Is a Bow Mount Trolling Motor Worth It?

Is a Bow Mount Trolling Motor Worth It?

The bow mount trolling motor can help you in many ways for your fishing activities. Fishing is a very old practice that has remained for a very long time.

In the past, it was done purely as a means of survival but now, many people do it for more recreational purposes.

Is a Bow Mount Trolling Motor Worth It?
Is a Bow Mount Trolling Motor Worth It?

Fishing has undoubtedly developed over the years and with the advent of trolling motors, it is much better. Is a bow mount trolling motor worth it?

We will learn more about the usefulness of bow mount trolling motors in this article. How do you make your fishing more effective?  The first thing you should consider is your boat and trolling motor.

Is a bow mount trolling motor worth it?

We can tell you that with a bow-mounted motor, you will enjoy superior maneuverability and better control.

Today, anglers are able to have full control over their boat at all times and move freely from one spot to another in order to catch more fish.

Importance of Thrust to Move Through the Water

Battery power is essential in trolling or electric motors in order to propel or move the boat.

Pounds of thrust are defined as the amount of power or strength which is required to move the boat through the water.

The pounds of the thrust is very common among all motors and must be put into consideration before purchasing the right battery for your boat.

Enough power is needed to propel your boat through adverse conditions such as heavy wind, or high waves.

In choosing the particular amount of power you feel is necessary for the optimum performance of your boat, some factors you may need to put into consideration include:

  • The weight of your boat
  • The length of your boat
  • How much gear or load does your boat carry (including the number of persons on the boat)
  • Type of weather conditions the boat is being used in
  • The Boat trolling motor size to minimum thrust chart water
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While a lot of experts suggest that if you don’t know which motor to buy, just get the biggest one you can afford,.

It is important to remember that there are disadvantages of using a trimming motor that is too big for your boat. The most common is that it can weigh down the size of your boat.

Put all the factors mentioned above into consideration before choosing a motor as getting the ideal motor will guarantee an enjoyable experience while fishing on water.

For electric motors, the power systems are divided into three. They include:

Although the 12V trolling motor is a cheaper option and is quite easy to run, it does not have enough running power as well as thrust unlike the 24V and the 36V systems.

The 24V and 36V systems provide longer and extended periods in the water and they also offer an increased amount of thrust for more power as they draw lower amps.

The 12V motor is recommended for smaller boats that are about 16 feet or shorter in length. With a longer boat, the 24V and the 36V systems are a better option.

Should you opt for a hand or foot control trolling motor?

The decision on whether you prefer a hand or foot control trolling motor is also one you have to consider critically before purchasing any trolling motor.

While the two options have their advantages, the most important thing is getting one that you are more comfortable with.

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This will give you better control in water and make your experience even more enjoyable for you.

With the foot control model, you are provided a hands free fishing experience, which allows you to do whatever you like with your hands in the meantime.

However, the hand control module also has its own perks. Take your time to figure out which one works best for you. To make this decision, you can also talk to different users and see what they like about the models.


Which is better: 12 volt or 24 volt trolling motor?

The choice of whether to get a 12V trolling motor or a 24V trolling motor is largely dependent on:

  • The size of the boat
  • Conditions in which the boat is being used

The 12V trolling motor is more recommended for smaller boats that are less than 16 feet in length. Also, 12V trolling motors should be used on still waters having moderate winds and little current.

In comparison with the 24V trolling motors, they are recommended for use with larger and longer boats that are more than 16 feet in length.

This trolling motor can be used in rivers or on coastal waters having more current and stronger winds.

Basically, if you still cannot choose which trolling motor is more ideal for you, it is best to settle for the 24V trolling motor. Even if it is not suitable for your boat, it is easier to compensate for the extra motor power.

What is the advantage of a 24v trolling motor?

Some of the advantages of the 24V trolling motor include:

In turn, this provides them the capacity to move larger loads and also handle more resistance unlike the 12V trimming motors which have a pound thrust of 55.

A basic rule to follow when choosing the best model of trolling motor for your boat is to opt for the 24V trolling motor if your boat is longer than 16 to 17 feet or has a weight of over 2000 pounds when loaded.

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Is a 24v trolling motor faster than a 12v?

The 24V trolling motor is not faster than the 12V trolling motor. However, an exception to this would be if the 12V trolling motor is not ideal for the size of your boat.

This would mean that a 24V trolling boat would be much better and work for the boat. Note that this does not mean that the 24V would be faster.

It only means that the 12V trolling motor is not suitable for your boat and hence cannot be used for it.

When provided the adequate amount of thrust for the size of your boat, both the 12V and the 24V trolling motor may move at the same speed  because the speed of your boat is hardly dependent or measured by the power of the trolling motor

With more power, it only means that the trolling motor can move more weight and in turn, over one more resistance.

Do I need a bow mount trolling motor?

When it comes to precision and maneuverability, a bow mount motor is important to your fishing activities.

Can you reverse a bow mount trolling motor?

In general, most bow mount trolling motors may not go in reverse but they can turn 180 degrees.

How do you steer a bow mount trolling motor?

You have to grab the tiller and turn it clockwise. This will increase your speed, or turn it counter-clockwise to reduce your speed.  You can turn counter-clockwise beyond the tiller’s starting point, to go into reverse.

What side of the bow do you mount a trolling motor on?

You decide the side you can mount your trolling motor on. Anglers who steer the boat from the port side, may consider mounting the motor on the starboard side to their improve visibility.