5 Best Touring Kayaks

Best Touring Kayaks

Kayaking has become more fun because of the best touring kayaks. We use kayaking in relaxing and having leisure, including sports.

If you would like the best touring kayaks, go for the products with ample storage that can contain as much gear as you desire.

 Best Touring Kayaks

For any touring kayak to be considered as good, there are important features that it must have. These features will ensure a smooth and amazing journey while avoiding unforeseen dangers ahead.

Before purchasing any touring kayak, it is necessary to be aware of these features as they can make your selection a lot easier.

Thanks to this guide, you will find more information on what a touring kayak really is, who should buy it as well as a compilation of a few of the best touring kayaks currently sold in the market.

Top touring kayaks


touring kayaks Length Type Weight limit 


Riot Kayaks Brittany



16.5 feet


Sit inside


350 lbs.


51 lbs.


Perception Rambler

13.5 feet


Sit on top


550 lbs.


78 lbs.
Sun Dolphin Aruba

12 feet


Sit inside


275 lbs.


47 Lbs.
Riot Kayaks Edge

14.5 feet


Sit inside 325 lbs.


60 lbs
Intex Challenger K1

9 feet Inflatable 220 lbs 27.2 lbs.



Best touring kayaks: What is it and who should Buy It?

Touring kayaks can be defined as long vessels that have ample storage space and comfortable seats. In other words, they are an upgrade to the recreational kayaks.

Features of the best touring kayaks

I.) They have hull designs that are different from other types of kayaks. They enable paddlers of touring kayaks to stand their ground during rough water conditions.

II.) A lot of touring kayaks come with rudders which allows impressive maneuverability and tracking. With this, you can always turn around easily and move in a straight line.

III.) Besides their stability and maneuverability, they are comfortable to use. They offer ample storage options, which may include dry hatch compartments in the bow and stern.

Top best touring kayaks

 Best Touring Kayaks

Riot Kayaks Brittany

The Riot Kayaks Brittany is among the best touring kayaks.  It comes expensive and has the most feature-rich touring kayak on the list.

Not only is it double value for money, it practically has so many amazing features that you definitely cannot resist. Here are some of them:


I.) With its 16.5 feet, it is the longest kayak on our list

II.) It has three hatches, which all contain separate compartments, providing an ample storage area.

III.) This kayak possesses a paddle hook, which you can use to store your paddles. With this, your paddles can be safely put away and you can have enough space to stretch your legs and relax.

IV.) Accommodating about 350 pounds, it has the second-highest weight capacity.

V.) As a solo touring yak, you can load this kayak with as much gear as you wish thanks to its large storage space.

VI.) The Riot Kayaks Brittany also offers a skeg. The skeg serves to stabilize the boat and helps you have control over the direction of the boat.

VII.) It features a retractable rudder, which is needed when you want to store the kayak or when you are traveling.

A rudder on your kayak is recommended as it also improves tracking and enables you to turn easily and it enables you to paddle in a straight line even during a bad weather.

VIII.) The sit-inside model is impressively comfortable as it comes with adjustable foot braces, custom-fit seating, and thigh braces convenient and suitable for different-sized paddlers.

IX.) Compared to its counterparts, Riot Kayaks Brittany is relatively lightweight, as it weighs about 50 pounds.

X.) Thanks to its visible yellow color and reflective lifeline, you can spot in the water. This feature is a bonus point, especially during emergencies or night trips.

XI.) Adding to its safety precautions, it comes with safety straps to make sure you’re secured throughout the trip.


I.) It has a high weight limit of 350 lbs.

II.) It is stable

III.) It has excellent trackability

IV.) It is lightweight measuring about 50 lbs

V.) It comes with a rudder and a skeg.

VI.) Brightly-colored


I.) It is very expensive.

II.) The seats could be more comfortable.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the best touring kayaks, the Riot Kayaks Brittany is 100% recommended.

Riot Kayaks Edge

A cheaper substitute quite similar to Riot Kayaks Brittany would be the Riot Kayaks Edge. With its amazing features, it definitely makes the list of kayaks you should choose from.


I.)  The Edge is listed among the best touring kayaks that have a retractable skeg and an integrated rudder system which allows both experienced and amateur paddlers to easily navigate a straight line.

II.) The sit-inside kayak contains a custom-fit seating system that has built-in thigh braces to accommodate paddlers of different sizes.

It also has adjustable sliding foot braces that provide as much comfort as you need during long trips.

III.) It measures a length of 14.5 feet.

IV.) In the front and rear, it has dry sealed patches that offer plenty of storage space.

V.) It comes with bungee cords on its bow and stern.

VI.) It is a solo kayak that can accommodate about 325 pounds, meaning that you can load it with as much gear as you wish.

VII.) Thanks to the built-in paddle hook, you can secure your paddles whenever you need to stop paddling and just relax.

 Best Touring Kayaks

VIII.) It is made of durable polyethylene that ensures that it is tough enough to last for a long period.

IX.) The Edge features safety straps, reflective lines, and a security bar so that your trip is free from any risk or dangers.

X.) Its bright yellow color is very visible for night paddling

XI.) It comes with a drain plug to get the water still gets out of your kayak effortlessly if you paddle in windy weather


I.) Nice trackability

II.) It is very comfortable

III.) It features a drain plug

IV.) The Edge has a rudder and a skeg

V.) It is durable and sure to last for a long period.

VI.) It has a high weight capacity

VII.) It comes with a paddle hook


I.) The Edge is heavy

II.) It does not contain any accessories


Although the Riot Kayaks Edge is quite heavy, it is an amazing choice, especially for those looking for solo best touring kayaks.

Thanks to its high weight capacity, ample storage, and affordable price, this kayak is an awesome option that you should really consider.

 Perception Rambler

The Perception Rambler is among the very few sit-on-top best touring kayaks on the market.


I.) As a sit-on-top kayak, the Perception Rambler is convenient for paddlers of different levels of experience.

II.) Thanks to its build as a sit-on-top kayak, there is a lot of space.

III.) It is a tandem kayak that contains two seats with an additional mold-in centre seat, making it the very best option for family trips as you can paddle it with your spouse, kid, or even your pet.

IV.) The seats have enough space, so getting in and out will not be a problem at all.

V.) The minimum number of people to paddle the kayak is two.

VI.) Thanks to its adjustable and removable padded seats with adjustable backrests, it is great for adults with back pain.

VII.) To accommodate different-sized paddlers, there are multiple footrest options.

VIII.) This kayak is 13.5 feet long with a sit-on-top design giving it an ample storage area.

IX.) It offers a wide rear open storage that you can use to keep a cooler or any gear you want.

X.) It has the ability to accommodate up to 550 pounds, which is the highest weight capacity of any best touring kayaks.


I.) It is dog-friendly.

II.) Great for families.

III.) It has the highest weight capacity.

IV.) Ample storage space.

V.) The seats are very comfortable.

VI.) Multiple footrest options.



I.) Bad trackability.

II.) It does not come with a paddle.

III.) It has no rudder or skeg.

IV.) The model is quite heavy coming at 78 pounds.

V.) Your gear might get wet.


Asides from its budget-friendly price, the Perception Rambler is your only and best option if you’re looking to find a tandem sit-on-top best touring kayaks.

Sun Dolphin Aruba

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is by far, the cheapest touring kayak in this list. Despite its price, its features will leave you in awe as it is built to provide comfort and a relaxing kayaking experience.


I.) It is one of the most durable best touring kayaks on the market.

II.) It has rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene construction.

III.) Thanks to its 12 feet narrow body, paddlers are offered all the stability they may require.

IV.) The seats on the kayak provide comfort as it is designed in a way that reduces pressure on your sciatic nerve.

V.) It also possesses a spacious cockpit, giving you enough legroom and allows you to stretch your legs.

VI.) Due to its large cockpit, you are able to grab as much gear as you possibly need.

VII.) Its covered storage area allows paddlers to bring their phones along without fear that it could get wet.

VIII.) Thanks to the bungee system, you can grab extra gear and strap it on the deck.

IX.) The Sun Dolphin Aruba can accommodate about 275 pounds. It is important to ensure that you do not exceed this limit for safety purposes.

X.) It is the lightest hardshell kayak, weighing 47 pounds only.


I.) It is among the best touring kayaks with covered storage areas.

II.) It is lightweight.

III.) Very affordable and comfortable.

IV.) It is durable and stable.


I.) Might not track well.

II.) The material could be improved.


The Sun Dolphin Aruba is for anyone who is search for affordable, lightweight best touring kayaks with comfort at the same time.

With its impressive stability and ample storage space,  it is indeed one of the best touring kayaks on the list.

Intex Challenger K1

If you are new to kayaking and still unsure if you would enjoy a touring kayak, the Intex Challenger K1 is the ideal choice for you.

The Intex Challenger K1 is one of the best touring kayaks that comes at a very decent price range is loaded with impressive features and can guarantee you a pleasant kayaking experience.

If you find out that you do not like kayaking, you would not even feel bad since its price is extra friendly.


I.) It is made of puncture-resistant vinyl, which will surely keep your yak in good shape for a long period.

II.) As an inflatable yak, this one comes with two air chambers, so if one of them gets punctured, the other one would stay afloat which is about enough to get you to the dry land.

III.) It features a very comfortable seat with a backrest as well as a separate inflatable footrest.

IV.) The bottom employs an  I-beam floor, which increases the stability and buoyancy of the yak.

V.) It has a removable skeg which improves its stability in bad weather conditions, although, it is best to use it in warm weather only.

VI.) It measures a length of about 9-feet.

VII.) It has a cargo net on the front, so you can grab whatever enters inside quickly.

VIII.) The Intex Challenger K1 can accommodate about 220 pounds, so you can only bring the most important things you may need due to its comparatively low weight limit.

IX.) Being an inflatable kayak, it is pretty lightweight measuring only 27 pounds.

X.) It features two grab lines on both ends, which can enable you to transport it easily while it is inflated.

XI.) It comes with a carry bag and a hand/foot pump, which allows you to easily and quickly deflate the yak and put it inside its bag along with the paddle and pump.


I.) It is one of the affordable and durable best touring kayaks.

II.) Its visible green color makes it easier for you to be spotted during night trips.

III.) It is lightweight (27 pounds).

IV.) It comes with accessories such as oars, paddles, a carrying bag and pump

V.) Compact and easy to store

VI.) It has a comfortable seat with a backrest.

VII.) It has a skeg.


I.) It is not suitable for saltwater.

II.) It has minimal storage space.


The  Intex Challenger K1 is perfect for newbies thanks to its low price, comfortable seat, stability, and safety.

 Best Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks FAQ

Q. What  Length is recommended for the Woman’s best touring kayaks? 

  1. A. The length of touring kayaks usually varies from 11 to 15 feet long. For women, a touring kayak measuring about 11 to 13 feet is appropriate.

It is long enough to offer ample storage while being easy to control and navigate.

Q. Is the Color of the Kayak Important? 

  1. A. Of course. The color of your kayak is very important, especially if you paddle around motorized boats as it makes you visible, easily seen, spotted and thus safe from potential danger.

Bright colors like orange, yellow, or green are recommended.

Q. Will I Get Wet? 

  1. A. Since most touring kayaks are sit-ins, you will definitely get wet.

Bottom line

If you have gone through the list of the best touring kayaks, then finding the right kayak for you should be a piece of cake.

However, in case you are still finding it difficult to make a choice, we will further help you by highlighting some of the models on the list above.

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