Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor

When we talk about the best transom mount trolling motor on the market, many people wonder what we mean.

With the number of trolling motors available, catching up with some of the best brands could be daunting.

Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor
Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor

As a result, many people read up content to learn more about these trolling motors.

Can you convert a transom mount trolling motor to a bow mount?

You just bought a new boat and, you desire to convert your former bow trolling motor mount, for you to use on the transom.

It is possible for you to convert a bow mount to a transom mount. You can also convert transom mount to bow mount .

If you have good knowledge of DAY projects, you may not need more than a motor, which can convert at will,  from bow to transom and back to bow.

The question however is not if you can convert a bow trolling motor mount to a transom mount. The real question is, should you?

Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Talking about trolling motors, there is a little difference between bow mount and transom mount types. Where they are mounted in the boat is the main difference between them.

While the bow trolling motor mount is mounted on the bow, the transom trolling motor mount is mounted on the transom.

Bow motor mounts are mounted at the front, they are able to pull the boat through the water.

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Transom mount pulls the boat from the back because they are mounted at the stern or transom.

Note should be taken that, bow mounts are costlier and more complex than transom mounts.

Bow mounts are equipped with different control features such as electric steer, or cordless maneuvering of the boat. The transom mount is equipped with control for speed settings and tilt.

Each motor has the boat it is most fit for. This is another difference. Generally,  most boat owners go for a bow mount because it gives them more control. It is more efficient on water too.

In view of this, a transom motor mount can be recommended for starters and owners of small boats.

Like we have said before, you can convert a bow mount to a transom mount. You can convert a transom mount to a bow mount.

How do You Convert a Bow Mount to a Transom Mount?

You have to be well educated in the process of converting one kind of trolling motor mount to the other before you embark on the project.

If you are afraid of spoiling your trolling motor or you are not certain if your model can be convertible, browse the internet to read through some few forums and tutorials.

Get down to work as soon as you are sure that your model of trolling motor can be converted.

Have in mind that there are different specific instructions for different models. The following are generalized instructions on what to do.

  • Firstly, ensure you disconnected the motor and the battery. Take care in doing this, to avoid getting the wiring or terminals spoilt.
  • Next, get the motor standing upright. Get it mounted on a table or workstation to keep it steady. It will make for the easy dismantling of its component parts and fixing them together again.
  • Buy a Phillips screwdriver. Use it to remove every screw from the motor’s control head. Most motors have about 6 screws .
  • Take care to separate different sections of the control head cover. Be very careful so as not to spoil the wires inside. Disconnect the LED wire that connects the cover and the internal wiring with utmost care.
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Be careful so that you do not remove the handle that is inside the control head. Find out where a threaded screw is, carefully remove the screw because there may be some wires around it. If you remove the screw by force, the wires may go bad.

Do not lose the nut. Remove it from the screw housing. Now you have removed these primary screws and nuts,  your motor will be able to turn 180 degrees. It can now face the opposite direction.

Put the nut and screw back again. Make sure you do not spoil the wires. Get the LED wire reattached to the control head cover. Get the cover replaced and screwed back as it was.

Why Should You Convert a Bow Mount to a Transom Mount?

It is now clear to you that conversation of bow mount to transom mount and vice versa is possible. However,  let us go back to our former question:

Should you convert one type of trolling motor to the other?

The greatest advantage is that you can buy one machine and use it in different boats. This is because it is easy to dismantle trolling motors and easy to convert them . You can comfortably use the same motor as a bow mount on a kind of boat and as a transom mount on an entirely different kind of boat.

If you choose to use a particular type of trolling motor and not the other, you can easily convert the one you presently have to the one you want. You have no need to buy a new one.

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Have in mind that these advantages are theoretical. Many boat owners have saved some money when they converted their trolling motor.

Note that not all trolling motors can be easily converted. You should not think of converting some at all.

Are There Drawbacks of Converting a Bow Mount to a Transom Mount?

Depending on your type of motor,  it may be a difficult job trying to convert it. It may require you to replace some parts, instead of simply turning around the control head. Buying these parts may be costly.

Another possible setback is the length of the shaft of the motor. The shaft may be very short. This is the exact case when you want to convert a transom mount to a bow mount.

The bow mount is normally high. It is likely to stick up out of water. This means it may possibly lift the motor propeller out of the water as well.

How do you mount a transom on a trolling motor?

  • Open the Clamps by Turning Them Counterclockwise. Transom-mount trolling motors have usually 2 clamps that are used to hold the motor in place.
  • Place the Motor Carefully over the Transom.
  • Tighten the Clamps
  • Adjust the Depth of the Moto

How do you install a transom on an outboard motor?

The motor should be raised one inch for each eight to 10 inches of distance between the transom and prop. When you do this, you can install an outboard motor.

What is the most powerful trolling motor on the market?

Minn Kota has the most powerful trolling motor on the market featuring 112 pounds of thrust.