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If you go for regular boating and fishing trips, you know the importance of a good quality battery holder.

Your battery is the main component that powers your electric motor, and if it stops, your motor gives in too.

Thus to avoid the entire situation and to protect your battery from water and damages, you should always carry the battery in the holder.

The perfect battery holder should not only have ample space to hold extra batteries but should also be able to alert the user if the current battery is going to run out soon.

Here is a battery holder that does just that and can be used on a number of occasions, no matter what kind of vessel you are going to use for that much-awaited outing on the lake.

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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center

Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery Power Center
perfect battery holder for people that are fishing and boating enthusiasts.

It can also be used to store batteries for other purposes, such as camp

The Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center is a perfect battery holder for people that are fishing and boating enthusiasts.

It can also be used to store batteries for other purposes, such as camping and other outdoor activities where one needs electricity and needs to carry batteries.

It has two main uses, one that stores batteries in it and protects the batteries from any damage. Second, it facilitates time efficiency and makes it easy to connect your devices with the batteries, and one can connect multiple devices to the batteries inside the box, without even opening the said box.

This product comes with its own share of noteworthy features and benefits of use. The main features of the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center are:

  • The motor center that the case is made of is sufficient for the regular boating and camping needs and to power a trolling motor for a sufficient period of time, depending upon the power of the battery that is being used.
  • It is also extremely time efficient and makes connecting gadgets extremely simple as it has its easy-access battery terminals for connecting leads, and thus connecting all the electronic devices to it while keeping the box closed.
  • This product comes with a built-in battery meter that displays current and the state of the charge the battery has inside. Basically, it displays how much charge the batteries inside the box contains to fulfill your requirements. Thus you can use it to connect your trolling motors, solar panels, etc.
  • It has a clean and sturdy box, which is designed to fit group 24- and 27-size batteries inside of it.
  • It also comes with accessory plugs and circuit breakers to enhance the user experience. Thus the box does not only protect the batteries from further damages; it also protects the battery from overheating or when too much current is passed, resulting in infusing the entire circuit.


  • The battery display tells exactly the amount of charge which is left in the battery, which makes it convenient to assess the use.
  • Allows you to use the battery or let the battery transmit its charge without even opening the cover, thus protecting the battery from the damage it might get from water and other modes.
  • Extremely compatible and easy to use, you just need to screw down the batteries inside, and it is ready to go. Further, it cuts your time in half as it is one single battery holder which can be used for multiple tasks.
  • It has a great built quality, extremely sturdy and long-lasting product.


  • This product is a little bit pricey for a battery container but is decent for the time it saves and for the services it provides.
  • The nuts and bolt to attach the battery inside are not of great quality and should be improved for consumer safety.
  • Further, the circuit breaker drops easily sometimes when the motor is operating at high speed.

Features and Benefits

1. Performance

The overall performance of the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center is one of the best I have seen in the market.

The battery holder is perfect for boating, fishing, camping trips, and outdoor activities and provides sufficient battery storage for usage throughout the day.

It does not only perform the function of keeping the motor safe from external damages but also constitutes an internal circuit breaker, which is used when there is a danger of high voltage and heating up.

The Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center also has lead entry points and makes the lives of the users easier and cuts short a lot of time as it allows a lot of other devices to be connected to the battery for its usage.

The battery also consists of a charge reader, which informs the user of the amount of charge left in the battery and how much more it can use.

Thus the overall performance and protection accorded by the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center are one of the best in the market, and one should totally get it.

2. Compatibility and Use

It is highly compatible and time-efficient in several ways.

This device is extremely easy to use as it has ample storage space for a few batteries, thus taking care of the charge needs for a sufficient period of time.

Further, the batteries are extremely easy to install and use, as you just need to attach the screws and the rubber mat inside, and it is ready to go.

You can also use it to operate several devices simultaneously, thus being extremely time-efficient.

Thus, in my opinion, is one of the most compatible and easy to use devices in the market currently.

3. Built Quality and Design

The built quality and design, along with certain other features, are totally worth giving a try to, even though it is on the more expensive side.

The box is extremely sturdy and compact with a charge reader, which gives a pretty accurate reading of the charge inside. The lead points are of good quality and can be connected to several devices.

Further, it protects the battery inside from damage and lets us use the batteries without even opening the lid of the box; thus, accords to maximum safety.

Things to Consider Before Going for the Purchase

There are certain things that need to be considered before purchasing a trolling motor power center, such as:

  • The amount of power required for usage.
  • The amount of power the battery gives.
  • Whether the devices are compatible with the battery or not.
  • What price it comes for.


There are a few alternatives which should be checked out before making an informed choice of buying a battery box:

1. NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box

This NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box has a great design and provides a lot of similar services as compared to the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center for a cheaper cost, but does not provide a charge reader.

It does not specify the charge that the batteries have and also does not constitute a circuit breaker to protect the user from battery getting heated up or overloaded current. Though it makes a great economical choice, in terms of safety, it falls a bit short.

2. Attwood Standard Battery Box

As the name suggests, Attwood Standard Battery Box is just an ordinary battery box and does not accord sufficient protection to the battery and the user, especially during fishing and boating activities.

Nor does this product have any other special features like the other products in the same category. But if you are looking for something standard and for basic use, you can check this one out.

Trolling Motor My final words

In my opinion, Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center is one of the best battery storage units out there because it not only accords protection to the battery from the outside but also from the inside and keeps the user safe from certain mishaps.

It is the perfect companion to accompany you and your trolling motor on your fishing or boating trip and has sufficient storage space.

So if you are not working with a tight budget and are looking for a versatile, safe, and easy to use product, this might be where your search ends!

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