Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 vs 140

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 vs 140

If you have used any of the Wilderness Systems, you would not be surprised when people talk about Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 vs 140.

However, if you are new to kayaking and this product, we would help you understand what the two kayaks can offer to their users.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 vs 140
Wilderness Systems Pungo

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 vs 140


Measuring a length of 12ft in total, the Wilderness System Tarpon 120 kayak is the perfect kayak for you if you would like to go for longer sessions using a serious fishing kayak.



  • This kayak has a depth of 13.75 inches
  • The weight capacity of this kayak is 350 pounds
  • It measures a length of 12 foot 3 inches
  • It is 30 inches wide
  • This kayak weighs about 63 pounds


Having a single-seat, the Tarpon 120 measures a length of about 12ft and is a sit-on-top fishing kayak.

One of the best things about this kayak is that it provides a very large storage space which can be sure to keep gear and other important equipment needed for the fishing trip or if you would like to stay overnight.

Since the maximum capacity of this kayak is 350 pounds, it may not be able to contain all necessary gear especially if the user is on the larger side.

This kayak possesses many features which can ensure that the users enjoy their kayaking experience and have a nice time. Some of these include: Rod holders and pre-installed gear tracks.

However, it must be noted that the Tarpon 120 is not ideal for leisure or recreational purposes.

If you want a kayak for that purpose then it will be better to choose another kind of kayak meant for that purpose.

For people who like to explore and fish in different places, then the Tarpon 120 is the right choice.

This is because it can be used in different types of water. The Tarpon 120 can be paddles in calm lakes, rivers, and even in ocean surf for more experienced paddlers.

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Top Features Of The Tarpon 120 Fishing Kayak

With its handy features and ease of use, the Tarpon 120 fishing kayak is very popular in the Tarpon series.

It measures a length of 12 feet and is designed as a sit-on-top fishing kayak that provides extreme comfort.

Also, this kayak is very easy to maneuver during long days on the water. Thanks to its storage, paddlers can keep as much gear as required on a fishing trip.

Below are some of the top features of this kayak:


  1. Comfort

Despite the fact that this kayak is used for serious fishing, it has very comfortable seats which makes the trip more convenient for the paddlers or the users.

With a Phase 3 AirProseat which is slightly elevated off the deck, paddlers can be sure to remain a bit dry while paddling.

In addition, the elevated seat of this kayak provides the paddler with more visibility which means that he/she will be able to cast the line more effectively while fishing.


  1. Maneuverability

The Tarpon 120 is built to have stability even under adverse weather conditions and waters ranging from flat water to choppy water. It has been designed with both primary and secondary stability.

The design of the hull of this kayak makes it a very versatile vessel which offers the paddler with both maneuverability and speed.

Although this kayak has excellent tracking, the build makes it very easy to attach a rudder if you feel it is necessary. However, the rudder needs to be purchased separately.

Transporting this kayak is also very easy and convenient as it has side carrying handles and comfort grip handles located at the bow and the stern.\

Since it is very long measuring a length of about 12 feet and 3 inches, users may need to transport this kayak using a trailer or a roof rack to get it from the storage area to the water.

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  1. Storage

With the Tarpon 120, paddlers are provided with enough space to keep all the necessary fishing gear required for their trip.

Whether they plan on staying overnight or not, you can be sure that the large storage space can contain a small tent or overnight supplies as well as daily fishing essentials.

Additionally, this fishing kayak has a very large storage well at the back which has the security of bungee cords and two sealed hatches.

The smaller hatch is located at the front of the seat while the larger one is at the bow.

These hatches are able to keep out most of the water although they are not completely watertight.

Regardless, it is advised to keep your fishing gear in dry bags first before storing them.


Furthermore, this kayak has a cup holder and  two storage pockets with a rubber mesh that covers the front of the seat. It can be used for keeping items that are close to the hand.


  1. Geared For Fishing

In terms of rigging, the Tarpon 120 is equal to the task. It has four gear tracks, which are located on the sides of the kayak with two in front of the seat, and two behind.

This allows the paddler to easily attach fishing equipment or gear like electronics and extra rod holders without having to drill any holes.

Thanks to the shape of the hull, this kayak offers great stability for the users.

With good balance, a paddler can even stand on it easily and this can help while fishing as the user will be able to cast the line effectively and precisely.


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140

Compared to the Tarpon 120, the Tarpon 140 is 14 ft long and about 28 inches wide and can thus provide much more speed.

However, it has similar features to the Tarpon 120.

Thanks to the additional length that comes with the Tarpon 140, this kayak has a larger storage space and weight capacity of 375 pounds.

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This means that it can contain all fishing gear and essentials needed especially for an extended trip.

Like the Tarpon 120, the Tarpon 140 has a Phase 3 seat and pre-installed gear tracks although the price is more expensive.


Perception Pescador Pilot 12

The Perception pescador Pilot 12 is a much more expensive option which provides a hands free fishing experience.

Despite its cost, it must be noted that this kayak has many benefits and interesting features which make fishing a whole lot better. Some of these features may include: hear tracks, a built in rudder system as well as four rod holders.

However, the major difference between these kayaks is that the Pescador Pilot has pedals.

With these pedals, the user can power his/her kayak using water and will only need the paddle to turn.

This kayak is very sturdy and can be used in any type of water including open water for people who like to fish in the ocean.

The downside to this kayak is that it is quite heavy and weighs about 85 pounds.

Asides from that, it is a great kayak that can contain all your fishing gear thanks to its very large weight capacity of 475 pounds.

For paddlers who may not want to spend much money like the Tarpon 120, a great recommendation would be the Sun Dolphin Journey.

Not only does it have built-in rod holders, it also has a storage hatch although it is not as versatile as the Tarpon 120, and may only be used efficiently on flat water.