How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

Even if you participated in a monster truck rally or you had your weekend at your RV, you may come home to discover the smell of gasoline fumes on your cloth.

Maybe, you did not care about the odor that much when you were catching fun. However, the gas smell can make you very uncomfortable inside your house.

How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes
How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

Sadly, throwing your clothes into the wash does not solve the problem. There is a need for you to know the professional way to get your clothes to rid of diesel smell.

Do you know how to get diesel smell out of clothes? The easiest way is to get your clothes ride of diesel smell.

Make use of natural deodorizer, such as baking soda or eucalyptus oil. Stubborn odors can be removed by cleaning products such as Fast Orange,  Ammonia, and Pine-Sol.

To get a better result from this method, sock the clothes with dish detergent or strong laundry soap.

In this write-up, we will tell you what makes diesel smell hard to remove. You will learn seven ways you can get that gas smell removed.

First of all, we will teach you how you can remove diesel smell from shoes and upholstery chairs.

How To Get Diesel Smell Out Of Clothes

Baking Soda and Vinegar

ARM and HAMMER pure baking soda 8 oz (pack of 6) and vinegar all have a natural odor and stain removing properties.

This is a cheap and easy method of getting your clothes rid of the diesel smell.  It is good you make use of natural methods. Do not depend on hard chemicals.


Note, that this method can only be applied to faint smells. If the smell or stain of diesel on the clothes should be strong, go for heavy duty commercial cleaning products or a solvent-based stain remover.

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How do you neutralize the smell of diesel fuel?

  • Use mothballs.
  • Wash the carpet with Listerine.
  • Try a homemade solution of hot water, ammonia, baking soda, and vinegar

How do you wash diesel out of clothes?

Rubbing alcohol works well to remove small grease stains from clothing.

How to get diesel smell out of clothes after washing

  • Fill up a soak cycle on your washing machine.
  • Drain the water and start over for another soak.
  • Add a 2-liter bottle of coke and a 14 oz box of baking soda as the washer fills up.
  • Allow the garments to soak in this solution overnight or for up to 24 hours.

How long does diesel smell take to go away?

By doing nothing, the diesel smell may linger for six to eight weeks in your clothing.Can you put clothes with diesel in the washing machine?

Do not place the garments in a clothes dryer. The dryer’s heat can cause the fabric to burst into flames.

Will diesel fuel come out of clothes?

Coke and Baking Soda

The way Coca-cola baking powder gets rid of diesel smell out of your cloth can be said to be natural.

Take it or leave it, coke has a lot of wonderful cleaning ingredients. One is citric acid. This acid is able to dissolve and remove rust. It is a natural degreaser.

This implies that it can get rid of oil stains off clothes or driveway. It can as well get rid of bloodstains from your clothes or carpets.

How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes
How To Get Diesel Smell Out of Clothes
  • The addition of baking soda triggers a reaction that assists in removing grease stains.
  • Get your soak cycle filled in your washing machine. Allow it to sit for some hours.
  • Remove the water and soak them again.
  • When the water fills up, add 2 liter bottle of coke and 14 oz of baking soda..
  • Let the clothes sock in this solution for about 24 hours.
  • Lastly, wash them the normal way. Check if there is any diesel fuel odor remaining.

Pouring a whole 2 liter bottle of coke and baking soda into your machine is not the cheapest method. Having said this, there is another method you may find better and cheaper.

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Rubbing Alcohol and Baking Soda

Mixture of Dealmed Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% USP, First Aid Antiseptic, 16 fl. Oz, (2 Pack)Rubbing alcohol and baking soda is also a natural stain and odor remover.

  • Rubbing alcohol is a good degreaser. It is very good for removing little grease stains from any kind of cloth.
  • Apply baking soda to the places you see diesel stains.
  • Apply to rub alcohol on the stained places until it soaks through.
  • Allow it to sit for about one hour. After one hour, wash the normal way.
  • You may not observe any stain and your aim may be to remove the smell. Get a tube of warm water,  one cup of rubbing alcohol and about half of a 14 oz box of baking soda.
  • Soak for about an hour or two, then wash the clothes the usual way.


It may sometimes look like it is not effective.

  • It has strong smell. How then can it be used to remove another strong smell, you may ask. Ammonia does wonderful job however.
  • It removes musty, oily, plain grass stains and odors out of
  • Soak the diesel fuel-smelling clothes into the washer.
  • Add the quantity of detergent you normally use.
  • Add half a cup of ammonia into the water as it gets full.
  • Let the washing cycle complete.
  • Spread the clothes outside to air dry. Do not use a machine dryer.
  • If you are sensitive to small, you may need to wash the clothes again. Just to make them smell nice, after the treatment.

Eucalyptus Oil


Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil – 100% Pure & Natural – Premium Therapeutic Grade with Premium Glass Dropper – Huge 4 fl. Oz

Eucalyptus oil also contains natural degreasing properties. If you purchase cold processed or distilled essential oil, the oil is pure. Be sure to remove the stubborn diesel fuel oil with this pleasantly scented oil.

  • Drop the smelly clothes in the washer all alone. Do not put another cloth with them.
  • Start to wash the clothes the normal way, with warm water.
  • Add many drops of eucalyptus oil to the water when the washer is full.
  • Allow the normal washing circle to complete.
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This is s cheap model. It is effective too. However, it does not produce wonderful result on clothes made of natural fabrics.. Cotton for instance.

It will not produce wonderful results on polyester or rayon-made garments too.


Listerine is made of ethanol and several essential oils, which includes eucalyptus oil. It is a product designed to eliminate bad smells in your mouth.  Do not be surprised that it can do the same for your clothes!

  • Get your washing machine set for use as usual. Add detergent.
  • Get a cup of Listerine. Add it through the bleach compartment or directly, into the water.
  • Let the wash cycle complete. Carry out a sniff test on the clothes to know if there is any remaining diesel fuel smell.
  • Do this before you dry the clothes. If the diesel smell is not totally removed, go through the process again. This time, add half a cup of baking soda to the water.

For the fun of it, you may have gone for campfire or grilling exercise. You can get rid of smell of smoke from your cloth with Listerine.


Pine-Sol Original 175 oz Original 175 oz (175 oz)

  • You may think of Pine-Sol is a toilet bowl or bathroom floor cleaner.
  • It has a lot of  othet uses around the house!  Apart from removing oil-based stains and smells from your clothing,.
  • It can as well clear the accumulated grease in your washing machine.
  • Get your washing machine set for washing as usual. Add good quantity of detergents.
  • Add half a cup of Pinesol.
  • Let the washing circle be completed.
  • Carry out a sniff test on the clothes, to know if it is small like a commercial cleaner. If it does, rewash the clothes with only detergent.

In this process, you can use many other commercial cleaning products like Mr clean. Ensure to carefully read the label.