Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light My Test

You can replace your boring old drain plug with something newer and exciting which will give your boat a fresher look to it.

To do that, you can purchase the Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light and replace your old drain plug with this.

This drain plug light gives out a nice bright color to the boat and increases its attractiveness at night.

It can also be used for fishing as at night fishes get drawn to a light source sometimes, which makes it easier to catch them.

It also increases the visibility of the user at night, which helps them to be aware of their surroundings while boating.

You can possibly use these underwater lights in other places such as your pools to light it up and give it a cool look.

Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light

Jiawill 316L Stainless Steel Underwater 1/2" NPT 9 to 30V 27w Boat Drain Plug Light with Internal...
  • The vibration and shock resistant underwater drain plug light has a 316L marine grade stainless steel housing
  • 3watts LED, 9 LED insides, total 27W super brightness
  • Self-contained circuitry with no external controllers required, The drain plug light operates within a wide 9-30V DC range
  • Drain plug lights has overheat protection , you can test the lights out of water
  • 1/2’’ NPT screw thread, waterproof IP68

The Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light is a round-shaped stainless steel, heavy boat drain plug light, which can be used in both fresh as well as salt water.

This light comprises 9 Cree 3-watt LED lights which are made to give a total of 27-watt power to its bright lights which has a lifetime of over 5000 hours.

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The underwater drain plug light comes in different color variations of red, blue, white and green.

This drain plug lights also come with an overheat protection which can be tested out of the water to remove your concerns and is also IP 68 waterproof, which is an extremely important feature as it is in contact with water the entire time.

This drain plug is also shock/vibration resistant and can easily be fitted in your boat’s old drain plug slot rather than having to make a new hole for this plug.

The stainless steel covering makes the drain plug pretty sturdy and heavy, which assures the user of it being strong enough to sustain those shocks and overheating issues.


  • The stainless steel covering makes the product quite sturdy and corrosion-free, so it can be used in salt water as well.
  • The product is shock/vibration proof which is needed in a drain plug.
  • This plug light comes with overheating protection, which is important since it remains underwater.
  • The price at which this product is provided is quite reasonable as compared to its competitors.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.


Features and Benefits

1. Built and Design

The Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light is a pretty compact yet sturdy round-shaped drain plug light.

Its sturdiness is due to the stainless steel coating it is made of, which also keeps it corrosion-resistant from salt water.

This light being mostly submerged underwater is IP 68 water-resistant and works well when attached.

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Further, it is vibration and shock resistant underwater, which is important since its main purpose is to be used as an underwater drain plug and has to withstand shocks and vibrations.

Further, the underwater plug light also comes with overheat protection, since it is submerged underwater and really needs this for the safety of the user.

This underwater plug light comes in several color variations of white, blue, green and red.

One complaint with this light is that it is not extremely bright and should not be used as a single light to light up your boat but to pair it with other underwater boat lights.

2. Compatibility

The Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light is extremely compatible and easy to use as one just needs to replace their old underwater drain plug with the Jiawill plug light and make a few connections with the boat, and it will be ready to use.

One does not need to sit down and drill a bigger or a smaller hole to accommodate this, but just need to replace it with their old drain plug.

3. Usage

In terms of usage, the product is pretty good. These plug lights are pretty strong and sturdy and can easily sustain a good amount of vibrations and shocks in water.

Further, it does not have an issue with overheating, which makes it quite suitable for underwater use.

As a drain plug, this device is pretty great, but it should not be used as a sole replacement for boat lights. This is because these lights are not extremely bright in water and do not give a lot of visibility. But it does give your boat an improved stylish look to it and definitely makes it look better than a normal drain plug.

4. Cost

In terms of cost, the Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light is pretty reasonable for the quality and the features it provides as compared to a lot of its competitors in the market.

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This product is a big upgrade on your ordinary drain plug and gives the boat a great look; thus, it being available at an economical price is an additional plus point.

Things to Consider

There are certain things to consider before purchasing an underwater boat drain plug light, which are:

The most important thing to check out is whether the product is compatible with your boat.

It can be the case that some boats do not support this kind of power plugs or the power source is too far away for the plug to reach.

So one should always make sure about the compatibility of the product before its purchase.
Whether the drain plug light is suitable for use in salt water. If not, it can get corroded and get spoilt very easily.

How bright do you want the light to be, and the power intake of the light is important to note.
The price of the underwater plug light as compared to its competitors.


One needs to look at a few underwater boat drain plug alternatives available in the market to make an informed purchase decision.

1. Jiawill Boat Drain Plug Light 1 to 2 Splitter 316L Stainless Steel 1/2NPT

This product by Jiawill is available at the same price range as the Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light but does not contain the light feature of the plug light which makes it stand out.

This drain plug is pretty sturdy and strong with great grooves to hold the drain tightly.

2. Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Light

There is also the Tidal Wake underwater boat drain plug light which provides more or less similar features and services as the Jiawill Boat drain plug light.

This product does provide all the same features and benefits but is slightly more expensive than the Jiawill plug light.

Jiawill Underwater Boat Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are thinking of changing or modifying your drain plug and making their boat more attractive, they should definitely opt for the Jiawill Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light.

This plug light is pretty sturdy, protected from shocks and overheating, easy to install, and available at a pretty good price.

Thus one should definitely look at this product as an option to replace their drain plug.