How Do You Store a Hobie Outback in a Garage?

How do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage

Kayaks look beautiful and pleasant in the waters. But they feel awkward and huge when in the garage. Maybe, some kayak storing tips would help you.

When they start taking more than expected space, anglers usually start searching things like “how do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage?”

We know you too are looking for an answer. Here’re some ideas for storing kayaks tidily while freeing up space.

Keep Stress at Bay On/Off Water

How do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage
How do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage

Kayaking helps reduce stress, boosts mood, and calms anxiety. It is a great pastime, especially under the blue skies and shining sun.

But an overcrowded and chaotic garage can kill all that happiness and relief. The stress and anxiety levels quickly rise you got rid of while kayaking.

However, with the right kayak storage approach, you can de-clutter the mess and reduce stress. Know how to deal with bulky materials here.

How do you Store a Hobie Outback in a Garage?

Here are some ways of storing your Hobie kayak in a garage when not gliding in the waters.

Ceiling rack

Why put the kayak on the floor or walls when you can keep both free? Let your kayak rest on the ceiling.

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If you have multiple boats, you can get a 2-kayak ceiling rack with a capacity of up to 150 pounds (75 pounds on every side).

Quality racks come with padded arms to protect from scratching. Check for your kayak’s length and type (recreational, ocean, sit-on-top, and sea kayaks) before buying.

Wall mounted rack

Store your water vehicles while keeping the ground space free with a wall-mounted rack. Add protection from dings and scrapes by choosing a rack with extra-thick foam padding.

In addition, safety straps secure the kayak in place for times you aren’t having fun on the waters. Get a rack with a good holding capability.

Also, such racks don’t expand much from the wall to minimize the space utilized.

Pulley system

That’s something we prefer to use in our garage. Kayaks hang down from the ceiling with a pulley system.

Don’t worry about accidental falls or other problems. Good pulley systems offer reliable mechanisms and safety lock features.

With a simple-to-lift mechanism, you can get rubber-coated hooks and desired capacity to store your kayaks safely in the garage.

Folding floor stands

Need a solution to store your kayak on the floor? You need to keep it safe from the rough surface.

And, in this regard, a folding floor stand works well for this. Many people asking, “how do you store a Hobie outback in a garage?” choose this option.

Get a solid rack that supports over 100 pounds of kayak weight with zero assembly needs. In addition to storage, you can also use them for maintenance as well as cleaning.

Wall hooks

If you have a lightweight kayak, you can use wall hooks to store them against a wall. They work for both inside and outside garage walls.

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Reclaim the floor space for other purposes with a pair of hooks for each kayak you want to store.

Again, look for hooks that won’t harm your kayak since you will be storing them for a considerable period.

Freestanding rack

How about a storage solution that keeps the kayaks off the floor but not on a wall or ceiling? Well! Here it is. A freestanding rack with arms to hold your boats.

You can find such racks with one or multiple kayak storage options. A stabilizing foot makes the rack stand firm so that you can anchor for extra stability.

Other features include wheels for easy movement, adjustable arms fit, and soft foam.

Cart with wheels

Are you a regular kayaker? Or live close to the water? A kayak cart will let you glide off in a moment. And with wheels under the cart, you can move it around easily.

Features like no-flat airless tires and tie-down straps for security let you haul your kayak without worries.

Even if you don’t live near the water or don’t kayak often, wheels help make transportation easier.

Rack with wheels

It’s similar to a regular kayak rack but with wheels for easy movement around your garage. And lockable wheels will prevent it from moving on its own.

A rack with wheels can store multiple kayaks with a considerable capacity. Some good features of such racks include adjustable width and padded arms.

Strap system

The strap system is an adjustable storage solution that helps hang kayaks on a wall or down from the ceiling.

Such straps are strong enough to hold almost 100 pounds. You can get extra-wide straps (1.5 inches) to prevent kayak damage and easy installation.

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Moreover, fast-release buckles make it easy to load and unload kayaks.

Conclusion – How Do You Store a Hobie Outback in a Garage?

How do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage
How do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage

Hobie makes some amazing kayaks for beginner as well as pro anglers. However, storing them in a garage is always a concern for boat owners.

This article has provided a few wonderful answers to the question, “how do you store a Hobie Outback in a garage?”

You can use the floor space, walls, or ceilings to store your kayaks. Or you can get a rack that offers portable kayak storage off the floor.


Can I store Hobie Outback on its side?

In short, the answer is a “NO.”

Storing a Hobie Outback or any other kayak on its side will easily make it bend and harm the scupper holes.

Can you store a Hobie kayak outside?

Yes, Hobie kayaks can be stored outside as long as they are off the water.

For long periods of storage, make sure the kayak stays out of the water. And, to prevent it from rain and other water sources, place it under some cover.

Using a kayak cover can further prevent environmental damage.

Can you stack Hobie kayaks?

Yes, Hobie kayaks can be stacked. For instance, Hobie Mirage Passport is stackable irrespective of the size you choose.

You can easily stack these kayaks on top of each other while transporting or storing them. However, several kayak brands don’t support this as it can damage the boat.

Instead, you should invest in roof racks while transporting while using straps to secure the bow and stems.

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