Why is the Ned Rig so Effective?

Why is the Ned rig so effective

The Ned rig is a special finesse presentation that has contributed to millions of dollars in winnings across the biggest competition levels.

It isn’t an attractive rig but an efficient one at getting numerous bites. Wondering why is the ned rig so effective? Let’s find out.

The technique involves using craw-like soft plastic or short stickbaits on mushroom-style and a light hook with a jighead.

Ned Kehde created this rig by the name of Mid West Finesse Rig. However, later the name was changed to Ned Rig after the creator.

The stature of a Ned rig is similar to a shaky head’s stature. As the weight keeps its head down, it stands up on the bottom.

Why is the Ned Rig so Effective?

Although unattractive, the rig is loved by the bass. And, below are some reasons that explain why it is so.

Why is the Ned rig so effective
Why is the Ned rig so effective
  • Brilliant Craw Imitation: The rig gets a craw-like presence and shape because of its stubby and short stature, particularly while sitting on the bottom.
  • Makes the Bass Curious: The bottom stature and attractive falling action often make the bass curious and the fish has to bite it to know more about it.
  • Unique Action: No other rig comes with an action that the Ned rig performs. The bass is most attracted to its gliding fall that feels motionless throughout.
  • Small, Quiet Profile: With a small and basic profile, the Ned rig does not spook any fish. Moreover, its small size is what attracts bass more.
  • Water Coverage: Unlike other finesse methods, anglers can decently cover the water when fishing with a Ned rig.
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Since you know why is the Ned rig so effective? Let’s explore other factors to put it to the best use.

Best Rod Setup for a Ned Rig

When the rod power and lure weight match well, you get better at casting, sensitivity, and feeling the bait. Here’s what defines an ideal rod for ned rig:

  • Medium Light and Power: Most of your lures will be light. So, having a light rod will be a good pick here.
  • At least 7 Feet Spinning Rod: As an angler, you will get greater leverage alongside the ability to attractively move and twist the bait.
  • Soft Tip and Fast Action: In addition to a soft tip, the ned rig ensures imparting an ideal action

Best Line for Ned Rig

The best fishing line for the Ned rig is the braid to fluorocarbon leader, like other finesse applications. Usually, 6-8 pounds of fluorocarbon is good and you can choose 10 pounds for heavier fish.

For the braid, a 12-pound finesse is a wonderful choice. Or you can get one that matches the fluorocarbon line diameter.

So, if you are using an 8-pound fluorocarbon, a 30-pound braid makes manageability and knot tying comfortable.

Choosing the Ned Rig Hook

Usually, a jighead ranges from 1/32 to 3/16 ounces. Don’t go with a heavier option as it will minimize the rig’s gliding action.

However, you should prefer a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce jighead that will provide the finest action to your bait.

For the hook size, size 1 is an ideal option. You can also consider using weedless ones for the ned hook when fishing heavy cover.

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A new head style for the Ned rig is also available from Z-Man. The Football NedZ is a bit heavier than the general one.

The head is rounder, similar to that of a football jig. It assists in cruising over rocks and hardcover and is considered more suitable for deeper waters.

Choosing the Ned Rig Baits

Bait selection is quite simple for the Ned rig as compared to other finesse applications. Simple and motionless stick baits are ideal for this presentation type.

  • The buoyant and soft material is a perfect choice
  • The ideal bait length is three to four inches
  • Prefer using a motionless bait for Ned rig

When to Fish a Ned Rig?

Why is the Ned rig so effective
Why is the Ned rig so effective

Ned Rig is a versatile bait that can get you bites at any place. And if you are visiting any of the following areas, you should use the rig without doubt:

  • Clear Water: Ned rig is an ideal bait for fishing in clear water. To catch the bass, the fish should see it. And the smaller profile makes it easily visible in clear waters.
  • Hard Cover: You can find the bass fish hugging structures like boulders and rocks for warmth. Using a Ned rig here will entice a bite, particularly from a smallmouth.
  • Isolated Cover: If you found an isolated cover in clear water, don’t wait and throw the rig. You can work the bait without worries of it getting snagged.
  • Grass Line: Bass loves the cover’s edges. Throwing it off the grass line edges is the best option, particularly if you can observe a slight drop-off.
  • Docks: Fish like bass also like to sit under docks during hot days. The less number of structures under the docks offer extra freedom with this rig.
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Conclusion – Why is the Ned Rig so Effective?

By now, you might have got the answer for why is the Ned rig so effective?

From imitating craws to being small and silent, it offers better water coverage. Plus, its unique action also helps make the bass more curious.

Thus, when used with the right line, hook, and bait, you can enjoy a better fishing experience with the Ned rig.


Do Pros use the Ned Rig?

The answer is yes. It’s a mid-western finesse rig in use for over 40 years. But it gained popularity recently times by Ned Kehde, a bass fishing legend.

What is the Most Popular Ned Rig Weight?

The common weights that you will find most anglers using include 3/32oz, 1/8oz, 5/32oz, 3/16oz, and 1/4oz. The deeper you fish, the heavier gets the weight.

What Does the Ned Rig Imitate?

The Ned rig is similar to an ultra-finesse shaky head due to its light jighead rigged with small plastic. It imitates various forages depending on the presentation and color chosen.

However, despite whatever you want it to imitate, the basic equipment always remains the same.

Do Ned Rigs Work at Night?

Yes, you can use it before sunrise and after sunset. It’s almost the same in size as those small hair jigs anglers used in the dark edges.

At night, the bait doesn’t require to shake, blow sirens, or rattle to catch the bass.

Can you Catch Trout on a Ned rig?

Of course, you can catch Trout using the Ned rig. And, the rig also works well above shallow flats.

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