Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Big Rig

Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Big Rig

Not the first time I have using kayaks, but Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Big Rig have always fascinated me.  I am not a little person at 355lbs and 6’, which means that I need a kayak that can complement my size.

I have used each of these kayaks and will let you know how I feel about them. However, when you want to shop for any of these kayaks, consider the kind of water and fish you want. A comfortable seat determines how long you can paddle on water.

Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Big Rig
Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Big Rig

if you want to pick bass fishing kayaks, you can consider these Bonafide ss127 and Jackson Big Rig. Here is what I want you know about the kayaks I have highlighted:

Bonafide SS127: A Guide

The Bonafide SS127 has become a popular sit-on-top fishing kayak you can use for your water adventure. It has a modified catamaran hull that ensures that you enjoy a solid stability and handle your paddling performance.

With its deck with a high/low seat and open cockpit, you can stand up and do your fishing.  In addition, you can adjust the seat from your cockpit. The horizontal rod holders and paddler holder in the bow ensures that your items stay safe and within reach when you stand up and fish.

The Perch Pads that are flat areas on its gunwales afford you a better visibility. I can tell you that the Bonafide SS127 is a great all-around kayak.

The kayak has great features and design cues that make fishing more fun and exciting. You have access to your items because of the open cockpit. I like the numerous smart fishing accessories and gear storage that can accommodate largemouth bass.

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The kayak has a innovative tunnel hull designed  to improve handling, reduce noise, and increase speed.  I enjoyed the average paddling of 2.5 to 3 miles per hour this model offered me.

If there is something I like about Bonafide Ss127, the stability does not disappoint. Its rockered hull ensures that you have an easy maneuvering while its pontoons allow fast tracking.

Bonafide SS127 Stability

Meanwhile, its main stability ensures that you experience a great maneuverability, while the rock-solid secondary stability keeps you upright when you stand on the stern or the bow. I can turn around when I fish with this kayak.

If you want a kayak that has a high-low seat, you can consider Bonafide that improves your comfort and increases its kayaks toughness. For instance, I put its mesh material in the hot Orlando sunshine and it didn’t disappoint.

You can move its seat backward or forward with its over-engineered clamps that can lock your seat in place.  You can easily move your seat out to stand and fish with the kayak.

I can tell you that its seat has become one of the best in the industry. The seat provides you with improve comfort and better visibility.

What I like most about the model is its deck layout. It has flush mounted gear tracks in its deck and on the gunnels to allow more rigging options. You don’t suffer from snagging lines.

It has non-slip, closed-cell foam padding that covers its deck. In addition, the model has a waterproof center pod for your electronics and gear.

Jackson Big Rig: A Guide

I first saw the Big Rig prototype at ICAST 2013, when Jackson Kayak’s flagship model brought out this successful kayak on the market. If you have not used Jackson Big Rig, you may want to try your hands on it.

It comes with modern technologies and features that make kayaking easier and more fun. The model has large hull and ensures that you experience great stability on water.

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Jackson Big Rig HD almost provided us with a boat-like experience for kayak anglers.  The kayak offers weight and stability that can take care of big kayakers.

Meanwhile, the Big Rig HD and FD are the brands biggest boat in size in terms of rigging and innovative features. The kayak offers adjustable footrests that slide on sturdy metal gear tracks.

The metal gear tracks are long enough to offer kayaks comfortable leg position. In addition, its foot pegs can function as rudder control. Like some other Jackson kayaks, this brand has a Hypalon paddle park on top of the bow hatch.

The function of this feature is to ensure that you can tuck in your paddle blade easily.  Jackson big Rig is made of UV and temperature resistant material, while the design is snag-free.

You can fund two plastic clips on either side of the boat, and help in safely holding your paddle. Thus, you don’t need bungees to handle your paddler out of the way. In addition, the kayak has four rigid but comfortable handles.

You will like the handle at the bow and two on either side of the cockpit, which are sturdy, and ergonomic. It contains silicone padding to enable better grip. Also, the handle at the stern can help you strap your kayak for movement or transportation.

Jackson Big Rig Stability

Jackson Big Rig ensures that stability is paramount. Furthermore, its 40″ beam ensures that the kayak stays unwavering, under control. It also keep it safe to move around the deck.

Jackson Kayak is easier to get in and out. The brands engineers designed the kayak for passionate fly fishermen. The model is suitable for anglers who are fearful about standing in a kayak.

You can paddle the model regardless of your experience or size. You can use the  foot-controlled rudder, the Big Rig HD for easy to turn, paddle backward, or to avoid obstacles.

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Do you want a fast kayak? The Jackson Big Rig at 40″ wide maintains a decent speed, with the support of the shallow tri-keel hull and its elongated middle keel.

My Honest Review: Bonafide SS127 vs Jackson Big Rig

The Bonafide SS127 Kayaks has great features that allow you to experience great angling activities. I like its hybrid catamaran hull design, which does not compromise its stability when I fish on any condition.

I can tell you that Bonafide SS127 is a stable model at 33.5 inches wide, and ensures that you have comfort. With its comfortable HiRise seating system, you can raise to a high position for improved sight casting. In addition, you can get relief from lower back pressure when you fish.

Meanwhile, the Jackson Big Rig is my popular fishing kayak. It has FlexDrive 3D pedaling power and Hi-Lo Ergo Seat Frame with MOLLE System. The system comes with infinite fore-aft trimming.

I like how the rod troughs are doubled up with two rod tubes on both sides of the bow. In addition, its flexibility and stability makes it more dream kayak.

How long is a Jackson big rig?

Jackson Big Rig is 13’3″ long, 40″ wide and 16″ high.

Are Jackson kayaks made in USA?

Jackson Kayak is owned by Tony Lunt, Emily Jackson, Dane Jackson and David Knight, and made in the USA.

How heavy is a Jackson Kayak?

Jackson kayak weighs 58 lbs and is not the lightest boat in its class.