Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor

Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor

Have you considered using the best 24V trolling motor? Over the years, we have seen people use this trolling motor for much functionality on the water.

Some people often wonder how efficient is a 24v trolling motor.  It comes with higher efficiency and has a lower current flowing through the cables for the same power output.

Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor
Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor

Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor

The 24v trolling motors is preferred because it offers users a maximum speed and power.

The two factors are what many large boat owners want to see in their trolling motors. Thus, you can manage your trolling motor at maximum speed for about 2 hours from a fully charged pair of batteries.

Also, you can enjoy around 4 hours of use for the larger extra capacity batteries.  If you want to know the type of marine battery that can be used for this trolling motor, consider the 24v DL 54Ah battery.

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The battery is also great for deep cycle applications in marine environments where you need lots of power for a long time. Nevertheless, you can use at least two12-Volt batteries in series or a single 24-Volt battery.

What is the best battery to use for a trolling motor?

Improper charging makers a lot of trolling motor batteries to fail. We recommend 12 volt deep cycle marine battery for you.  It has a minimum of 110 amp hour rating. It is normally a group 27 size battery. The more the amp hours rating the more run time you will get.

Where is the best place to mount a trolling motor?

The place to mount a trolling motor has to be very close to the centre of the stern. Care should be taken, to avoid it disturbing the operations of the main motor, where it exists. The top of the mounting bracket and the top of the stern should be flush.

Can you convert a transom mount trolling motor to a bow mount?

Yes is the straight answer. It is possible to convert a bow mount to a transom mount and vice versa. If you have knowledge of the DAY project, you may probably need just a motor that you can easily convert from bow mount to transom mount at will.

Can a transom mount troll motor be converted to a bow mount TM?


Yes, it is possible to be convinced but, it is not economical unless you can get a burn-up bow-mounted TM and exchange the power heads.

Can I mount a trolling motor on the bow?

It is possible to mount a trolling motor on a boat that has a bow rail. You need to plan it first. Bow mounted trolling motor is made to be used aboard boats that have level bows and no rail.

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What is the difference between bow mount and transom mount?

To install a bow mount, you need to drill a plate on the bow of the boat.  To install a transom mount, all you do is, attach it to the stern of the boat with a simple clamp. It is very easy to operate transom mounts from the rear of the boat. The deck is not cluttered with foot pedals or cords. Unlike the way, it is with bow mounts.

Can you put a trolling motor on a jon boat?

Jon boats are light weighed to be easily operated with paddle or pole. Installation of trolling motor to it will improve the quality of the boat. It will save you time getting around the water. You will save the strength you would have used to paddle or pole.

Can you reverse the handle on a trolling motor?


Yes you can. Remove the screw and nut at the base of the control box. You will discover that the control box will be able to turn 180 degrees, on the motor tube. Put back the locating screw and nut.  Take care to not pinch or damage the motor wires in the tube. Tighten back the screw and nut properly. You have completed the job.

Where do you mount a transom transducer?

Transom transducer is mounted close to the centre of the boat. The position however has to be at the side of the propellers downward swing. It is mounted on the right side of a lot of boats.

What does transom mount mean?

Simply said, transom mount is a trolling motor that is mounted on the transom of a boat. This type of motor pushes the boat from the back. On the opposite, bow mount pulls the boat on the water. This kind of motor is cheap to buy,  not difficult to install and easy to operate.

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How fast will a 70 lb thrust trolling motor go?

The 70 lb trolling motor will have a maximum speed of around 5 mph. Bigger is definitely better if you prefer more speed and overall performance. However, adverse weather conditions may stop your trolling motor from working as effectively as you expect it to.

The 112 Ib is a more recommended option in cases where adverse conditions are predicted.

What size of trolling motor do I need for my kayak?

For your kayak to move, you simply need a minimum of two pounds of thrust per 100 pounds of weight.

Since trimming motors are built for small boats, they have more than enough power to move your kayak through water. However, too much power can damage your boat and your motor as well so keep that in mind while getting a motor for your kayak.

Can you put a trolling motor on a pontoon?

The simple answer to this question is yes. A trolling motor can be put on a pontoon boat but you must make use of the appropriate length of the shaft and the thrust must be a minimum of 55 lbs thrust and 52 inches in length

Do you need a trolling motor on a pontoon boat?

Whether you plan to use it for fishing or you are having trouble docking, a trolling motor is a great auxiliary motor to have on a pontoon boat. However, you need a guide to make this mounting.