Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks

Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks?

Vibe has been a popular brand in the kayaking world. You can find a range of feature-rich, affordable, and sit-on-top kayaks from the company.

But still, many anglers ask this, “does Vibe make good kayaks?” before buying their first one. And we have found an answer for you here.

The company is known to create reliable products for kayakers. And, it has been upgrading its lineup to include new products with time.

Recently, Vibe has included a standup paddleboard, tandem kayak, and more kayaks for big water or backwater paddlers. Overall, the brand has a huge range of kayaks with sporty designs and smart features at the best prices.

The History of Vibe Kayaks

John Ewald and Joshua Thomas found the company Vibe in 2013. The main focus of the brand is to develop and create kayaks with useful features at affordable rates.

Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks
Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks

In short, the brand wants to make sure that everyone buying their boats can easily enjoy paddling.

That’s why the brand deals with a huge variety of kayaks to match the needs of different paddlers from beginners to experienced ones.

Most kayaks come with paddles and seats which makes them a good choice for beginners looking for entry-level crafts.

The Range of Vibe Kayaks

Does vibe make good kayaks is an interesting question kayakers ask before buying a new boat.

While the brand has multiple products in store for you, each one has different features. Thus, to find a good answer to the question, let’s know what all Vibe kayaks offer.

Vibe Skipjack 90

Are you buying a kayak for fishing or exploration? This one from Vibe is one of the best picks for beginner kayakers. It’s stable and short which makes it versatile.

Moreover, the kayak is easily portable. It’s so light in weight that you can grab and carry it using its side handles.

It comes with a defined waterline. Paddlers get easy maneuverability, a supportive backrest system, and a breathable, waterproof seat pad.

Besides, it also features a huge amount of storage at both ends along with an accessory mounting point at the base and a tackle toss recess at the center.

And if you love filming, you can use any of the four recessed rod holders as a mounting point for GoPro.

A drink holder, waterproof hatch, and paddle park offer invaluable support for small things like mobile phones and cameras.

Vibe Yellowfin 100

This kayak offers a stepped-up level of paddling and comfort than the first one with its Vibe Hero seat.

The comfort that this supportive and adjustable seating system gives is what most kayakers wish for throughout the day. It’s similar in shape to the Skipjack 90.

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However, an additional foot in length and a clearly defined keel make it more stable and ensure effective tracking. Plus, you can attain high speeds without much hassle.

It comes with 4-rod holders (2 each at the front and behind) to help you paddle unencumbered.

Plus, 2 top-loading gear tracks and a rectangular base mount mean that you can easily customize the setup of fishing.

For storage, it comes with two watertight hatches, each at the bow side and the seat’s front. Alongside, there’s a big recess at the rear that helps secure essentials using an adjustable bungee.

You will also find tackle toss and tackle trays in the middle for rapid changes.

Vibe Yellowfin 120

The amazing shape of this kayak when combined with the additional length makes it a stable and great choice for cruising.

It hosts the comfortable Vibe Hero seat that’s one of the most supportive and comfortable seats on the market. It also packs the foot peg system available in Yellowfin100 for rapid adjustment on the go.

It comes with two-rod holders and 10 top-loading gear tracks across the boat’s bow.

The cargo on the front comes with Flex Top gear cover so that your gear items stay secure. Also, the rear tank has adjustable bungees.

Other features include a hatch in the center, a rectangle accessory mount at the base, tackle toss, and tackle trays.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 & 130

This series of kayaks from Vibe extends the capability of a fishing kayak in terms of the maximum features. Still, Sea Ghost kayaks feel like easy to design and low profile boats.

Both the kayaks have identical features including the long waterline that inspires speed and stability to cruise around with ease.

And just when this doesn’t feel sufficient, the turning and tracking capabilities are improved with the rudder system, which is handled by toe pedals on the pegs of the foot.

Another impressive feature is Vibe’s high-quality Hero seat which is famous for comfort in most of its boats. In addition to a tackle tray storage on either side of the seat, it offers a lot of storage.

You will get a big open tank at the stern with adjustable bungee. Herein, you can store milk crates, coolers, buckets, or bags. A big watertight hatch is also available at the bow.

Come to the kayak’s middle and you will find more interesting features. Get a bit of everything in one with the Vibe’s Versa Console.

It includes a cup holder, two mini hatches, a magnetic lure catcher, two gear tracks, and some bungee storage. All this is available over a small hatch in the center.

Other features of this kayak series include a transducer port, a hatch behind the seat, a paddle holder, two rod holders, and gear tracks on one of the gunnels.

Even with all these features, the Sea Ghost kayaks perform well in slow rivers and open waters. These are also good for some decent surfing, making them the perfect fishing kayaks.

Vibe Cubera 120 Crossover

Cubera 120 Crossover is a kayak that lets you stand up and stand out from the crowd.

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It brings a crossover between a stand-up paddleboard and open-deck kayak versions. This makes it an ideal boat for all kinds of water.

It comes with numerous add-on options, using which you can opt for stand-up and fish or sit-down and paddle.

The kayak also features a sink-proof and no flex hull that has injected foam inside, a feature of amazing stand-up paddle boards.

If you wish to sit down and paddle, you can always add the Vibe Summit seat to the seating tracks. For casting, fold the seat and use it as a standing perch.

It also has top loading gear tracks for several accessories and rod holders. You can also mount a jet motor or a micro anchor using the Power-Pole mounting location at the rear.

And for storage, it features a small watertight hatch, bungees, and versatile tie-down areas.

Vibe Shearwater 125

Still didn’t find the answer to “does Vibe make good kayaks?” Check this one from the brand. It’s known to offer the ultimate fishing experience.

Shearwater 125 is something that Vibe calls more than just a kayak. It’s a fishing machine.

It’s loaded with features including the comfortable Vibe Summit seat with four adjustable height positions. You can fold it when not in use and use the optional perch for a better view.

However, even without a perch, the boat offers a decent standing space to fish from and gunwale grips to avoid slipping when you stand on the sides.

Other features include 4 rod mounts and 4 horizontal rod holders, a fish finder pod, gear tracks, and power pole mounting spots.

For storage, it offers a lot of space at the rear with adjustable bungees as well as on the midship and bow.

The bow storage includes a flex top cover, recess for tackle boxes, 3 hull access plates, and a Vibe Versa drawer below the seat.

To store electronic items, you can use the removable Vibe Versa pod in the middle. You can replace it with the Vibe X-Drive Pedal Pod for hands-free kayaking. However, you will also need the optional steering handle for this.

If you don’t like to paddle much, the Bixpy jet motor is an option that attaches to the rudder system.

At the last, the hull also makes your boating easy. With a long keel line, V-shape, and over-accentuated bow, Shearwater tracks and moves perfectly.

Vibe Skipjack 120 Tandem

The boat is an ideal kayak for occasional anglers and is made for 2 persons. A short waterline along with a bow stern rocker ensures better maneuverability.

Thus, the kayak can be used in lakes, slow-moving rivers, and for small surfs too.

It offers great support as well as comfort to kayakers for staying out on the water for long. In addition to the ergonomically designed cushions and seat backs, it also features 4 carrying handles.

Willing to buy one for fishing? Here’s what it has for you.

It comes with 2 rod holders behind the rear paddler, 2 mounting points for base accessories, and some paddle stowing options.

You can store items in small bungee areas, one each at the rear and front. Or, you can also use a small hatch for each paddler given in the kayak.

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Vibe Yellowfin 130 Tandem

This kayak offers a great experience of exploring rivers and local lakes with its sleek and long waterline. The long keel line and V-shaped hull let the boat speed up with effective tracking.

The Vibe Hero seat offers desired comfort and support during long kayaking and fishing days.

While this kayak is made for two, you can use it as a solo boat too. For this, you need to take out one seat and reposition the other in the center recess.

If you are a tandem angler, it got certain features for you. Behind the rear seat, it packs quality rod holders. Two rectangular accessory mounts and some top-loading gear tracks make your ride easier.

Carrying more items? It’s got you covered with an abundance of cargo space. You will get tackle tray holders next to the seats and a tackle toss. It also has a small cargo area at the bow.

A big tank well at the rear allows for storing bags, boxes, and coolers with bungees to secure the items. And for small items, you get dry storage with a couple of watertight hatches.

Wrap Up – Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks?

Here, you have learned about the Vibe brand, its history, and its features.

Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks
Does Vibe Make Good Kayaks

In addition, the list of kayaks from the company with features is sure to answer the question, “does Vibe make good kayaks?”

However, if you still doubt, you can compare its kayaks with similar ones from other brands for a better idea.

While there might be better kayaks in the market from other brands as well, that doesn’t make this one bad.

All you need is to know your requirements and budget, and then look for a kayak that fits well within those boundaries.


Are vibe kayaks made in the USA?

You may hear that vibe kayaks are manufactured in the U.S. and China. But the reality is that vibe kayaks are built in China and designed in the U.S.

Who manufactures vibe kayaks?

Vibe Kayaks are the brainchildren of Josh Thomas, the founder. He, along with his team of designers and manufacturers, create kayaks to meet their kayaking needs.

Are vibe kayaks stable?

The stability of a kayak depends on its design, hull, and other factors. And Vibe has been offering its products with good stability and performance options.

Do all vibe kayaks come with a paddle?

Vibe does offer kayaks with a paddle but not all of them. Some boats like Skipjack 90 have paddles included but others like Shearwater 125 don’t come with a paddle included.

But you can still buy a paddle along with the boat from the same brand. For separate buys, you can get different color options to choose from.

Are vibe paddles good?

Vibe manufactures different paddles of good quality for anglers and kayakers.

For instance, the Journey paddle is a budget-friendly option from Vibe. It’s made for beginner kayakers with an aluminum shaft and polypropylene blades.

If you can spend a bit more, you will get fiberglass fishing paddles. These offer a brilliant mix of durability and performance with fiberglass blades.