Bonafide SS127 vs Big Fish 120

bonafide ss127 vs big fish 120

Fishing lovers know how important it is to have a stable kayak that performs on the waters.

And, when looking for the one that checks all the marks, you have some wonderful options to explore on all budgets.

But if you need a fishing kayak that doesn’t break the bank, you should check this comparison of Bonafide SS127 vs Big Fish 120.

Here, we will compare both the kayaks in terms of their features, performance, and other factors like size and weight.

But, let’s start with the basics.

Overview – Bonafide SS127 vs Big Fish 120

bonafide ss127 vs big fish 120
bonafide ss127 vs big fish 120

SS127 is a result of Bonafide’s attempt to craft a combination of stability and performance. The company calls it “fishability.”

The “high-seated” kayak is known for offering brilliant stability without making you break the bank.

Big Fish 120, on the other hand, is another great option for serious anglers looking for stable kayaks.

The full-sized ride packs great features such as a tri-hull design, adjustable seat, reinforced standing platform, and more.

Another attractive feature of this kayak from 3 Waters Kayaks is the price tag as compared to other full-sized fishing vessels.

Comparing the Size and Capacity

The SS127 is longer with a length of 12’7” than the 12-foot Big Fish 120. But the latter is wider at 36” than the 33.75” wide SS127, justifying better stability.

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However, what makes SS127 score higher in terms of a fishing kayak is its 15.5” deck height.

Since the SS refers to “Sit-Stand,” Bonafide has created a comfortable option with a capacity of 475 pounds. The Big Fish can carry lesser weight, having a capacity of 400 pounds.

Overall, both kayaks come with considerable capacity that makes them appropriate for bigger than average kayakers and carrying a lot of gear.

How Much Does a Big Fish 120 Weigh?

The Big fish weighs exactly 100 pounds on the scales. But the 94-pound SS127 is a lightweight option in this category.

The Hull Design

Both the kayaks come with better than traditional hull designs for improved stability and speed.

The SS127 packs the Hybrid Catamaran Hull design by Bonafide that promises stability without losing speed and agility. It even surprises anglers with its ability to prevent flipping with the narrow and long body.

On the other hand, the Big Fish 120’s cathedral tri-hull design is its most popular feature. It enables improved stability with better speed than those traditional hulls.

Seating and Comfort

Bonafide’s HiRise seat is known for comfort and stability. Also, this is one of the best designs for kayak seats in the boating industry.

While most high-seated kayaks aren’t good at stability, SS127 breaks this notion by making it more stable than most with a wider base and lower seating.

The Big Fish 120 also packs a comfortable seat with an easy adjustment that needs only one hand. You can raise, lower, or recline the seat as per your comfort.

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Single hand adjustment helps enables anglers to adjust the seat without laying the rod down or something like that. Or, you can flip the seat to stand on a stabilization stand.

The reinforced standing platform ensures comfortable and stable kayaking with the Big Fish 120.

If you need more comfort, check the Bonafide SS127 which comes with a reinforced foot platform. It even offers extra grip if you wish to ride the kayak bare feet.

Accessories, Mount, and Other Features

Bonafide SS127 comes with a DryPod positioned centrally where you can easily install fish and depth finders with the transducer through-hull scupper.

Oversized bow handle and retractable stern handle allow easy and quick loading and unloading. Also, you can store rods easily with the Boss Strap rod management system that also serves as a paddle pocket.

Bonafide’s YakAttack Aluminium GearTracs offer extra rod holders on the sides.

The Big Fish 120 features a removable pod at the kayaks’ center that also serves as a spot for electronics or for storing dry goods.

However, the rod storage design comes with a molded-in rod tip protector. Some anglers feel it undesired because of the proximity of exposed hooks to the angler’s legs.

For storage, the Big Fish 120 comes with big, open spaces at both the front and back of the kayak.

The SS127 offers a big hatch at the bow where you can store almost every gear item. This hatch comes with both front and back openings.

A sliding drawer under the seat offers additional dry storage.

Comparing the Performance of Kayaks

According to Bonafide, the SS127 is a blend of performance and stability. In addition, it also offers decent tracking and a higher than comparable speed to most similar kayaks.

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Although some kayakers report the kayak losing track when paddling is stopped, it’s not a major problem. Overall, it’s one of the most agile kayaks.

The Big Fish 120 offers better stability due to a reinforced standing platform and a tri-hull design. However, it comes in as a solid choice because of its brilliant tracking and speed.

Price Comparison

Comparing the costs, the Big Fish 120 is a cheaper option.

It is priced within the sub-$1000 group from 3 Water Kayaks. However, Bonafide SS127 comes with a price tag of $1799.

The Verdict – Bonafide SS127 vs Big Fish 120

bonafide ss127 vs big fish 120
bonafide ss127 vs big fish 120

Overall, if you need a cheaper and more stable kayak, go for the Big Fish 120. The Bonafide SS127 can give you a better experience at fishing based on the list of its features.

With Bonafide SS127, you will get a higher deck height but the Big Fish 120 offers a wider hull that ensures higher stability.


Is the Bonafide SS127 Pedal Drive?

Yes, Bonafide SS127 comes with a pedal drive that ensures ultimate fishability. Also, the P127 offers a similar performance by using the Propel Pedal Drive System.

Which Bonafide Kayak is the Best?

Among various sit-on-top options, Bonafide SS127 is one of the best fishing kayaks. It offers excellence with the catamaran hull design, high-low seat, and an open cockpit.

Who Makes 3 Waters Kayaks?

Boats from 3 Waters Kayaks are manufactured in a factory in Thailand followed by designs from Thailand and New Zealand-based designers.

Feelfree US, LLC is the company known to make kayaks for this brand.

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