Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

Stability and performance are two key aspects of a quality kayak. With numerous brands out there, Wilderness systems and Bonafide are two of the most popular ones.

And if you are an angler looking for a new kayak, you might be confused in Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127.

While both boast stability and performance, they are made different in several features.

Let’s compare how each of the kayaks performs in various departments like size, weight, capacity, performance, and more.

Overview – Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

Wilderness Systems created ATAK 120 as a successor to the 140 model. Carrying forward the same legacy, the manufacturer retained the stability and features.

Being shorter in size, the ATAK 120 is touted as easier to transport and more responsive than others in the same class.

The other, Bonafide SS127, is created to provide a perfect blend of stability and performance. In addition, its high-rise seat ensures better fishing without losing stability.

Weight and Size

Wilderness has made a shorter kayak that features stability, easy transportability, and responsive performance.

The ATAK 120 is kept at 12’3” in length with a width of 35”. While this provides enough room for the anglers, the deck height of 16” is also good.

Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127
Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

The other one, Bonafide SS127 is a bit longer at 12’7” but has a smaller width of 33.75”. It also offers a deck height of 15.5” which makes kayaking and fishing comfortable.

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In terms of weight, the ATAK 120 is lighter, weighing 86 pounds against the Bonafide SS127’s weight of 94 pounds.

With not much difference between the lengths, widths, and heights, weights are quite different. Still, both kayaks are heavy and not all anglers could find them easy to transport.


Just like the weight, there’s also a significant difference in how much weight the kayaks can carry.

Wilderness ATAK 120 offers a capacity of 400 pounds. This is good enough for carrying all the gear with an angler of above-average weight while kayaking safely.

However, Bonafide SS127 gets an upper hand here by offering a weight carrying capacity of 475 pounds.

Thus, you can use it to cover long-haul distances while carrying a lot of stuff with you.

Storage and Equipment Mounting in ATAK 120

While storage is paramount for anglers, both the manufacturers have given it a thought while designing the kayaks.

Let’s start with the one from Wilderness Systems. The ATAK 120 comes with a dry space for storing gear at the bow end, accessible by lifting a piece attached by a hinge.

It features a removable dry box “Flex Pod OS Removable Mounting System” for storing a transducer and mounting a fish finder. You can also use the box for placing an electric motor.

Behind this dry box is a covered recess to hold beverages and equipment. Removing its bottom allows access to water for mounting a transducer when a motor is installed.

The cockpit has gunnels on both sides where you can mount accessories using the inbuilt tracks.

For cooler or other equipment, the ATAK 120 has a flat surface behind the seat. You can also mount a power pole in this space that runs down in the tank well through the scupper hole.

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You can store small gear in the recessed pockets with bungees on the tank well’s either side. And for large equipment, it provides two adjustable buckling straps.

The back of the tank well has another hatch that houses a small compartment for dry storage. More tracks on the gunnels at the tank well’s back half allow mounting additional accessories.

In addition, anglers can also mount a rudder with the Helix Drive, a Torqeedo motor, or two extra power-pole shallow water anchors.

Storage and Equipment Mounting in SS127

Looks like the ATAK 120 has a lot for storing items and mounting accessories. Storage options on the SS127 are quite simple and straightforward.

You get a big bow hatch with space to store almost every gear. It protects the stored items during transportation. Plus, you can access the hatch from the back or front.

It provides another storage compartment under the seat. There’s a sliding drawer that you can use for dry storage.

The SS127 allows mounting fish and depth finders with the center-positioned DryPod that features a transducer through-hull scupper.

It lets you store rods carefully and easily when on the water with the Boss Strap rod management system. The system also serves as a pocket for a paddle.

In addition, the Aluminium GearTracs from YakAttack on the sides enables easy rod-holder positioning.

Seating and Comfort

AirPro Max is a popular seat of lawn chair style from the Wilderness Systems. It features UV resistance, lightweight aluminum, and breathable mesh material.

For comfortable seating, it allows moving between three positions, low, high, and reclined. You can also slide the seat backward or forward for height adjustment and optimal weight distribution.

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Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127
Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

It features larger footrests that feature foam padding and can be adjusted for comfort.

The SS127 features a HiRise seat that’s considered to be one of the best in the industry. Despite the high-seating arrangement, it scores well in the stability department.

For anglers willing to go barefoot, the kayak features a reinforced foot platform for extra grip and supreme comfort. Extra pads on the rear help anglers pivot and look behind without repositioning the kayak.


In terms of performance, ATAK 120 offers stability similar to its predecessor, ATAK 140.

While its shorter length makes it more responsive to paddle strokes, it still can’t track that well. The kayak holds well in both open water and rivers alike.

Bonafide SS127, on the other hand, is known to offer a blend of performance and stability. Due to its catamaran-style hull, it offers decent tracking and outstanding stability.

Anglers can point the bow in the desired direction and reach optimal speeds without struggling to travel.

Wrap Up – Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127

Priced almost equal, both the kayaks offer many similarities and differences.

In this Wilderness Systems Atak 120 vs Bonafide SS127 comparison, we found the ATAK 120 shorter in length but heavier than the SS127. Also, the ATAK 120’s weight carrying capacity is lower.

Anglers can handle the ATAK 120 well but the SS127 offers better tracking. However, both have decent features for comfort and storage.

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