Bonafide SS127 vs Feelfree Lure 13.5

bonafide ss127 vs feelfree lure 13.5

Are you confused between Bonafide SS127 vs Feelfree Lure 13.5 as your next kayak? Can’t decide which one to buy?

Here’s the answer.

Bonafide has earned a reputation for innovative and quality products in the boat industry. Its product’s durability and performance made it famous among most anglers.

Its feature-loaded sit-on-top and stand fishing kayaks make fishing a delight.

On the other hand, Feelfree Lure 13.5 is a good example of vessel type. It gathers attention from other anglers.
But which one to buy? Read the comparison of both the products below for some help in deciding.

Construction Material

The construction material in both the boats is polyethylene which is a durable and strong craft. Polyethylene is strong enough and won’t take damage easily. It’s made to last for years with low maintenance requirements.

For beginners, strong material sails smoothly on the water without moving up or down inside the water.

Lure 13.5 uses high-density polyethylene polymers for high resistance to impact and abrasion. It also protects the boat against colorfastness and UV rays.

The maneuverability of Bonafide SS127 vs FeelFree Lure 13.5

Bonafide SS127 has a narrow tip to cut the water and adjust direction easily. A powerful stroke in the desired direction is what it needs to change the path.

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On the other hand, Lure 13.5 features a keel with an optional moveable rudder. This ensures the kayak travels straight over a long distance.

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The heavy craft makes it a challenge to transport the kayak on dry ground.

Overall, Lure 13.5 isn’t easy to turn but Bonafide SS127 is. However, some anglers find the latter good for general fishing.


It is the main feature that defines a kayak’s performance, especially for a fishing kayak. Since movement on the deck is high, kayaking is relatively unstable than other boating activities.

bonafide ss127 vs feelfree lure 13.5
bonafide ss127 vs feelfree lure 13.5

However, Bonafide SS127 is made to ensure you stay stable on the waters. It has a streamlined design with a wider rear and a narrower front. This ensures that Bonafide SS127 stays stable even at around 13 feet.

Contrary, Feelfree Lure 13.5 gets its stability from the pontoon-like structures on both sides. It can easily handle choppy waters. Plus, it allows for doing much more than standing.

You can even sit sideways on the Lure 13.5 for a break and it won’t throw you in the water.


Fishing needs patience. So, the kayak you choose for fishing needs to provide you with a comfortable time doing that activity.

And Bonafide’s boat has a seat that you can use to sit all day long. The ultra-high back seat makes you sit with bent knees.

This relieves pressure on your lower back. In addition, greatly padded back support and seat ensure comfort throughout the day.

Lure 13.5 also ensures a comfortable ride. It takes an edge with its roomy cockpit for tall anglers. And the adjustable foot braces let you personalize the cockpit to match with your frame.

You will also get Gravity Seat, Lure’s patent-pending technology. It’s quite adjustable that you can simply lower or raise it according to your requirement. Thus, you can sit high when fishing or go low when paddling.

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It also includes a standing pad to make sure your feet stay comfortable when standing.

In short, Lure 13.5 packs more features for comfort than Bonafide SS127.


When going fishing, you need various accessories and equipment. That’s why all kayaks require compartments for storage.

In Bonafide SS127, you will get a lot of storage capacity compartments. At its bow, the boat has a hatch that’s waterproof and can easily store all of your belongings. On the back, a tank is available which is filled with bungee cords.

In Lure 13.5, the main storage area is provided in the bow area in an oval-shaped compartment. It also has an insulated and covered console compartment at the front to hold bait or cold drinks.

In addition, Lure 13.5 also offers a big cargo deck at the craft’s rear with bungee cords for security. You can also keep small items in the pockets provided with the seat.

Value for Money

With Bonafide SS127, you won’t need to spend additional to change the boat according to your needs. It is already loaded with a lot of features that you don’t generally get in kayaks.

bonafide ss127 vs feelfree lure 13.5
bonafide ss127 vs feelfree lure 13.5

Double header hinges help you to open the section from the sides. Also, the company used sturdy and strong materials to make the boat.

Besides durable polyethylene, you can see other materials used in the kayak. For instance, things like aluminum gear tracks and aluminum braces are a bit expensive that you can find in this kayak.

Comparing Bonafide SS127 vs Feelfree Lure 13.5, the price tag might seem a bit high.

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You can find more affordable kayaks with similar features. But the user-friendliness, durability, and amazing seating system justify the higher price tag.

It’s worth spending money for those long lazy fishing days without hurting your back.

Gear Mounting

Bonafide’s deck layout makes it ultimate fishable. All things are in place and work well as desired. With attention to detail, the kayak has been built with several custom compartments from bow to stern to serve different purposes.

It gets a Boss Strap on the bow and a landing pad beneath it to keep things quiet when you put the rod or paddle on it.

Lure 13.5 features the company’s Uni-Track system for easy and quick mounting of fishing accessories.

You can do that without drilling any holes. For transducer or fishfinder, you can use GoPro Mount or a Scotty Mount.

Moreover, Lure 13.5 allows you to move the mounts by sliding or using levers if you run out of space.

Conclusion – Bonafide SS127 vs Feelfree Lure 13.5

On comparing Bonafide SS127 vs Feelfree Lure 13.5, we found that the former is relatively stable on rough waters.

However, Lure 13.5 is a great pick for those used to fishing in steady waters or are new to fishing.

Moreover, Bonafide SS127 is more easily maneuverable than the Lure 13.5.

And, Lure 13.5 can feel a bit pricier but it packs other amazing features. Both the vessels have their benefits in comfort, storage, and stability.

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