What Should I Wear First Time Kayaking?

What Should I Wear First Time Kayaking?

First-time paddlers want to know the right clothing to use for kayaking. What should I wear first time kayaking?

The answer to this question would be handled in this article. Clothing made waterproof is the best option to stick with.

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With the numerous options to pick, you may end up getting underdressed or overdressed.

The secret is knowing what to wear according to the weather condition. If you use the wrong clothing, you may endear your health.

A dry suit for kayaking is perfect, maybe if the individual is a novice, the perfect clothing will be found at home.

The water should determine the outfit, not the weather – prepare for change temperatures.

An individual on this should dress to stay warm even after falling into the water. To stay warm, an important thing is layering.

What should I wear first time kayaking?


If you want to kayak the first time, you should consider layering your clothes and materials to be searched out for:

Base layer: pick a short sleeve when it is hot, but come along with a long sleeve shirt for any sudden reason.

Search for materials that are synthetic, such as polyester and polypropylene that give one warmth, even when wet.

Mid layer: a fleece or thicker polyester fabric will be nice.

Waterproof jacket: while going get the best waterproof jacket in the closet. There will be a need for it to keep the under layers dry.

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Leggings and shorts: when the weather gets cold, go for polyester leggings and some waterproof shorts. But when it is warm, come along with the leggings just in case.

Wetsuit or dry suit: many experts in kayaking are asked severally, which wetsuit should be worn for kayaking and the appropriate answer is none!

Wetsuits are made to keep the user warm when covered in water. However, kayaking happens outside the water, the wetsuit is cold and makes movement hard. And when sweating, the suit gives a swampy condition within the clothing worn.

The better choice is a dry suit. Clothing that is made waterproof is the best option for anyone.

A kayaking dry suit is perfect, but for beginners, the right clothing should be sorted out at home.

Dress for the water, not the weather, and expect changing temperatures. While dressing, try to stay warm in case of a fall into the water.

Hypothermia is a threat that is real, on days with hot temperatures the water would get frigid.

However, it is necessary to pack additional set of clothing or extra layers to store them in the hatch of the kayak, if a change happens to the weather.


Do you wear a bathing suit while kayaking?


Yes. An excellent option also is the rash guard, for individuals who are without the funds for a wetsuit top and surf in warmer water.

These give the user protection from the sun and from a rash from the surfboard. Moreover, there will not be much done by them to keep the user warm.


Should I wear a shirt kayaking?


Clothing for kayaking has similar requirements as other outdoor activities like hiking.

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If you are in search of versatility, durability, and comfort during and while making a move, you can pick a shirt.

When being decisive on what to wear for kayaking, adhere to these popular steps:


  • .Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) and do not get it off while on water.
  • If there’s a need to adjust the top layers, discover a location to get off instead. One might also “raft up” with a kayak mate gripping the boat strong as the other change, although, changing on the shore seems to be the best alternative.
  • Dress for the water temperature, but not the temperature of the air; this may point out to wearing a wetsuit or a dry suit.
  • Dress in layers, specifically on top.
  • Dress for sun protection. Not minding the cloud cover, a day staying on water would mean a day getting exposed to the sun.
  • So putting on clothing with UPF-rated fabrics would be a great choice (plus sunscreen for reflecting UV radiation).
  • .Avoid cotton in all layers, due to the fact that it absorbs water and remains wet; search for quick-drying fabrics instead.
  • For a clothing layer that comes close to the skin, go for wicking, quick-drying nylon or polyester (or any other synthetic fabric).
  • Wool would get dry less quickly, but when wet it insulates, but it is a great option also.
  • Wear clothes that let you move comfortably and will help you remain comfortable after a long sitting time.
  • Look for abrasion-resistant fabrics that are rugged more and would stand against the wear and tear of sand, water, and materials that are rough to one’s kayak.
  • Avoid “rustable” zippers, fasteners, and hardware: water, especially salt water, wears off most metals, then plastics that are rugged become nice options.
  • One should probably trust that components of metal in paddling-specific gear are corrosion-resistant.
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What Should I Wear First Time Kayaking?
What Should I Wear First Time Kayaking?

Can I wear jeans kayaking?


Instead of cotton, put on synthetic materials like polyester, fleece or Gore-Tex. This implies that one should not turn up for kayak trips putting on jeans and a cotton T-shirt, unless for the love of being cold and wet.


Can I wear my Apple Watch kayaking?


It depends on the water conditions, definitely, it is – but the Apple Watch is not waterproof, “models of Apple Watch that has GPS will support standalone recordings without a phone connection.”

“Record all outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, cycling, canoeing, or skiing down the Alps.”


Can I wear leggings kayaking?

Yes, you can wear leggings when it is warm.  During the cold season, you may dish your leggings for something warmer.


Can I wear my Fitbit kayaking?


For someone that loves kayaking, the person can still get a Fitbit. Although, there will be a need to purchase another brand as a second watch for kayaking.

Wearing a watch for kayaking should be waterproof. You must not use expensive water that is not water-resistant.

If you must use a watch, ensure that it can withstand the different water conditions.