Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115

Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115

In this article, we will compare the Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115. If you have ever dreamed of owning any of these kayaks, we highlight the reasons why the two kayaks are popular.

Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115
Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115

Wilderness systems Atak 120 vs Radar 115

Wilderness systems Atak 120

ATAK 140 is an award-winning kayak. It now has a shorter model; ATAK 120. Both have the same basic features. ATAK 120 is more compact than ATAK 140.  ATAK 140 is easy to operate in water. It is also easy to transport and store.

The Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 kayak is also known as the “Advanced Tactical Angling kayak”. It is the best among all other angling kayaks. The boat is made for serious anglers who aim at catching large quantities of fish. The engineering design, from bow to stern will give you the highest fishing experience.

Torqeedo is the pioneer of electric-based watercraft motors and, Wilderness Systems is partnering with them. This has helped Wilderness to give anglers the best choices regarding kayak fishing.

The weight of Helix Motor Drive is light.  The size is compact.  Its performance is high and it has a waterproof lithium battery. This motor drive is innovative. It is a real reinvention of the world of kayak propulsion technology.

Among the ATAK series is the longer ATAK 140. ATAK 120 is shorter in length. The length makes it a better choice for small to medium-sized paddlers whose weight may be between 100 to 200 pounds. There is an extra rocker installed in the bow which helps to improve handling if you paddle into waves.

There is a transducer scupper hole included, for even further electronic capabilities. ATAK 120 has many accessories and features. It gives you total stability and confidence in every condition. Its deck is flat and padded. This makes it easy for you to stand up if you are into casting and fly fishing.

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The ATAK 120 is equipped with the newly designed Phase 3 AirPro Max seating system. The seat gives you improved comfort and adjustability. Its mounting points are many. This is for additional accessories that will improve your catch on the water. Its small size notwithstanding,

ATAK 120 can carry a ton of gear. Its maximum capacity is 350 pounds. It has a rectangular stern hatch which, makes it easy to store a milk crate. Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate is made up of four-rod holders and a storage area, dividers can also be stored there.

The bow hatch is big and dry. It serves as storage space for equipment. The boat has a removable front console and a center hatch. It also serves as internal storage for your needs.

Note: Wilderness Systems, makers of ATAK 120 says that the boat is good for paddling in the surf because it is a sit-on-top kayak (S.O.T). However,  we advise that you stay in flat water, sheltered bays of large lakes, or calmer waters.

Recreational Seat On Top kayaks does not have a lot of safety features like day-touring models or sea kayaks do. They do not perform very well in waves and wind.

Wilderness systems Atak 120 Features

It is equipped with 3 AirPro Max Seat which many people believe is the best product in the industry. This seat is patent-pending and has a full forward/aft trim range. It can be adjusted to three different positions; high,  low and recline. You can do this without clipping or loosening any strap.

The boat has enclosed bow storage. It also has an integrated paddle park. You can quickly stow your paddle and reel in your catch with your two hands.

The console of the boat is FlexPod OS. This electronic console is easy to remove from the kayak, to protect your devices.

Radar 115

Radar 115 Pros

  • It is very comfortable
  • It has enough storage
  • It has a lot of accessory alternatives
  • It paddles well

Radar 115 Cons

  • It is heavy relative to kayaks of its size.
  • It is difficult for one person to carry.
  • It does not have built-in rod holders.

Radar 115 Size and Weight

The length of Radar 115 Kayak is 11 feet 8 inches  (356 cm). It has a width of 34.5 inches (88 cm). The width created enough space to make you feel comfortable and stable as you paddle on the water. The height of the deck is 15 inches (38 cm). It sits low in the water when compared to other kayaks.

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Radar 115 is weighed 85 pounds  (38.5 kg). It is heavy for a boat of its size. The amount of material used in the construction of all the molded-in features is the reason the boat is heavy.

Radar 115 Capacity

The maximum capacity of the boat is 450 pounds  (204 kg). With this capacity, the boat can comfortably carry an average-sized adult and all his gears.

Radar 115 Features

The boat has a rigid carry handle at the bow. You can use this handle to strap the kayak down if you want to transport it. Behind the handle is a bungee which serves as a paddle park.

There is a hatch at the front of the deck. The hatch covers a dry storage compartment.  It is located on a flat surface and, you can mount different kinds of accessories on the deck by drilling into it if you want.

It has FlexPod OS console system. The system is a box that is mounted into the deck and lowered into a hole in the hull. The console system is held strong with two clips. You can mount the Helix MD Motor Drive at this place. This is an electric motor that Wilderness Systems offers.

It is specifically made for this boat. It is possible for you to mount a transducer below it and, mount a fish finder on top. There is a handle with which you can push it in and pull it out.

Behind the console is a scupper box that is fitted into a hole which is in the deck, through the hull. Its purpose is to accommodate the Helix PD Pedal Drive System. This is a pedal-driven propeller unit. You can also mount electronics like side scanning fish finder on the scupper box.

There is a hatch in front of the seat which serves as a dry storage space. It is flush with the deck. The manufacturer made it strong that one can stand on it. The footrests on both sides are big enough to keep you comfortable. They are padded with foam and can be adjusted with levers.

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The cockpit has tracks on every side on which you can mount accessories. On the sides of the cockpit is molded pocket in which you can store small gear items.

The seat is modeled after a lawn chair.  You can set it in three different positions; high, low, and reclined. The seat is made of breathable ultraviolet-resistant mesh materials. You can fold it back to create more room on the deck, when you are standing or casting.

The seat is mounted on two tracks, which makes it adjustable forward or backward to fit your height or choice.

There is a paddle park on both sides of the kayak. There is a place to mount a rudder steering system that is suitable for both right and left handed users. There is a big tankwell behind the seat.. The tankwell has a bungee with which you can carry milk crates, tackle boxes and other equipment.

There is a short section of tracks on the sides of the tankwell on which you can mount accessories as well  as the AirPro 3D Seat. The kayak is a total perch to stand on top of and fish from.

At the stern is another  carry handle. Behind the handle is a mounting plate ledge with which you can add a trolling motor or battery-operated shakeout poles.


We picked the Wilderness systems Atak 120 for many reasons.  The kayak is made of polyethylene and, it makes it very durable. The hull of the kayak is shatterproof. Its impact resistance and overall toughness is outstanding. These contributed to the weight of this kayak.