. When you open a tap or flush the toilet, , the pump detects the pressure drop and turn on to maintain the pressure.  Then you have to switch power to the pump on and have water in your water tank.

What does DC pump mean?

Many people want to know what DC pump means. DC pump uses direct current from solar power motor, or battery, move fluid in a variety of ways.

As stated, motorized pumps operate on 6, 12, 24, or 32 volts of DC power. Although DC pumps offer higher efficiency and no requirement for an inverter, it is expensive.

The repair and maintenance of DC pumps in rural and remote areas are difficult because of the lack of service centres in these areas.

The water pump is a centrifugal pump moved by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine.

As a result, the pump circulates fluid when the engine is in operation. The water pump uses centrifugal force to push fluid to the outside while it spins.

The reaction is for fluid to be drawn from the center continuously. The best 12 volt water pump is quiet.

However, the first step to finding an appropriate water pump is to understand what you’re actually looking for.

12V water pump RV models are the standard operating motors for RV use.  Many people confuse it with a 110V water pump or 120V RV water pump.

The reason is that these models are made for other purposes, generally in residential homes.

The 12V RV water pumps don’t pump water with the same pressure as larger ones made for installation in residential homes.

Meanwhile, so long as they’re in working order, they get the job done and then some. 12V water pumps are so ubiquitous.

If you are a first-time buyer, you may require the support of an expert or you read the information online before you head to the market to purchase one of these pumps. As a result, we recommend that you read user reviews before you start your shopping.