Bonafide SS127 vs Hobie Outback

bonafide ss127 vs hobie outback

If you are looking for a stable fishing kayak, you are probably considering options from Bonafide and Hobie.

When comparing Bonafide SS127 vs Hobie Outback, you would see SS127 touted being a stable kayak with a high-rise seat. However, the Outback is also popular for stability.

But that’s not the only point of comparison. Both have their unique benefits as well.

Here, we will be comparing both options in terms of size, weight, capacity, features, and performance.

Let’s take a look at how both kayaks stand against each other.

Overview of Bonafide SS127 vs Hobie Outback

Bonafide created a kayak that’s known to offer the ultimate fishability. However, Hobie redesigned its Outback kayak to improve its performance in the pedal fishing domain.

bonafide ss127 vs hobie outback
bonafide ss127 vs hobie outback

SS127 from Bonafide is a high-seated kayak that doesn’t compromise on stability. Thus, if you are looking for a good fishing kayak on a budget, it’s a great option.

In short, Bonafide touts its SS127 as a combination of stability and performance.

On the other hand, Hobie Outback is a bit on the costlier side. After a redesign in 2019, Hobie transformed it into the best foot pedal kayak for fishing.

It has been a preferred choice among anglers for around 20 years. Hobie Outback is known as a do-it-all watercraft, offers stability, has quality components, is easy to handle, and is lightweight.

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Weight and Size

Bonafide’s kayak is a 12’7” boat that ensures stability and tracking. Hobie, on the other hand, extended its length to 12’9” with the redesign for better speed and tracking.

Similarly, both don’t differ much in terms of width with 33.75” for Bonafide SS127 and 34” for Hobie Outback.

In comparing the weights, Bonafide offers a lighter kayak at 94 pounds than the 103-pound Hobie Outback.

While both the options are not ideal for cartop transportation, Hobie also lacks oversized handles. Thus, carrying the Bonafide kayak is relatively easier.


Although bigger in size, Hobie Outback falls short in terms of overall capacity.

Bonafide SS127 can handle a total capacity of 475 pounds. However, Hobie Outback can hold 425 pounds total with 275 pounds capacity for seating.

Fish Finder and Other Mounts

Both the kayaks support fish finders but with different features.

The Hobie Outback packs the Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield for mounting a fish finder. It also protects underwater vegetation and submerged objects from damaging big transducers.

Bonafide, on the other hand, comes with a center-positioned DryPod. And, it enables easy installation of fish finders with a transducer through-hull scupper.

For mounting other accessories, Hobie Outback comes with an H-Track Deluxe rail system on each side. You can use this to mount cameras, rod holders, and more.

The SS127 enables easy management of rods with the Boss Strap rod management system. It also allows you to store paddles during the ride.


Outback offers a comfortable seat that anglers can adjust to four varied positions. It can be easily transitioned between low and high positions without much effort.

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Bonafide is known for its HiRise seat that offers stability, unlike other high-seated kayaks. Moreover, it’s also more stable than many other low-seated kayaks.


Hobie Outback comes with two extra mounting tracks and rod holders behind the seat. A tankwell on the stern at the kayak’s rear allows for storing a live well, cooler, and a milk crate.

The Outback offers enough storage to fit the needs of almost all anglers.

Bonafide SS127, on the other hand, also offers plenty of storage options. A large bow hatch offers storage for almost all gear items. The hatch has two openings, each on the front and back.

A sliding drawer under the seat adds a dry storage feature to the SS127.

Unique Features

With the redesign in 2019, Hobie added new features to the Outback for better fishing and performance.

bonafide ss127 vs hobie outback
bonafide ss127 vs hobie outback

The kayak enables fishing in shallow areas with the Kick-Up fins that retract automatically upon impact. Moreover, the Kick-Up ability added to the rudder also protects shallow objects from damaging it.

Another game-changing feature of the Hobie Outback is the MirageDrive 180. It provides good propulsion and enables the switch to reverse mode and back up when required.

Contrarily, Bonafide SS127 ensures ultimate stability through the Hybrid Catamaran Hull Design while retaining speed and agility.

The Hi-Rise seat is another wonderful feature that ensures great performance without sacrificing stability.


Bonafide SS127 offers stability and performance for almost all anglers. While stability is its key feature, it is quite fast and ensures decent tracking.

Being one of the most agile kayaks, pointing its bow in the desired direction and taking off is easy while attaining the optimal speed.

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However, the Hobie Outback notched up the performance with a redesigned hull. The kayak is made narrow to travel at better speeds by cutting through the water easily.

But it doesn’t compromise on stability.

Moreover, forward positioning of the rudder enables better handling, better control, and tighter turn capabilities. It’s also quieter and smoother than its predecessor.

Is Bonafide Coming Out with a Pedal Drive?

Anglers have been requesting a pedal drive with a Bonafide kayak for a long. And guess what, the company delivered on consumer demands.

Taking inspiration from the best-selling Bonafide SS127, the company introduced the new P127. The new kayak offers better fishability with a Propel Pedal Drive System.

With this, Bonafide now has a kayak that offers three propulsion systems in one. The P127 allows you to choose from paddling, pedaling, and power propulsion.

Wrap Up – Bonafide SS127 vs Hobie Outback

The Bonafide SS127 vs Hobie Outback comparison states that both kayaks have specific features to ensure stability and performance.
Bonafide SS127 is lighter than the Outback but 2 inches short in length. However, despite the small length, SS127 has the capacity to hold 50 pounds more.

In terms of features, Hobie Outback scores better by protecting damage in shallow waters, offering reverse, and improved stability. However, the SS127 enables high-performance fishing with its Hi-Rise seating.

If you are looking for better speed and tracking, Hobie Outback is the way to go. This one is a bit costlier.

But the Bonafide SS127 is a great choice for stability and performance without breaking the bank.


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