Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boat

Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boat

The best trolling motor for inflatable boat does not necessarily mean that it is the most expensive on the market.

Talking about inflatable boat motors,  one of the most popular is trolling motors. Their speed is high, their noise level is low, and steering them is easy. These features qualify them as one of the best.

Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boat
Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boat

Installation of a trolling motor requires a boat mount. When you start to search for it, you will discover there are various kinds.

Best Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boat

It is very necessary that we discuss about trolling motors first before we talk about their mount.

We have said it before; trolling motors are among the best choices for you to make to propel your boat. Their design makes them unequaled for inflatable boats.

Parts of Trolling Motors

Trolling motor is made up of three major parts; the motor,  the shaft, and lastly the control.

The motor powers the whole system. Many of these are powered electronically. The motor is waterproof.

It can go into the water when they are being used. There is a propeller fixed to the motor. This propeller drives the boat forward.

There is also a shaft fixed to the motor. The shaft is the connection between the motor, from under the water, to the control.

It is very necessary to look at the length of the shaft. If you want the motor to be submerged, you will need a shaft that is not too short. On the other hand, you will not want the shaft to be too long because you will find it hard to use.

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Lastly, let us look at the control. Some trolling motors come with hand control with tillers. Others come with foot control.

Advantages of Trolling Motors

Our reason for recommending trolling motors for inflatable boats is a result of their advantages. Trolling motorboats perform better in many ways when compared to other motors.

Firstly, they have a low noise level. Anytime you hear a noisy motorboat, know it is not using trolling motor. The noise is so low that fishes in the water are not disturbed any bit.

Navigation of trolling motor is very easy. Aided by the control, shaft, and motor design,  moving the boat around is very easy for you. You will be able to make sharp turns on the water with it.

Weight is another advantage trolling motors have. You have no need for gas since it is powered electronically. This removes a lot of weight and your speed on water is increased.

What is a Trolling Motor Mount?

Many inflatable boats does not have originally inbuilt motors. You will install it by yourself.

When you want to install it, you will have the need for something to fix the motor to on the boat. At this point, the mount comes in.

Mounts are the equipment with which you fix your trolling motor to your boat. Their duty is to keep the motor in the proper position while you glide through the water.

Why You Need a Good Trolling Motor Mount

A good motor mount is very necessary. People are aware of the need but, they do not see the importance of getting a quality one. As a result, they do not give much thought to it. They rather go for the cheap ones.

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Cheap motor mounts are not strong. They are not able to rightly hold the trolling motor. During a very rough ride, there are chances for the motor to fall off into the water.

Good trolling motors are costly. If you mount it with a weak mount, you stand the risk of losing hundreds of dollars to the sea bottom.

For this reason, when you want to choose a mount, it is very necessary you choose the right one.

Types of Trolling Motor Mounts

Three kinds of trolling motor are available for you to choose from. They are bow mounts, stern mounts, and engine mounts. Every one of them is special and has its own advantages.

Good knowledge of each of the three will assist you in your choice-making.

You install a bow mount at the front of the boat. Steering of the boat is made easy because the mount is in the front. The disadvantage of the bow mount is its high cost. It is difficult to install too. It is needed to be installed on a flat surface. However, many inflatable boats do not have a flat surface.

It is easier to install stern mounts. Just strap it to the back of your boat. That is all you need to do. Bow mounts are more maneuverable than stern mounts. They are the best mount for small boats.

Lastly, people who want to install their trolling motor on their outboard motor go for engine mounts. This enables then to change from their noisy outboard motor to their silent trolling motor.

Can you put a trolling motor on an inflatable boat?

You can put your trolling motor on any inflatable boat. However, you learn about the propellers to get the most suitable motor for your boat.

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How do you use a trolling motor on an inflatable boat?

The answer is yes, but the tolling motor propellers should be 12 inches under the water to operate efficiently

Can you use a trolling motor on a dinghy?

Yes, you can because trolling motors, electric outboard motors, and gas outboard motors all can be used on Inflatable Dinghies

Best trolling motor for inflatable boat

We recommend stern mounts for inflatable boats. Really, it will not be easy to maneuver, the way the bow mount is but, its installation is easy.

The disadvantage of a bow mount is that it requires a flat surface first. It is easy in boats that are made of wood or metal. The bows of inflatable boats are rather cylindrical in shape.

On the other hand,  stern mounts are only strapped on. The difference they have in their steering is not much. Buying a stern mount can save you some money.

One beautiful thing about the stern mount is that it is specifically made for inflatable boats. There is no headache with it . It is easy to mount and unmount.

The quality of material this mount is made of is high. The base is made of marine plywood. Aluminum is used to make the support arms. With these materials, the mount is strong and long-lasting.

It is able to hold a motor that has as much as 3.5 horsepower because of the strength of these materials. This is the reason we install strong motors.