Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength?

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Kayaking is an amazing water sport. You can use it for leisure, sports, or competitions.  People paddle with their kayaks for many reasons.

Is kayaking better cardio or strength? A search on the internet gives you many answers. We will answer this question and highlight other benefits of kayaking.

Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength
Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength

Is kayaking good for your cardio?

Kayaking on the water is good for your heart. A good exercise that keeps your heart in good health is kayaking.

Is kayaking for heart or strength exercise? This has been the question of paddlers for a long.

New paddlers have found out that, their muscles were exercised. This shows they had strength exercise.

One will discover he breathes faster while kayaking. You will discover that your heart bit has increased. This means you are having heart exercise.

Difference Between Cardio and Strength Exercise.

Cardio exercises are designed for improvement in your heartbeat and intake of air. An example of this exercise is jogging. Kayaking increases your heartbeat too.

On the other hand, strength exercise increases your muscles. Weight lifting and other strength exercises increase your heart bit as well.

They are exercises carried out in a short and limited time.

Kayaking exercises your muscle. You exercise both your heart and strength when you are kayaking.

Kayaking is a part of regular exercise, depending on where and how you paddle. There are times you paddle steadily. There are times you stop kayaking for a while.

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This kind of activity builds your muscles in many ways better than steady activities.

Is kayaking a strength exercise?

One hour kayaking is enough exercise for some paddlers.  Try always to know the distance you have covered while kayaking. This will help you know the distance you can go.

Some paddlers go kayaking, not knowing how hard it is to paddle through water.


You may discover that your muscles are getting weak when kayaking. This is always when you have paddled for a long distance.

What Muscles Will You Build?

Your shoulder and neck muscles are most exercised when you paddle. There are many muscles in your shoulder and back.

These muscles work with each other for you to be able to move the paddle.

When you paddle, your shoulder muscles and back muscles are exercised. Each time you paddle, you will feel the effect in the muscle connecting your shoulder and your arm.

Is kayaking better cardio or strength?

When you kayak, you build stamina, and back pain is avoided. You require a sturdy core in your boat to sit upright. It will make it easy for you to rotate your body when you paddle.

There are muscles that run all over your body. Steady exercise of your body improves on their strength.

Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength
Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength

Does Kayaking Work Your Abdomen?

You move from side to side while kayaking. These movements exercise the muscles in your abdomen.

Your stomach muscles squeeze and expand when you try to put your boat in proper position. This activity exercises your stomach muscles too.

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Will You Strengthen Your Legs?

Kayaking exercises the upper region of the body. It exercises your stomach, back and shoulder more than your legs.

You need to sit properly in your boat when you paddle. Your legs will also be active in the kayaking activity.

You legs are exercised when you are changing direction of the boat or try to position it well. It is a balanced exercise. It builds your legs muscles.

Activities such as kayaking keep your legs strong. Kayaking always or for long journey strengthens muscles of your legs.

Will kayaking Build Your Stamina?

Always try keeping your heart healthy. Try to maintain its normal bit always. You can do this by kayaking. It is possible when you paddle steadily on a long distance.

Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength
Is Kayaking Better Cardio or Strength

Kayaking gives strength to your heat in a short time. It also improves your breathing. If you have big muscles, you will paddle with ease.

As your strength increases, you will paddle longer distances.

Can You Lose Weight By Kayaking?

If you take in fewer calories to your body and use more of it, you lose weight. It means you lack calories.

Kayaking is an exercise of the heart. You can lose weight in exercise.

If you want to lose weight through kayaking, mind other things you do. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid foods that will add calories to your body.

Take to other forms of exercise, if you do not paddle regularly.

Try and exercise for about 3 hours every week, if you want to lose weight. Two or three hours of kayaking can help you achieve this.

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn?

Everybody does not burn the same amount of calories during exercise. It depends on individuals.

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To rightly position your boat on the water, you need to consider some factors. These factors are your age, sex, height, and body weight.

These determine the amount of strength you need to do this.

Your state of health affects the number of calories you burn. The bigger the size of your muscles, the more calories you burn.

It is one of the reasons kayaking as an exercise is good for your health.

Generally, kayaking can help you burn like 500 calories in an hour. Remember that 3,500 calories are the same as one pound of fat.

You can see how easy it can help you lose weight.  With a calories calculator, you will know how much you burn each time you go kayaking.

How You Can Maximize The Benefits Of Kayaking

Kayaking is so enjoyable. You should see kayaking as fun and not an exercise. You can still enjoy more gains from kayaking. These gains are good for your health.

If you have a good kayak, try kayaking for a long distance. Go for trips that are more difficult.

Add hill climbing to your usual kayaking, in the areas and seasides you took trips to.

Try to maintain a proper sitting position in your boat. This will help you build your muscles with ease. It is safe and harmless.

Improve on your strength. Engage in other activities that will build your back muscles and core strength. Do this on the days you are not going kayaking.






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