Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD

Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD

With the number of kayaks on the market, many first-time paddlers want to know the best models to use, especially when it comes to Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD.

If you have not decided between Bonafide ss127 and Jackson Coosa HD, this article can help you make the right choice.

Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD
Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD

Jackson Coosa HD Pros and Cons


  • Drag chain/anchor recess
  • Stable
  • Maneuverability
  • Open standing space
  • Tracks well
  • Multiple rod parks
  • Lots of underdeck storage
  • Comfortable
  • Lockable hatches


  • It does not come with rudder.

Jackson Coosa HD Overview

The Jackson Coosa HD is suitable for people who want to paddle flowing rivers with some rapids.  The kayak is stable and can handle larger paddlers, but it offers a versatile ability to take rapids.

A lot of Jackson Coosa HD are upgrades of the original Coosa. The upgrade gave the kayak more stability and better tracking effect on rivers,  flat waters such as lakes, and inshore saltwater.

The kayak is a bit longer, wider, and heavier than the original Caasa. It also has many features that are not in the original Caasa

Size and Weight

The kayak is 11’2” long and 32″ wide and has a weight of  65 lbs without the seat and with a seat, it weighs 70 lbs. One person can handle and transport it easily.


The kayak has a capacity of 350 lbs, which is ideal for average-sized people. However, you don’t have to move with much gear when kayaking.

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This does not mean that people who are taller and weigh at least 270 lbs cannot enjoy the kayak.

We recommend that you stay within 80 percent of the boat’s maximum capacity if you want to stay dry. In addition, this includes your weight, clothes, and gear.

Construction and Material

Jackson’s Coosa is made from High-Density Polyethylene and made from the rotational molding technology.

In the process, beads of polyethylene are poured into the mold and heated up, and slowly rotated.

When this happens, the material fills up every nook and cranny, and when cool a one-piece construction comes out.

Hence, the boat is durable and extremely rugged.

Bonafide SS 127 Overview

Size and Weight

Bonafide SS 127 is for fishing.  It has a length of 12.7 inches  (383.5 cm). It has a width of 33.75 cm (85.7 cm). The height of its deck is 15.5 inches (39.3 cm). This deck height makes the angler sit in a position above the sitting position of other kayaks.

The kayak weighed 94 pounds  (42.6 kg). The kayak is lightweight for its size.


Bonafide SS 127 has been attested to as a fishing kayak that has capacity. The SS in its name means “Sit-Stand”.

Most anglers love to do both on the kayak even when they have loaded it with lots of gears near to its maximum carrying capacity.

The SS 127 has a total capacity of 475 pounds  (215 kg). Anglers who may want to go on a long-distance trip with this kayak to the open water will love this capacity because; it will give them the opportunity to take along lots of things.

Big-sized anglers have testified to the stability of the kayak and its capacity to carry anything you load on it.

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SS 127 has the hull design of a Bonafides Hybrid Catamaran. This kind of hull design is aimed at giving maximum stability to the kayak and still maintains its agility and speed on the water.

Many anglers are surprised that the kayak was able to keep them from flopping despite its narrow body.

The most popular feature of SS 127 is its HiRise seat when compared to other makes and models. A lot of anglers have testified that kayak features one of the best seating designs in the kayak industry.

Most high-seated fishing kayaks do not have stability at all. At the rear side of the kayak are extra pods.

This pod helps you to turn around and look at your back without having to reposition your kayak.

The kayak has a center-positioned Dry Pod as well as a transducer through-hull scupper that makes the installation of depth and fish finders easy.

The boat is equipped with an oversized handle on the bow and a removable handle on the stern. These handlers are for easy loading and unloading of the kayak.

It is installed with the Boss Strap Rod Management System that enables you easily and carefully stores your rod while on water. The Boss Strap serves as a paddle pocket as well.

With the big bow hatch, you can possibly store all your gears into the kayak and keep them safe while you are carrying the kayak to and from the water. Additionally, you can open the hatch from the front or back.

SS 127 is also installed with Yak Attack Aluminium Gear Tracks on both sides. This track makes positioning rod-holders easy. Anglers will love a sliding drawer that is installed under the seat and also serves as extra dry storage.

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The performance and stability of Bonafide SS 127  is outstanding. It gives both services to anglers of all sizes.

This kayak tracks decently in addition to its outstanding stability. It moves at a speed faster than that of other kayaks of its size and structure.

Some paddlers complain that the kayak goes off course immediately after you stop paddling it. This complaint is however not widely reported.

SS 127 has been commended by many anglers as the most agile kayak in the kayak market.

You do not find it difficult to point your bow in the direction you want to go when taking off. You do not have to struggle and stair to get to its optimal speed.

How wide is the Jackson Coosa HD?

Jackson Coosa HD is 34″ (86 cm) wide.

Bonafide ss127 vs Jackson Coosa HD: Final Conclusion


SS 127 has stability more than most kayaks that have a lower seating system and a wide base.

The kayak features a reinforced foot platform which gives good comfort and extra grip to anglers who may not want to wear their shoes to paddle.

However, Coosa’s hull design has an adaptability to different waters. You can use it for fishing in small lakes and ponds. The boat is not fast in calm waterways, but tracks, well and stays buoyant.

Hence, the two models serve different functionalities depending on what you want to achieve with them.